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Krammer & Stoudt is raising funds for the Spring Summer 2013 Collection of this fine menswear brand.
Krammer & Stoudt is raising funds for the Spring Summer 2013 Collection of this fine menswear brand.
66 backers pledged $13,522 to help bring this project to life.

WE MADE IT!! Great News! Let's keep going! :)))

Thank you so much, Friends, Family, and New Fans...

We are so so grateful that we have made the goal and can count on producing the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. We obviously could not do this without your support, and you have really blessed us by contributing to this effort. 

We will now be able to make a relationship with a sales representative, because you've made it possible for us to continue with Krammer & Stoudt for the next season, and that's all we needed to get this baby off the ground! 

Why stop here, though? :) It's guaranteed that you'll get your reward from here forward, isn't it time you did a little K&S shopping? 

We've ordered the linens for the scarves and pocket squares ($25) this morning, and we've finished designing the tote bag! ($50) Surely you, or perhaps your friends or family, would like to share in the celebration with these fine rewards!

Please repost our link to your page to share the good news of this success, and make your friends jealous that you're getting some awesome stuff as a result of your support. 

Lol...Maybe they'll just have to grab something while supplies last! 

So here's something to look forward to...Mike was interviewed by the California Apparel News on Monday, and we're so excited to see the feature they're writing on the launch of Krammer & Stoudt! We'll be sure to share the link with you guys as soon as it's live. What an amazing thing, for us to have that kind of trade press so early in the game! We are definitely on our way! 

But more importantly, let's talk Spring/Summer 2013!! 

I promised you a sneak peek at the line, and here we go. What you're looking at is 1/2 of the board showing the fabric options for light weight corduroy summer suits, dress shirts, and fine linen sportcoats and trousers. 

Feel free to share this with your friends and family, encourage them to get involved now with the development of this brand! No one will be able to get these pieces as early as you, the Backers!! More updates soon as we continue through the last 10 days of this campaign!

And finally, I want to share the lookbook video courtesy, as we are so proud of this project. We must thank Ulf Bjorlin for the astounding trombone solo on the soundtrack. Ulf is a Los Angeles musician and K&S man, we're so proud! 

Ariel is a longtime collaborator, and tremendously talented young filmmaker in Orange County, and we're so lucky to work with him on the presentation of Krammer & Stoudt. 

We cannot thank you enough...that's all there is to it. 

With love,

Mike and Courtenay

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