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After a year of diving deep into her music, Heather has surfaced with a set of lovely recordings: "Anchor". Let's make them into a CD!
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91% Funded!!! 5 Days to Go! New Whales for the Patient!

You know that story about the basketball players who visualized making free throws and ended up improving nearly as much as the group of players who actually practiced making them?  Back when I was still dreaming up this Kickstarter project, I kept picturing a chart climbing higher up to the goal.  I didn't know if I was going to have to make a chart for myself or what, but I figured it was a positive visualization and it couldn't hurt to picture a good outcome ahead of time!

So I was pretty tickled to find out upon launching that Kickstarter provides such a chart, and not only that, the line of backer donations has indeed continued to climb higher and higher!  We're at 91% and still have 5 days left! 

I'm feeling very confident, to the point I've got a few little secondary goals in mind.  I'm trying not to get ahead of myself, but if I ended up going over my goal, I would love to create stickers and posters, have a real photoshoot, and make some cards out of Alicia's artwork, maybe even t-shirts?  Promotional materials like that would be fun to give you and really useful going forward for shows, festivals and conferences. 

The other little goal I have is to make it to at least 157 backers!  That would be one backer for every performance I did during my Rubicon Year. I am most definitely not opposed to going over that number either, but it would be rather poetic to reach it.  That's just 14 more backers, and somehow I think there are at least 14 people willing to give even a dollar, so that seems very do-able as well!

Especially since the pledges seem to keep rolling in! Even as I was writing this post, I had to change the title from "90% Funded and 1 Whale Left" to 91%, take a new screen shot of the graph, and I've added a new whale reward.  I am out of my original batch of whales, but for anyone who had their heart set on one and hasn't pledged yet, I can make more, I just need time to do so!  As with the beautiful lyric booklets,  it will really save me shipping costs if I can send the whales and CDs in the same package.  But I'll get you a digital download of the songs right away so you can enjoy them while you're waiting for the physical rewards.  Thanks in advance for your patience!

P.S. For those of you in Fairfield, I am going to be the opening musical act on the square for the First Fridays Art Walk tomorrow night! I start at 5:30p followed by Crystal City at 6:15p and then a super rockin' set by Arthur Lee Land joined by David Hurlin and Jonnie Cohen.  Gonna be a fun night!

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