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Soldiers return from war with a new complaint-"I am a wolf." The government and our enemies race for the answer.
294 backers pledged $10,995 to help bring this project to life.

Huge Thank You!!

Posted by Bryan Suits (Creator)
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To everyone who helped with this project, I humbly thank you. This is an enormous confidence boost and it has motivated me more than I can describe.

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      Phillip Pico on

      It's 2015!! where is the book??

    2. Missing avatar

      Gary Trimble on

      So now you've moved to KABC. Fine....
      Now about that "book"
      No input from you for a considerable time.
      I've been had? Thank god you only got me for $ 10.00

    3. Missing avatar

      Gary Trimble on

      No book?

    4. Missing avatar

      Gary Trimble on

      so, no updates recently: what is the status of the book?
      2nd notice

    5. Missing avatar

      Gary Trimble on

      so, no updates recently: what is the status of the book?

    6. Topher Davila

      Hello Bryan,

      First of all congratulaiont for your successfull kickstarter campaign. I'm always happy for people success when they work hard at something.

      I am writing to you in regards to the signed portion of my pledge for my book. You see I don't actually listen to your radio show. My friend does and loves it thought. The thing is he's blind and he wanted to get your book and I tend to handle all his online buying and signing up for stuff as a computer screen and a blind guy don't quite work well together.

      Thus while it's my name on the pledge and you'll be shipping the book to me if I can't change the address of the usual one I use for Kickstarter DO NOT SIGN THE BOOK TO ME!!!!!! THE BOOK IS NOT FOR ME!!!

      Thus please sign the book over to "Mario Martinez" when you sign the book.

      Thank you

      PS.. I know you're probably wondering why a blind guy is buying your book. He wanted to support your endevour and he figures that eventually when they come up with replacement eyes (already in production in the UK) he'll read it then.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sammy Stone on

      You are welcome Bryan. We look forward to reading your thoughts. Your radio program is top notch and always informative. You and I were in the Persian Gulf War together. I was with a Marine Cobra Helicopter Squadron. Good luck.

    8. Missing avatar

      Eric J. Eikelman on

      It seemed like the least I could do to help a project like this get off the ground. If there is a way to be more stoked about an upcoming book, I can't think of it. Dirka Dirka!

    9. Missing avatar

      Barbara Stout on

      Believe me Bryan you're way worth it and more. After all the years and years of listening to your shows, loads of laughs, and all the things I've learned, it was the very least I could do. I wish it could have been way more, but I'm excited you're able to move forward!

    10. Missing avatar

      Nancy Melchiorre on

      You're worth it, Brian! Best program on KFI !

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian Queen on

      What Donna M said..."write-on"!

    12. Missing avatar

      Donna Montrezza on

      Hey, but then, thank you for all the hours of wry humor, insights, information and a kind of comforting consistency in holding deeply held values.

    13. Missing avatar

      Wollf on

      Now the hard part. Write.