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FOMO camera is designed to be the world's most Customizable & Wearable Camera with an Affordable price. Just like a Buttons Badge!
FOMO camera is designed to be the world's most Customizable & Wearable Camera with an Affordable price. Just like a Buttons Badge!
FOMO camera is designed to be the world's most Customizable & Wearable Camera with an Affordable price. Just like a Buttons Badge!
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    1. Neil Blakely just now

      I've received mine and to be honest I'm disappointed.

      Video quality is as bad as the demo earlier this month led us to believe. For some reason in 2018 they've decided to go with motion-JPEG as the codec and it's low frame rate and jerky. That's before taking into account the lack of image stabilisation.

      The product itself is actually quite nicely built, but with the puzzling exception of having the micro-USB port very close to the base where the top of the 'mushroom' meets the stalk. This means that the only cable that I have that fits is actually the one that comes with it as the casing of all others gets caught on the lip of FOMO cover. (Photos - When you get it, look at the cable and you'll see the connector is actually longer than standard. Even then it only partially fits as the casing still catches the rim.

      A really odd design oversight.

      Contents of the box? Certainly not what was in the campaign under the section "THE FOMO COMES WITH". Mine has no Outer Shell, DIY Template, Brooch-pin Mount or Clip Mount. It comes with a "Magnetic Sheet" that whilst on the surface seems quite strong, in practice is fairly weak. On my t-shirt it initially grips tight, but even a gently nudge knocks it off. I certainly wouldn't trust it on the flat of my satchel as is shown in some of the campaign photos.

      Packaging? Quite nice actually. A decent box and nicely designed. Until you get to the instruction leaflet which is riddled with grammatical errors. As someone has already mentioned, I can't believe they couldn't find a backer to give it the once over. As backers they already have our money, but to potential buyers it won't look good. However it does have clear and concise diagrams.

      I don't think it will used for what I had in mind. If at all. I travel as much as I can and I'm a photographer at heart. So whilst I'm away, I'm usually concentrating on still images but I'd like to have a bit of video to add to the memories. I had hoped to have this as a discrete camera that would just keep recording and hopefully get a few usable clips out of the days shooting. But with the shakiness and a 1-hour battery life it won't meet that purpose.

      Quite frankly, it would be better marketed as a kids toy. The bright colours, DIY Faces (if of course you had a cover to keep it attached *ahem*). Clip it on your kid, send them to the park, throw a ball or whatever.

    2. Rong about 8 hours ago


      pls send me two new 32b camera or refund me.

    3. Istvan Somogyi about 12 hours ago

      Mine has arrived in the UK 2 days ago. The packaging is good, the item quality is good... the video quality is meh.. but like a toy is good.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tan Jackie about 12 hours ago

      Hi, I have received my few days back. Just before Chinese New year. I had send a pm to the creator regarding about the water proof case as it came with a crack in the middle. May I know if able to make a replacement?

    5. Missing avatar

      David Moore
      about 14 hours ago

      Mine have arrived in the UK!
      If you had asked backers, I am sure we would have proof read your packaging.
      More later...

    6. Tong SwiLung about 19 hours ago

      Hi, i've waited too long and requesting for a refund.

    7. Marc Saunders
      1 day ago

      incase anyone is interested i have got the codecs used:

      Video: MJPG 1920x1080 30fps 5478kbps [V: mjpeg, yuvj420p, 1920x1080, 5478 kb/s]
      Audio: PCM 16000Hz mono 256kbps [A: pcm_s16le, 16000 Hz, 1 channels, s16, 256 kb/s]

      Looking for exact setting in which to run them

    8. FOMO Creator 1 day ago

      @Kenneth Kwok
      Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the inconvience caused. We will transfer the problem to the technician and reply to you asap.

    9. FOMO Creator 1 day ago

      @Joe @gary cook @Minga Oida @Rincewind @"Mos W" @Edgar C. Lucero @Dan Lee @Davide Ceccarelli @Kong Kie Ming @Hound of Tindalos @gary cook
      Noted with your refund requests. We will PM you about the refund details as well soon.
      Thanks for the cooperation.

    10. Missing avatar

      Edgar C. Lucero
      2 days ago

      Hi, I am backer#612 and I would like to request for a refund also. Thanks!

    11. FOMO Creator 2 days ago

      @Lydia Tang
      We will let you know more about the refund details via PM sector soon and ask for your Paypal account there. We appreciate your understanding.

    12. FOMO Creator 2 days ago

      We will let you know more about the refund details via PM sector soon. We appreciate your understanding.

    13. Marc Saunders
      2 days ago

      In UK, received mine today, i got a Pokemon Ball badge not the minion one i asked for, for some reason the video does not record, it does record audio, is there a specific codec you guys use so i can ensure i have it on pc.


    14. Missing avatar

      Graham 2 days ago

      Received my package this morning Everything seems there however only small issue was like Rafael bellow I was sent the red white circle with star but I requested the minion badge never mind still happy. Also strange thing was the camera activated day before delivery so several files of people talking. Wonder others had same at least tested it worked clarity despite in package was clear. Thank you for wonderful device.

    15. Rafael 2 days ago

      Hi, I received my FOMOcamera thanks. However, it was the wrong design that was sent. I ordered design 7 (Holmes). I received the camera design instead. How do we fix this?
      Also, there is only a magnetic sheet. I thought it came with a brooch pin or a clip as well?
      Thanks, Backer 648

    16. Missing avatar

      gary cook 2 days ago

      No response to an email for a refund and now reading these issues with those that are delivered. This is not going to be pretty.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jari Mäkeläinen 3 days ago

      @steinbring, please check the Updates page. They shipped the first 500 ones to "test the international air parcel system" on the 1st week of February and the people who were included in that were chosen by random and not directly by their backer number. If you haven't received a tracking number, you weren't in that batch. Currently it's Chinese New Year and everything is stopped until the end of the February. Most likely next batch is being shipped hopefully early March.

    18. Robert Abbott
      3 days ago

      Even if I get this and it works I’m still listing this project at a loss.

    19. Hound of Tindalos
      3 days ago

      Well I messaged them for a refund, no reply - guess its lucky this was not hundreds of dollars. I want a refund too.

    20. Missing avatar

      steinbring 4 days ago

      I was backer #44 and I am yet to receive mine. Am I missing something?

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Steenbergen 4 days ago

      And it'll be a full refund of what I have paid.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kong Kie Ming 4 days ago

      Backer #1279, I want a refund. Thank you.

    23. Missing avatar

      Shawn Bensley 4 days ago

      Can you please tell me when I will be receiving mine?

    24. Missing avatar

      Davide Ceccarelli 4 days ago

      Backer #1,834 and i want refund, thanks.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dan Lee
      5 days ago

      Backer 508 and I still have not received anything. I want a refund.

    26. Nurfaiz Samhari 5 days ago

      received it and camera was not working, and now its stuck to a single light not able to on or off. what do I do?

    27. Kok Seng Wong 5 days ago

      Hi FOMO,

      Brooch pin mount and clip mount are not included? Can the date be set? The date shown is 2016 May.

    28. Rong 5 days ago

      Hi @FOMO

      I received mine today , ship by LEGIONEXP. My pledge is the super early bird + accessories + one extra FOMO and both upgrade to two 32gb( extra $20) but I received one is 16gb fomo, the video that I record keep flashing and it hurt my eyes. Another one is 32gb fomo while the video can't play on my PC.

      where can i send them for repair in Singapore ?
      Feel disappointed. Singapore design product should be better.
      now chinese new year coming, can't use my two fomo for videoing.

    29. Missing avatar

      Adam 6 days ago

      Hey, you guys claim to be from Singapore right?
      What is your ACRA registered ID?
      I'd like to STOMP you folks

    30. Missing avatar

      Mztrader 6 days ago

      Received mine yesterday..the most awesome and stable recording with this miniature Sherlock Holmes style gadget. Love it !! Losers will ask for refund. Love fomo

    31. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Kwok 6 days ago

      The blue LED keeps blinking and have no way to turn it off, no matter how long I held on to the button. Also unable to connect it to the PC. Product is defective. Please refund

    32. Missing avatar

      katie 6 days ago

      Who is Tim? Is he one of the official representatives?! Or another fraud?!

    33. Missing avatar

      Tim 6 days ago

      "Hey Tim,
      Sry for keeping you waiting for such a long time, yes, we accept refund as you requested, but kindly note we can't get you a fully refund, b'coz Kickstarter charges us about 15% commission fee from our total amount, and we have put most money into SW&HW development and camera production. In this case, the refund won't be that much, which is about 26% of your pledge amount, if you insist to ask for refund, please provide your Paypal account, we'll refund you 26%, which is $20.5. Thanks for your support anyway." Can we get someone from kickstarter on this?

    34. Missing avatar

      Edgar C. Lucero
      7 days ago

      Hi, I am backer#612 and I would like to request for a refund also. Thanks!

    35. Missing avatar

      Mos W on February 12

      I would like a refund, Backer # 1670. Thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Rincewind on February 11

      I would also like a refund. Please let me know what to do. Thanks!

    37. Minga Oida on February 11

      Please refund me! Backer No. 2.442

    38. Missing avatar

      Lydia Tang on February 11

      Hi fomo, how do I send you my paypal email address? Thanks for replying!

    39. Missing avatar

      gary cook on February 10

      Beckett 1756

    40. Missing avatar

      gary cook on February 10

      Could I have a refund please

    41. Joe on February 10

      I would like a refund too.

    42. Missing avatar

      Adam on February 10

      Which email address do I send my paypal id to?

    43. FOMO Creator on February 9

      @Kevin Steenbergen @Adam @sklam
      Well noted with your refund requests. We will contact you via PM sector soon. Also, please kindly provide us with your Paypal account.

    44. Missing avatar

      sklam on February 9

      please refund. my backer number is 1,433

    45. Missing avatar

      Adam on February 9

      I would like a refund too, way too long

    46. Missing avatar

      Kevin Steenbergen on February 8

      Yea, so die to being lied to about having my fomos for Xmas (they were gifts and I was assured via email that I would be in the first batch) and then seeing the awful footage, you can go ahead and refund my Kickstarter order and my second order. That thing will be absolutely unusable. No thx

    47. FOMO Creator on February 8

      @Jamie Clarke @Jeremy @Lydia Tang @Wonhyoung @Tim @Svetlin Boranoff @Jd Dacuyan Alvarado @Suon
      Well noted with your refund requests. We will contact you via PM sector soon. Also, please kindly provide us with your Paypal account.

    48. Missing avatar

      gary cook on February 8

      Terrible quality. I'd like a refund please. backer 1,756

    49. Missing avatar

      katie on February 8

      I’d like to cancel it. My baker number is 921
      Hopefully reply me back as soon as possible.

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