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The Nomad 883 is a ready-to-run CNC Mill that's at home in any environment.
The Nomad 883 is a ready-to-run CNC Mill that's at home in any environment.
The Nomad 883 is a ready-to-run CNC Mill that's at home in any environment.
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    1. spongefile

      Anyone else get a pair of dice in their Mega Pack? :D

    2. Kyle Wright on

      I was also wondering about the mega packs, vices, and flip jigs.

    3. Darricke Rayl on

      What's the latest on mega packs, vices, and flip jigs?

    4. Missing avatar

      David McLeod on

      Just received mine over here in Brisbane, Australia. Can't wait to take it home and fire it up!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hendrickson on

      "That leaves mostly international machines"? I must be the last Carbide inner circle Batch 4 left in the US! I'm constant checking my email for a tracking number. :-p :-)

    6. Darricke Rayl on

      Yahoo! I got the email with a tracking number earlier today. So looking forward to this arriving!

    7. Carbide 3D LLC Creator on

      Maker Faire definitely put a kink in the works, but we shipped a batch of machines Tuesday and another batch is going out today. That leaves mostly international machines, which will go out together next week.

    8. Johan Schreiner on

      How are you dooing with the final shipments?
      I am really looking forward to the mail with a tracking number! :-)

    9. Dag Henrik Bråtane

      I did my first milling job with my Nomad yesterday. My impression is that the Nomad is a very good mill. The milling volume is large, the exterior size is relatively compact, it is not too heavy to lift, it is quite silent when it runs, it seems to be accurate, the software works well, and it arrived ready to run. The spindle is a very fine piece of machinery. I am glad that Carbide 3D put so much development work and money into the spindle. Thanks Carbide 3D, for making this great and versatile CNC mill.

    10. Darricke Rayl on

      Just wanted to check in and see how things were going with the final few remaining machines? Watching everyone in the forums is making me even more anxious ever day ;-)...

    11. Missing avatar

      Stillman on

      Got my machine, looks absolutely fantastic.
      First Job is running now..great job you guys!

    12. Warren Bailey on

      I'm sure everyone knows about the Carbide 3D discussion forum, but just in case it is over at and is getting so much great information and projects being shared. Hopefully this last group of Inner Circle 3 and upcoming Inner Circle 4 folks will all post their projects and videos and contribute to the community.

    13. Missing avatar

      chris green on

      yup! vises are shipping. ( and can also be purchased from their website.) the flip jigs have not.

    14. Missing avatar

      David Pruitt on

      Has anyone gotten a flip jig or vise yet?

    15. Missing avatar

      David McLeod on

      Just got my reward survey so the wait is almost over. So exciting!!!

    16. Carbide 3D LLC Creator on

      We're wrapping up INNER CIRCLE 3 in the next two days, and we'll begin building and shipping INENR CIRCLE 4 by the end of next week. We're almost there :)

    17. Missing avatar

      David McLeod on

      @Dennis Fenske - wondering the same myself. The last update said about 6 weeks before shipping is done for all kickstarter shipments and that was over 6 weeks ago. They did say there were some manufacturing delays so I certainly understand that 6 weeks was just an estimate but it would be nice to have an update on shipping. Not meaning to sound negative at all, just really excited to, hopefully, have my Nomad shipping really soon!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Dennis Fenske on

      Any idea when batch 4 will begin to ship?

    19. John on

      Got my Nomad CNC Mill today! Great job guys!

    20. Missing avatar

      Mike Patterson on

      CARBIDE INNER CIRCLE (batch 3) - I received my survey on March 9. I can't wait to get my shipping notice!

    21. Frederic Detienne on

      I did receive my Mega Pack today. It is indeed Mega :-) planning a milling orgy soon. Can't wait to try the aluminum and brass now that I have replacement ends.

      If the vise is the same quality as the rest, it will be loads of additional fun when it comes!

    22. Frederic Detienne on

      Hi @Mark Estes, was the flip jig in the pack ? :-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Estes on

      mega pack is truly mega! almost epic with a hint of sublime

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Estes on

      Received notice today that my maga pack was shipping. Cool. I am enjoying my Nomad.

    25. David Sanchez on

      CARBIDE INNER CIRCLE (Batch 2) International Backer (Spain), received my Nomad last thursday, hope to test it today.

    26. Brown Dog Gadgets on

      Will the Nomad work with Easel from Just curious as it's a nice bit of CNC software, and free.

    27. Darricke Rayl on

      Since mid December was the last update, has there been anything new to report? Where are things in terms of number of machines sent so far, etc? I'm getting more and more antsy ;-)...

    28. Frederic Detienne on

      Now reading my own post, I realize I come across quite negatively.

      I would like to add that I am very happy about my Nomad :-) Thank you team for great communication and a super funny CNC mill!

    29. Frederic Detienne on

      I received my machine yesterday but could only try it out today.

      Seems to work great from my Mac however I was unable to install CarbideMotion on Linux (Meshcam worked under Wine).

      I was a little disappointed that CarbideMotion did not run natively on Linux (nor Meshcam btw). Have you got any plans to make a Linux version ?


    30. Missing avatar

      David Pruitt on

      Got my machine today February 24th unit number 152.

    31. Missing avatar

      Lorna Goulden on

      Inner Circle (2) my Nomad arrived today !
      Busy downloading software and signed up to the Carbide3D community which is an informative browse, a very useful startup experience by Dr_g highlights some of the issues that may arise, although the team seem to be very good at listening, responding and already fixing some earlier errors in the software - impressed at their interactions.
      Impressed overal and can't wait to get plugged in and milling !

    32. Johan Schreiner on

      @Carbide 3d,
      When will there be a new update? I understand that you are busy, but I think that it would be nice to hear something.... Do you stil ship 15 Nomads a week? Will there be further delays? And..... when can I expect to recive my machine?

    33. Missing avatar

      Mike Hellers

      I received my Nomad (machine #114) today over here in London/UK. The stats of the packaging made it clear that the machine had a pretty rough ride to get here, but as it was well protected it arrived safe and sound! There were a few minor niggles, which I am sure can be easily addressed for future shipments, but otherwise it is perfect.

      I have spend the last two hours going through the tutorials, and I really love the results I have seen so far.

      Congrats to the whole Carbide team for building an excellent machine, and especially many thanks to Jorge for perfect communication over the past 2 months!

    34. Marc Liyanage on

      Thanks Mark, good tip, I just ordered some aluminum from there, I'll check out their cutter selection another time.

      I just realized that the Carbide 3D online store sells RenShape, so I'll probably get it from there. I got a quote for a larger 20x60x1" piece for $284, that's cheaper per cubic inch but I don't need that much.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Estes on

      @Marc I was able to find some cutters on ebay. . the shop is called "stonerstoolsandrawmaterials" or 6061dude. Was looking for aluminum and they had both.

    36. Marc Liyanage on

      I had some more time to use the machine and software, and it is working great.

      I wanted to buy some more cutters and materials and I noticed that this industry is really, really annoying in that it's hard to just get a price and buy these things online. Instead you have to go through local dealers and prices are often not stated, you have to get quotes.

      If anybody can tell me where I can just go and buy some high quality cutters and renshape blocks without all this hassle, I would be very grateful.

    37. Travis on

      Does anyone know the smallest to biggest size for cutters.that the nomads 883 can use. What are the size of the ones it comes with

    38. Carbide 3D LLC Creator on

      @mark, @david, Adding brass and aluminum to the Carbide plugin in MeshCAM is at the top of the priority list. Apollo is doing QA on a new version of Carbide Motion and at the same time testing different feeds, speeds etc on metal, so it won't be too long before we've got that added to the other material options.

      @aaron, @brian, thanks for the kind words!

    39. David Sanchez on

      I'm inner circle batch 2, and I have received an email today that if nothing goes wrong with a international test shipment, mine is going to be shipped next week!!!

    40. David Sanchez on

      Is the Nomad not able to machine brass or aluminium? I've missed something I guess. Things change a lot. Even there is a video showing to us a metallic part produced with the Nomad.

    41. David Sanchez on

      Is the Nomad not able to machine brass or aluminium? I've missed something I guess. Things change a lot. Even there is a video showing to us a metallic part produced with the Nomad.

    42. Missing avatar

      Mark Estes on

      machine arrived yesterday. got it setup, normal learning curve issues but managed to make a useless plastic wrench. Made some other stuff out of poly carbonate to get the hand of meshcam. It works well. Bummed that is is not able to deal with aliminum or brass (despite the initial description). I guess it can cut it but not without becoming an expert on feed rates, plunge rates and spindle speed and all that other mumbo jumbo. While I like a good challenge, that is one that I was not expecting. It was hyped to be able to do this and for people were were not machinists. When the software supports brass and aluminum in terms of figuring out the cutting parameters, it will be what was expected. Until then, seems like it is missing something. Sad that we are this far in and this has not been addressed.

    43. Missing avatar

      Brian Cook on

      I have had machine #111 in my possession for a week. I supported at the MAKER level.

      I cannot stop playing with it. (Wife is getting annoyed.)

      Congratulations to Apollo, Rob, and Jorge!

    44. Missing avatar

      Mark Estes on

      Woot just got my fed ex notice, inner circle #2

    45. Aaron Wynn on

      Got my machine the other day in perfect condition. This thing is extremely well built. Was able to quickly complete the first tutorial!

    46. Travis on

      I am in the Innercircle batch 2. When the nomad 883 ships.will the Flip Jig, the Vice,and all the cutters and materials like wood,wax. Be shipped in the same box?

    47. Missing avatar

      David Pruitt on

      @creator okay Jorge
      What about the extras, and I don't mean the rewards, I was thinking about the vise and flip jig... Oh and some cutting material. As the ship dates get closer ( and I get more rev up) I am thinking I would like to add a few things. When you send out notices, does it have the option to add cutters, material etc. that would save on shipping. I know you guys are up to your neck busy, but some of the extras would be nice for practice, and the occasional mishap with a cutting tool. If it's to much no worries I can come back later. ... BUT if you set up accounts for your backers that have an Amazon one click order feature on your website. It would make ordering again from you easy (convenient) generating some sales beyond the kickstarter

    48. Missing avatar

      Mark Estes on

      woot, it sounds like I should be clearing off a spot in the workshop. (inner circle 2). so many plans...thanks Jorge for the mini update.

    49. Frederic Detienne on

      I can't wait. I have had plans for that machine for months :-) my address was asked in December and I've been compulsively checking the updates since then.

      Go team !!

    50. David Sanchez on

      Thanks the mini update. This is even better than expected.

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