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Roleplaying system designed to take traditional RPGs to the next level

Roleplaying system designed to take traditional RPGs to the next level Read More
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Big news!
Talking with some people I know... after talking, I've decided to do a little something. EVERYONE who supports my project, REGARDLESS of whether or not I make the goal, I'll STILL send them the text-only pdf of the player's guide for absolutely no cost. I just ask you spread the news! :)

Deus Dreams is a roleplaying game created out of love, frustration, and ingenuity.

It began in late 1999 as a personal project to create a few house rules for existing roleplaying games in order to accommodate a more storyline-based world. I wrestled with the rules of the existing system, trying to make diversified training work realistically without avail. By 2000, I had tried with multiple gaming systems, finding them all either too convoluted, too specialized, too simple, or just completely unbased in what was realistic. I mean, seriously, since when should does hitting 200 mindless zombies with a stick allow you to level up your conversation skills?

The system is being built on a few guiding principles:

1. Default to the simple option: If the rules for being left or right handed are more complex than being ambidextrous, then by golly, make the default being ambidextrous, and make having a dominant hand and a weak hand a flaw that gives bonuses to to use elsewhere, instead of making ambidexterous a bonus that's hard to earn!

2. Make things "feel" right: If your character is a barbarian warrior who just swings an axe, wildly, the rules for his actions should be a lot simpler than a scientist or wizard who is bending the fabric of time and space. Complexity should scale to the task (and how much the player is willing to bite off). On top of that, there's a need for stuff to feel realistic to a degree. Not to squelch the fantasy of it, but to add to the immersion.

3. Focus on options, not restrictions: A new person should be able to walk in, and with a little help from more experienced players, have a new character ready to go in short order, and an experienced player spend days on their character if they really want to go into the detail. Extra rules make this hard. Complexity should be available, but not forced. Some people enjoy playing the game, some enjoy making the character.

4. Abilities should all be useful: A good system should avoid "dump stats". Every ability should be just as important as another. Navigating social intrigue carries just as many (but different) dangers as fighting in a battle. Our previously mentioned barbarian warrior, though able to dominate a story in a fight with swords, should be grabbing friends for help if he gets confronted with a court trial.

These are but a few of the designs thoughts I've kept in mind.

At this point, the system has gone through over 10 years of work, and is nearing completion (the player's guide is already done, in fact) It has been written, modified, tested, rewritten, modified again, tested some more, and rewritten from the ground up again more times than I can remember at this point in a project that has grown to include friends, acquaintances, and a few people I barely know.

The biggest thing that a lot of the nitty-gritty details of the master's guide. A good portion of the framework is sketched out in various places, but there's one major issue: I'm trying to keep it realistic. I could just plug in random numbers, and hope it balanced out, but I'm working on something more realistic, and basing most of our game stats on real-world data.

The money will go towards partially the crafting systems and the research for the other unfinished parts of the second book, and part to making the book pretty and covering publishing and copyrighting costs and advertising.

Also, a bit of a heads up of what's to come:

This project is primarely for the second book, which will set up the underlying rules of the game.

This second book with special "behind the scenes" rules designed for the people who run the game, and players who want to deal with really advanced stuff.

The first book is all that's absolutely neccesarry to play a game, but doesn't allow for many more complicated situations, gear, or contain many rules for creating your own content.

The third book will be more for fiction games, and deal with various species, aliens, mutants, strengths and weaknesses of various creatures, advanced rules for creature specific lives and biology and social interaction, pre-made characters (good for starting characters or npc characters), and guidelines for making some of that stuff.

Also, there will be wiki that will cover a lot of the game, putting a fair amount (but not all) available for gamers to reference, even those who don't own the game. Other creators will be able to use this resource to write their own expansions.

After the fifth book (the next two books being one on magic and one on science and science fiction), development will split (assuming I've got a staff at this point), one side going the fiction route and working on a complex science-fantasy world called mythic space, a world that translates the old myths and legends of our ancestors into a muddled understanding of a complex universe we found ourselves in (and later adding a few other projects), and a non-fiction side which will focus on self-contained books about historical, current, and scientifically grounded potential future events. (Great for 'grim & gritty' worlds, or as teaching tools for history and sciences.)

Later on down the line, we have the goal to convert the system into a digital API, allowing it to be easily incorporated into video game systems, allowing for deeper roleplaying games to be created than what's currently available.

So that's a quick run-down of the game, I hope you donate!


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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    Your choice of one of the following pdfs:
    - Text-only version of the Player's Guide pdf. (Once funding is reached)
    - Text-only version of the in-progress Master's Guide (Once funding is reached, is incomplete)
    - Text-only version of the full Master's guide upon completion (probably receive sometime in November)
    - Text-only version of the in-progress Species book (Once funding is reached, is incomplete)
    - Text-only version of the full Species book upon completion (probably receive sometime in in 2013)

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    Same as $5 level funding, but receive full version pdf with pictures! Or receive two text-only pdfs, your choice!

    (Note, this can't apply to the in-progress Master's guide or species book as they don't have any pictures yet.)

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    Pledge $20 or more About $20 USD

    Receive a full-version pdf of both books, receiving the player's guide on successful publish, and the master's guide once it's finished being written.

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    Pledge $37 or more About $37 USD

    Same as either of the $10 reward, but you also receive a print version of one of the books once it's published.

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    Pledge $55 or more About $55 USD

    Your choice of one of the $37 rewards, but in addition, you get your name in the print copy of the Master's Guide credits as a special thanks, and your copy will be signed.

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    Pledge $70 or more About $70 USD

    The $55 level reward, but you receive two books of your choice in both pdf format and print format.

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    Pledge $119 or more About $119 USD

    Same as the $70 reward,

    but also, I'll create either a character or species according to a description of your choice for the third book.

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    Pledge $499 or more About $499 USD

    The Back-History Reward:

    The $119 reward, plus a signed print copy of the third book when it publishes,
    Further, at the time the book is published, you'll receive an exclusive look into the past of the book, receiving a special zip that contains various keypoint saves of the book and its transition through the years (this will containe some parts that will otherwise never be released to the public, and that hold a "special" place in my heart for parts akin to how a star wars christmas special holds a "special" place in the heart of George Lucas. A very rare behind the scenes look.
    If noone gets this reward level, the previous in-development versions will never see the light of day.

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    Pledge $501 or more About $501 USD

    The Dreams do come true Reward: You will receive everything in the $119 Reward amount. Plus, if I"m able to start a good company off of this, I will personally look over your resume if you want to apply to a position, and seriously considering hiring you on. (Granted, it has to be something you'd be good at). If you've always wanted to have a career in the gaming industry, this could be your way in. If you have a degree *or* experience in whatever you're applying for, I'll do my best to give you a shot at it.

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    Pledge $800 or more About $800 USD

    The Future-History Reward: If we get to the point of making the API for video games (one of our long term goals if we make it that far), you can receive a licensed copy of it to develop your own roleplaying video game with. (Note: This is a risky reward, it assumes things take off enough for that. Date is very tenative, could come years earlier OR later.)

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    Pledge $1,499 or more About $1,499 USD

    Game on reward: I will fly out to your location (Contenential U.S. only) and run a one-shot game for you and your friends. Your characters during this one-shot shall be forever immortalized in the species and personae book when it becomes available.

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