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Mechabrick is a set of precision plastic kits to convert your Minifigs into robots then battle with them in an exciting board game.
Mechabrick is a set of precision plastic kits to convert your Minifigs into robots then battle with them in an exciting board game.
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    1. Xenock on

      I still haven't seen my replacement parts. I did just move too. But the mailmen would have forwarded things.

    2. Cwyllog on

      Perhaps typically, my package arrived today and looks jammed packed. I'll open up and check it all out later, but it looks 'right'. Apologies for the timing on the last post, and I hope that this KS is all put to bed for you now.

    3. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      @Cwyllog.... yes, every single package of rewards for both campaigns have been sent. There were about 4 or 5 final packages outstanding which were handed to the shipping agent last week and are all now on their way or already with the relevant backers. I will be sending out an update by the end of this week to check and confirm expected final cut-off for deliveries after which we will start collating if any backers have not received their rewards or if anything was missing and we'll work fast to get any replacements out to backers.

      At most there could be maybe 3 people who were US or Australian backers who'se rewards were shipped by the agent the end of last week or the very start of this week who may not have received them yet but who should get them within the next 3 or 4 days depending on location. There certainly aren't 'many' backers without their rewards.... please, if you haven't received your reward post here and/or please e-mail me at: and let me know and we'll begin compiling the list of rewards lost in the post (have only had 2 so far of the near 300 shipped in the last 8 months) and we'll get started on replacements very shortly.

      Thanks all, and as I said, a full update coming by the end of this week.


    4. Cwyllog on

      Dubreq posted inn Sept ; "Hi all... I found out last Friday that our shipping agent had actually gone on holiday having only shipped a handful of the 80 or so packages he had been given.... the remainder went out over the weekend/Monday this week. There are about 20 still to ship which we are delivering to him this week... then that's it...."

      So, has this all been done now then? I (and I believe several/many others) still have nothing to show for our support. Another KS has now come and gone, and I even went into the indiegogo campaign as well thinking I was helping out your cash flow situation and supporting your endeavors. I would REALLY like a clear update here. Thank you.

    5. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Matthew, given everything going on at present please do give us a chance to respond to stuff... you e-mailed for an update just 20hrs ago!

      I have managed to retrieve your package from the shipping agent before it was posted. I cannot issue a refund through Kickstarter or IndieGoGo now so you'll need to e-mail me your PayPal or bank details so I can pay you myself.


    6. Matotron on

      I never received anything and on the Etch master Kickstarter I was promised a refund for Mechabrick, over 2 weeks ago. Disappointingly I haven't received that either (I did eventually get one on Etch master). Also Ben *again* hasn't replied to my email asking for progress on the refund. The last communication I got on 24th Oct was it would only take a day or so as he needed to contact the 'shipping agent'

    7. Xenock on

      Still waiting for those supposed replacements. Anything from the UK arrives faster than this usually.

    8. Cwyllog on

      And this is why I couldn't in good faith back your new kickstarter 'Armoured Syndicate'; still no updates here for people who backed this one over 2 years ago...

    9. William Baker on

      Hi Ben. I'm getting quite worried about my parts ever turning up. You mentioned a shipping agent in your previous comment, who is this please? I would like to contact them directly. Thanks, Will

    10. Volker Jacobsen

      I'm also still waiting for my stuff here in Germany. Any news?

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Bell on

      Just got all my bits in - thanks! Can't wait to get cracking :)

    12. Matotron on

      I still haven't received anything and I'm in the UK.
      So can you confirm the package was sent and when does it become 'lost in the post'.

    13. Nicholas R. Soika on

      Still among the last few waiting. Hope the mail hasn't eaten it.

    14. Adam on

      I received my package today.

    15. William Baker on

      Hi Ben. Still no Upgraded stuff here. Can you confirm the last 20 packages have been sent out yet please?

    16. Matotron on

      I didn't get anything in September or at the beginning of last week. Have you lost my details from the 2 campaigns I backed (3 including Etchmaster) or is your agent not sending the packages? It's not like they have that far to travel.
      I hope they get here next week.

    17. Cwyllog on

      by the end of the month meant September?
      If so, can you get your agent to check they've not missed a few more...

    18. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Hi all... I found out last Friday that our shipping agent had actually gone on holiday having only shipped a handful of the 80 or so packages he had been given.... the remainder went out over the weekend/Monday this week. There are about 20 still to ship which we are delivering to him this week... then that's it.... everything is on it's way! US backers should be getting their rewards about now or early next week, UK backers should already have theirs.... as I said, apart from the last few that go the end of this week (and which I guess our agent will ship out Mon/Tue next week). Everyone should have their rewards by the end of the month. Update coming shortly...

    19. Cwyllog on

      Agree with Matthew; any updates on the packages making it out as I'm worried they've either been lost or a new problem has arisen?

    20. Matotron on

      What service were they shipped with, when should I expect the package to arrive?

    21. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Reardon on

      Hope the shipping of the last of the packages has gone well. You deserve to finally be free of this burden so you can move on to bigger and better things. I'm eager to get my package in hand and start messing with the game and mechs. If another Mechabrick Kickstarter/Indiegogo/whatever happens, I'll still be there.

    22. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      @Cwyllog.... almost all of them. We dropped about 40+ packages to our shipping company a few days back so those will be out to backers in the next few days. There's about 15 - 20 still to go which we'll be packing over the weekend and should be dropping those off the start of next week. By mid next week everything will be out.

    23. Cwyllog on

      Did you manage to get all the packages out by the end of August as you hoped?

    24. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      @Cwyllog... full update coming over the weekend, sorry for the delay, all will be clear momentarily.... Ben

    25. Cwyllog on

      Following from that worrying update on July 22nd, hows it coming along?

    26. Missing avatar

      Simon Evans on

      Hi Ben. I've only just seen your update of early July. I haven't changed my address and am waiting for the extras and stretch goals from the original Kickstarter and the indigogo upgrades. I'm sure they'll arrive soon, but letting you know as per your update. Best wishes, Simon.

    27. William Baker on

      Hello everyone.

      There's a FB group called Mechabrick Fans:

      Please join and post photos of your Mecha, buildings and games.
      Hope to see you there :-)

    28. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Update is out Cwyllog, sorry for the delay.... everything (with a shed-load of extra freebies) will be with the double-backers in the next couple of weeks.

    29. Cwyllog on

      How's that update coming along?
      Would be great to hear that us 'double dippers' will be getting something soon...

    30. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Hi Stephen, just messaged you.... unfortunately, since we had to change the account on Kickstarter as we don't legally own the name Dubreq Ltd any more I don't receive notifications about messages so only see them when I log on to the old account.... if anyone needs to get in touch asap with me please e-mail me at: . I will be sending an update tomorrow all being well and we are starting shipping the 'Upgraded' bundles next week all being well..... full update shortly. Thanks all. Ben

    31. Stephen Orr on

      Hey Ben, I sent you a private message but since you did a spectacularly good job of ignoring my last PM I'll put this one up here as well. I've been more than patient, but I fee it's really beyond time for you to deliver on your end. If you can't or won't send me the pledge can I have my money back and we'll call it a day? Cheers

    32. Stephen Orr on

      Hi Ben, sent you a private message

    33. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Hiya Chayne, message just sent....

    34. Chayne VandeZande

      Sent a message regarding my question 9 days ago since my comment here didn't seem to get an answer...

    35. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Xenock, Stephen.... full update coming in a moment, hopefully to answer both your questions...

    36. Xenock on

      Still waiting to hear back about the missing items from my set. Its been a month since you said you'd start shipping out replacements to people.. Ugh

    37. Stephen Orr on

      Hi Ben, it's been a few weeks since you assured me that I was the only one who had got his package lost I the post. Last time we chatted you said you would be sending it again, and this time recorded delivery. Any update on that?

    38. Chayne VandeZande

      How long should I wait before being concerned about not seeing anything? I know I was part of the "waiting for combined shipping with the upgraded kits" group, but I would have thought it would be here by now.

    39. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Hi Hellmuth, just replied to your message....

    40. Missing avatar

      Hellmuth Siercke on

      Now I'm getting worried since I haven't received my reward yet, can I get tracking info on it?

    41. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Stephen.... I've just messaged you back, for some reason Kickstarter no longer seems to send me a notification when I am sent a message? Anyway, yes, I have checked and your reward was shipped well over 2 weeks ago so should be with you now. I am just off to the shipping/fulfillment company now so I will get tracking info whilst there and get back to you as fast as I can. Out of 130 packages sent that week this has SO FAR been the only one that doesn't seem to have shown up... I will get back to you as fast as I can and worst case, will send a new rewards package out asap if it has gone AWOL.

    42. Stephen Orr on

      Hi Ben I sent a private message, I still haven't received anything, and I'm beginning to panic a little as you previously stated everything had been shipped

    43. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Hi Mubod.... the red mechs were never Kickstarter exclusive, they were a stretch goal item that was reached and put into general production. It was originally planned that the orange would be exclusive however the fact these couldn't be was explained in an earlier update. The metalic colours remain Kickstarter exclusives, it is just the orange mechs that have ended up as non-exclusive.

    44. mubod on

      Just noticed the Kickstarter 'Exclusive' Red and Orange mechs are available for sale on!

    45. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      Hi Terrence.... all rewards in the final batch were shipped by a 3rd party fulfillment company. They DO have tracking info which we can request if needed. Due to the 2+ days work it'd take to request and post tracking info for every backer manually we will only be requesting/following up tracking info for any rewards that have not arrived within the normal shipping times for their destinations. As a US backer, if your reward is not with you by around Thursday/Friday next week let us know and we will get tracking info for you to confirm where the package is. Thanks! Ben

    46. Missing avatar

      Terrence Lee on

      Do you have tracking information available for items shipped to backers in the US?

    47. Missing avatar

      Terrence Lee on

      Do you have tracking information available for items shipped to backers in the

    48. Dubreq Ltd Creator on

      @VenonViper When we've painted them we have spray-undercoated them with Tamiya fine surface primer. GW spray primers also seem to work quite well. I have tended to spray them all separated out into components and then assume the excess paint will be removed as the parts are assembled by the friction of the joints.... much like painting then assembling Gundam kits. It depends if you want to be able to dismantle and re-assemble the models after painting?

    49. Missing avatar

      VenomViper on

      Has anyone painted the mechs? If so what type of paints do you use. I've used acrylics, but didn't really want to prime the mech. Worried I would ruin the joints.

    50. Neil Crosby on

      My copy of the game arrived here in the UK today (well, actually yesterday, but I didn't hear the postie because I had my headphones on, so I had to go and pick it up from the post office today).

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