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A real college story set in a fictional world. A tale of hilarity, heartbreak and epicness! The ultimate friendship and adventure tale!

A real college story set in a fictional world. A tale of hilarity, heartbreak and epicness! The ultimate friendship and adventure tale!

A real college story set in a fictional world. A tale of hilarity, heartbreak and epicness! The ultimate friendship and adventure tale! Read More
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About the Tale...

The Templeman Tale is a tale that my friends and I have talked about writing for over 3 years. The stories that make up the tale are based upon true events that happened throughout my years in college. They highlight hilarious events, epic moments, and the development of college friendships that will last a lifetime. The Templeman Tale is unique because it will be written in a fictional-world setting, allowing for more adventure and excitement than everyday life. My friends and I have basically been referencing our everyday lives as a parody of many of the adventure-style video games we grew up playing, and this book will flesh out the actual events in a parody-style format with us as the characters in the adventure this time! Reading this tale will be a roller coaster ride for my friends who understand the true events being referenced, but it will also be written so that a complete stranger could pick up the book and be laughing within the first 15 pages! 

I'm planning to publish and distribute the book and the rewards sometime in May. The reason for timing it like this is that I need time to finish the book, and I also want people to have this for a fun, light-hearted summer read!

Reasons For Writing...

I'm writing this tale for my best friend. I originally planned on having this finished on his birthday, but as I began to write, the tale become more and more elaborate. The book has steadily gained popularity and excitement since I revealed I would be writing it. With all the hype, I have decided to share this one-of-a-kind tale with the world. My best friend plans to read this with all of our friends gathered in his living room and a natural fire burning in the fireplace. My friends have even joked about paying Morgan Freeman to come read this thing in his famous, narrative tone. Needless to say, it's going to be an event!

About the Characters...

Below I have posted several pictures outlining most of my friends that will be in the book. I wanted to show the world I'm real, and this isn't merely a made up fairy tale, but rather a real-life adventure being captured in a fictional tale that will be fun for all who read! I have included some pictures of events that have inspired various storylines throughout the tale. I hope you enjoy!

Above: This is a picture from a Murder Mystery Party that shows some of my friends that will be included in The Templeman Tale. I'm the one in the very back with the red hat, and my best friend is the one leaning way back with his arms crossed right next to me!

Above: A group picture of another set of friends that will be featured in the tale! You can find me in the light blue argyle sweater in the front row.

Above: Character inspiration...enough said. Oh, and pardon the green glow, that Halloween party was pretty crazy!

Above: One of the most epic nights in my college career!

Above: My friends made this video of our pre-med roommate performing "toe surgery" in our dorm room. To this day, I have never seen a more manly friend yell so wildly! This video fails to show the frantic reaction taking place in the room, but this story in the book parallels what really happened outside of the camera's limited view! Hint: Skip to approx. the 7:45 mark to see my roomate's toe close-up. It was nasty...

*Note: The video above was not produced by me. I'm merely linking it in from Youtube's site.

Test Readings...

I have already let several people test-read the first chapter, and everyone has laughed or maintained a steady chuckle throughout. Some have even cried from laughing so hard! Below I posted a screen shot of a girl I let test read the first chapter. Her expression speaks for itself. I have spent many hours story-boarding the chapters and the actual, true events that correspond with the plot development. This tale is being written with the goal of making the readers laugh throughout an adventure of a lifetime, while at the same time immortalizing the best four years of my life for all of my friends. Who knows, you may even learn a lesson about the meaning of true friendship by the end of the tale!

Book Details...

Original character sketches/drawings will be included before each chapter in the book to help the reader visualize the main characters that will be featured in the chapter. The character sketches/drawings will be done by Brian Shepard, a graphic artist whose work can be viewed on his blog:

Additionally, I hope to offer the chapter drawings as rewards, and if I raise enough money I would like to create a large book poster as a reward too. I hope to include all of the characters in the book on the poster so that my friends who are in the book can see a stylized version of their character!

I plan to publish The Templeman Tale in a high-quality paperback version sometime in May. The cover will look similar to the picture above, but it will have the title, author, and logo of the book included on it. I have posted my writing schedule for the remainder of the book below. I will continually update my Kickstarter backers on my progress, and as more funding comes in, I will be able to release some cool rewards at cheap donation levels! Feel free to suggest rewards on the official Facebook group titled, "The Templeman Tale" which can be found here:

You can also email me with additional reward ideas, comments, questions, or anything you wish to ask. My email is, and I will answer all questions either directly through email or I will post the questions and answers for everyone to view on Kickstarter!

Reward Structure...

My rewards aren't cumulative. I have listed awards for donations in increments of $1, $15, $25, $30, and $50 so far. For example, if you should choose to donate $25 you will receive two copies of the book just like it is spelled out under that reward level. You will not receive the previous $15 reward of a free book for a total of 3 books.

The reason why I structure it this way is because at the higher $30 and $50 tiers, I am offering a Limited Edition copy instead of a normal copy of the book. This structure prevents duplicate books being sent to people only wanting one book. Basically, I have described the rewards you will receive if you donate a specific reward amount. If you have any questions, please contact me at, and I will be sure to answer you!

Donations Go Towards...

Your donation to this Kickstarter project will help go to payment for the original character drawings, publishing costs, cover design, and promotional artwork development. I have set the funding goal at $1,000, but I'm confident that with everyone's help, we can smash the funding goal and unlock all kinds of cool rewards and make the book have more character content in the process! Without your help and support, this project can't be completed. Please donate whatever level you feel comfortable with, and I will be sure to provide you with great rewards throughout the project life! Again, thanks in advance for everyone's support. This wouldn't be possible without your help!

Writing Schedule...

Feb. 28 - Mar. 6: Chapter 4

Mar. 7 - Mar. 14: Chapter 5

Mar. 15 - Mar. 22: Chapter 6

Mar. 23 - Mar. 30: Chapter 7

Mar. 31 - Apr. 7: Chapter 8

Apr. 8 - Apr. 15: Chapter 9

Apr. 16 - Apr. 23: Chapter 10

Apr. 24: Editing Chapters 1 and 2

Apr. 25: Editing Chapters 3 and 4

Apr. 26: Editing Chapters 5 and 6

Apr. 27: Editing Chapters 7 and 8

Apr. 28: Editing Chapters 9 and 10

Apr. 29: Book formatting

Apr. 30: Final Proof Printing

May 1 - May 2: Final Proof Read

May 3: Submit for Publishing!

Again, thank you so much in advance for your support of The Templeman Tale! I wouldn't be able to fund the project on my own without everyone's donations and support!


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