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FOMO camera is designed to be the world's most Customizable & Wearable Camera with an Affordable price. Just like a Buttons Badge!
FOMO camera is designed to be the world's most Customizable & Wearable Camera with an Affordable price. Just like a Buttons Badge!
FOMO camera is designed to be the world's most Customizable & Wearable Camera with an Affordable price. Just like a Buttons Badge!
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    1. Javier Matus 21 minutes ago

      I have yet to ask for a refund so i just need info am i getting this project or not.

    2. Andres Amador about 9 hours ago

      Ugh, all this hand wringing by upset backers- Oy! I have backed dozens of projects, many were electronic (a question a previous comment or asked). And I have done 2 of my own projects. even the simplest project has unforeseen issues. I’ve backed a few lemons. A few pricey lemons. But overall my experience has been positive and exciting. I love supporting this type of creative endeavor.

      At this level of product development (independent, no large company backing), the learning curve and relationship building is tremendous. There is no predicting the issues that will arise and the complexity of all the interlocking parts. To everyone getting upset and asking for refund (which will not happen), chill the hell out! You are backing the process of creation itself, not just the product (which is why you get a ‘rewards, not a purchase.) Whether you get this camera or not and if/when you do whether it performs to expectations- what the hell does it matter in the scheme of things? Certainly doesn’t merit the type of righteous anger that’s disappointed backers often seem to carry.

      Okay, nuff said. Go do something else, forget about this project and then be pleasantly surprised when your reward comes.

    3. Guenther Wilde 1 day ago

      I need my paid product now!

    4. FOMO Creator 2 days ago

      @Kong Kie Ming @Arthur Shunk @Tuija Heino-McRobert @Shinichi Tanida @katie @ @Dustin @Svetlin Boranoff @Juan José Carrillo Miranda g @Takafumi Naito
      Noted with your concern. Please note that Fomo is the massive production. And we will release the shipping list later for your reference. Thanks very much for your time and understanding along the way. This new batch would be upgraded from the last version of FOMO. Also, we will have the firmware upgraded file published for the backers whose received FOMO got the problem.

    5. Elad Azulay 2 days ago

      I have got my camera, put it on my shirt, it fell once on the floor, died.. don’t get your hopes about that one.. would love to know how I can fix it or get s new working one..

    6. Missing avatar

      Takafumi Naito 3 days ago

      My backer number is 1489.
      I am getting exhausted.
      I still have not received and I don’t intend to wait anymore.
      I want a refund.
      Please answer for me.

    7. Juan José Carrillo Miranda 4 days ago

      Buenos Días, yo aun no se nada de el envió de la FOMOcamera, y en el listado de envíos no aparece el tema, me podrían decir para cuando seria. Gracias.

    8. Svetlin Boranoff 4 days ago

      What happen with the camera?
      April is almost gone...
      I read about lots of problems.... if you can not provide appropriate product, is better to go to the sand box and make a sand castles....
      You got ours money, and blame the factory for the delay. For some backers YOU forgot to send part of the products... and give them ridiculous compensations of 1 (one!) dollar....
      I want a refund.... for whole amount

    9. Missing avatar

      Jorge 4 days ago

      Could you tell me what is the problem with my parcel?
      I was promised an answer within three working days since last mail (March 28th) and I haven’t receive any nor reply to my PM as well.
      Looking forward to hearing from you,

    10. Dustin 4 days ago

      What is the new expected shipping date?

    11. Missing avatar 4 days ago

      I want a refund. I still have not received and I don’t intend to wait anymore

    12. Missing avatar

      katie 5 days ago

      I am still looking for my package to be delivered.. My Back number is 921 ..
      please answer me. ..
      i am getting exhausted.

    13. Missing avatar

      Shinichi 6 days ago

      Request for refund!

    14. Tuija Heino-McRobert 7 days ago

      Delivery date ???

    15. Missing avatar

      Arthur Shunk
      7 days ago

      Has anyone out there been involved with a successful Kickstarter that involved electronics?

      I am wondering if it is wise to support anything other than a wallet or a knife as they seem to be the only ones that deliver for me. Oh...and playing cards.

    16. Missing avatar

      Arthur Shunk
      7 days ago

      Offering a couple dollar refund for undelivered product that makes the camera all but unusable is bullshit.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kong Kie Ming on April 16

      Backer number


    18. FOMO Creator on April 15

      @Guenther Wilde @Luca Luk Bellone @ Christopher Cremer @Edgar C. Lucero @Craig Postlewaight @Ujwal Puri @Christine Seon Young Park @AL C @Grant C @Edgar C. Lucero
      Hi, everyone. As mentioned in the update that the production is underway. And we will publish the shipping list soon. Sorry for the wait, But we really need time to prepare for better firmware. Many thanks for your support and time.

    19. Missing avatar

      katie on April 15

      One more reminding. I am still want to try my item out instead having my money back .. please send me a product or,at least, give me an answer. Gee ... it has been exhausted.

    20. FOMO Creator on April 15

      Thanks for your feedback. Please accept our apology for forgetting to help you upgrading the TF card memory. We will refund you $10 as compensation. Also, we're now working on the firmware upgrade to solve the problem mentioned. Once done, will let you know. Thanks.

    21. Guenther Wilde on April 14

      Id 2244...where is my item?

    22. Luca Luk Bellone on April 14

      Hello where is my item? At today i have not received yet nothing!

    23. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cremer on April 14

      Backer #1,475 - not received.

    24. Missing avatar

      Edgar C. Lucero
      on April 14

      Hi,Im backer#612 and I have not received my reward as of today April14/18.I would like to request for a refund pls.

    25. Missing avatar

      on April 13

      A month has gone by since I emailed you about my defective product and I have not even received an acknowledgment or reply. What do I need to do at this point to request a refund?

    26. Rong on April 13

      hey FOMO

      Both FOMO that I received are defective and told u months ago. The poke ball design is 16gb BUT I paid for 32gb and the video keep flashing non-stop when i play it on my pc . The other one captain America shield design is 32gb( correct ) BUT the video file cant play on my PC .

      Replace my two fomo? or Refund me

    27. FOMO Creator on April 13

      @Hound of Tindalos
      Kindly check out your PM. We already sent you a message about the refund.

    28. Missing avatar

      Shinichi on April 13

      I sent you a video a week ago. But there is no reply from you. Have we been deceived by you?
      Backer #177

    29. Hound of Tindalos
      on April 12

      I want a refund for my non delivered items please

      I want a refund, posted for the 10000 th time

      I have clearly been robbed otherwise.

    30. Craig Postlewaight on April 11

      Hi. I am backer #1533. I will be in Singapore in 10 days. I want to come and collect my reward. Where are you based?

    31. Ujwal Puri on April 11

      Backer #1863

    32. Ujwal Puri on April 11

      Hello. When can I expect to receive my reward?

    33. Missing avatar

      Tamer Raad on April 11

      Backer # 1850 requesting full refund

    34. Missing avatar

      Christine Seon Young Park on April 10

      Hello, I am backer #810 and would like to request for a refund asap.

    35. Missing avatar

      Luv2Kickstart on April 10

      Was told I would get a refund over a month ago. To date, NO REFUND AND NO PRODUCT. Don’t believe anything these people say. Consider your money lost!

    36. AL C on April 10

      Hi again, backer 288 still awaiting my two FOMOs with the customized fronts as I sent you, as well as the accessory pack and both FOMOs with the 32GB cards, any shipping date please creators, thanks

    37. Missing avatar

      Grant C on April 9

      Backer #2602. Folllowing up here ...what's the status on the 2nd batch shipments? Thanks.

    38. Sam on April 9

      How to read the photos from Fomo? Windows says unrecognised device?

    39. Missing avatar

      Tamer Raad on April 9

      Any recent updates ! Still didn’t receive ! Backer #1850

    40. Robo Durden
      on April 9

      got my FOMO and got everything i expected :-)

      to all naysayers: unboxing and first recording:

      @creator, in Windows 10, the Fomo shows up as a TIGA Device with the symbol of a webcam. My Toughbook does not have a webcam. Would be nice if i could use your camera as a webcam. Possible ?

    41. Missing avatar

      Edgar C. Lucero
      on April 8

      Hi! Im backer #612 , I have not yet received my reward and I would like to request for a refund. Thanks.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jared on April 8

      Absolutely unacceptable. The camera produces a poor resolution and is unusable because of the shaky video. Furthermore, the magnetic "mount" on the back is so weak that there's no way the camera could stay mounted on clothing, let alone upright on a whiteboard.

      When complaint was filed with the creators, this was their response:

      "Hi backer,
      Please note your FOMO has been sent out. And the tracking No. is XXX.
      Kindly track the delivery status on XXX.
      And it's not a quality problem, we're afraid that the refund request isn't acceptable.
      Thanks for your understadning."

    43. FOMO Creator on April 8

      @Tobias Bertuleit
      Hi, we sent you three FOMO as per your pledge. Please double check and send us a photo of what you received via Thanks.

    44. FOMO Creator on April 7

      @Merry Reymond @Joe Moffatt @Alexander Loh @Hound of Tindalos @Joe Moffatt @
      Robo Durden @Warren Adams @Ramsey Barksdale @Jeremy @Dominique M.
      Hi, everyone. We're terribly sorry for the wait. We posted an update a few days ago about the production status. And will release the shipping list when we're done sorting out the backer info. Thanks very much for your patience and understanding along the way. We really appreciate it.

    45. Hound of Tindalos
      on April 7

      Well, I got nothing sent to me still, and somehow I was supposed to be in shipment #1?

      Guess I am supposed to wait to get nothing for the next shipment?

      Ah, the Emperor's New Money Grab!

    46. Missing avatar

      Shinichi on April 7

      La FOMOcamera ne marche pas, il y a un bémol !
      I will send you a video. Can not charge. It is not recognized by the PC. LED does not light up.
      I would like to change FOMO.  Backer #177

    47. Missing avatar

      Alexander Loh on April 7

      Hi I'm backer #1314. When which shipment batch will I be in?

    48. Joe Moffatt
      on April 6

      Haven’t received any kind of shipment notice can you check please.

    49. Merry Reymond on April 6

      It is frustrating waiting - I’d told my nephew he’d be getting a really cool Xmas present from me; he’s finally stopped asking about it.
      But I didn’t come to Kickstarter to shop. I came to help back someone’s hope and dream.

    50. FOMO Creator on April 6

      @Fon Ong
      Sorry for the wait. kindly refer to the update #20 about the reason for delayed shipping. The first batch of FOMO has been sent out. And the second batch is scheduled in April. Please note that fulfillment is based on backer ID. Thanks.

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