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After a year of diving deep into her music, Heather has surfaced with a set of lovely recordings: "Anchor". Let's make them into a CD!
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9 Days to Go! Surprise New Reward!

Hello beautiful backers!!  We're in the home stretch of the campaign and I just added an awesome new reward today!  Thank you for continuing to spread the word!!

Early on when I asked Alicia Carradus about creating artwork for the album, I also asked her if she had any ideas for potential Kickstarter rewards.  She mentioned that she was really into creating tunnel and pop-up books, which sounded really awesome.  At the time with a lot going on, we didn't really get to fully explore that option and it seemed more important to focus on getting the album artwork finished first.  

Once that was done, I asked her about creating tile sized images to go with the digital downloads, and you saw those already in update #7 as a celebration for getting to the 50% mark.

A couple days ago Alicia said she had a surprise for me and brought over a prototype of a gorgeous little accordion style 3-D pop-up book featuring lyrics and images of each of the songs!!  I gave her a few more photos to use for the back pages, she made a few more tweaks herself, and they are super, super beautiful! Each one is cut and assembled by hand and bound with a ribbon.

With 9 days left in the campaign, that means there is still time to offer these books as rewards!

If you would like to CHANGE your reward to be the booklet instead of your previous selection, click the big button under the backers and pledge stats in the right column that says "Manage Your Pledge" and you'll be taken to a page where you can change your pledge amount and choose the booklet prize.

If you would like to ADD the booklet to the rewards you've already chosen, please increase your pledge amount by $45, leave the reward you already want as selected, and send me a message (heathermillermusic @ gmail dot com) and I'll be sure to include it in your reward package. 

Please also note that if you select the booklet, we will need a little extra time to get it to you as they are hand cut and assembled, and it will really save me shipping costs if I can send the books and CDs in the same package!  But I'll get you a digital download of the songs right away so you can enjoy them while you're waiting for the physical rewards.

Here are a few pictures of the booklet, the front side includes the 3-D pop-up tiles for each song plus lyrics, the back includes photos.  It can be displayed spread out or in a flower-style for either side:

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