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"Into the Animation Factory" is an animated short film that follows one man's journey through the complex process of animation and VFX.

What it's all about

"Into the Animation Factory" is a sequel to the short film "The Story of Animation".    If you haven't already seen the first film, you can go here to have a look - this will give you a great idea of where we're planning to this new film, especially in terms of overall look and style.  Obviously, we are BIG fans of the UPA style of animation!

The pitch: 

The main character from the "The Story of Animation" (the little guy with the lightbulb) is so impressed by his experience at the animation studio he decides to quit his job and become an animator!  He takes an online animation course, working hard into the night, until he lands an internship at the animation studio.  "Into the Animation Factory" follows him through his first day on the job as he shadows the director. 

A more detailed and personal look into the actual process of making animation, the film tells three stories - the first being that of a young animator trying to break into the business, and the second of the animation studio itself - in all it's complexity, successes, and failures.  The third story is the overall state of the animation and VFX industry - how even the greatest studios are affected by the shifting tides of the industry.

"The Story of Animation" had an ulterior motive: to gently suggest to animation clients that animation is a complex process that demands both careful consideration to the details and proper compensation for those choices.  Animation and VFX studios, large and small, have suffered from insufficient compensation or huge changes to concept or character at inopportune times.  "Into the Animation Factory" goes much further into the current state of the industry, drawing attention to some of the problems affecting the industry - from the constant search for jobs for individual artists, the long hours, lack of benefits, to the inherently insufficient contracts animation studios must offer to their clients just to stay in business.  Don't get us wrong, there are plenty of great things about the industry, we'd just like it to be even better!

Movie Poster!
Movie Poster!

Entertain and Educate!

Ultimately, this film, much like the first one, is an attempt to both to educate and entertain.  The scenarios for what goes on "inside the animation factory" are first-hand accounts from friends in a variety of positions in the industry (thanks guys!).  This film is really for everyone who works in the industry, wants to work in the industry, or is just curious about the process of making animation and VFX - I want very much to tell "our story", and maybe in the process, help promote positive change!


In conjunction with the production of this film, we are conducting an industry-wide survey.  The purpose of this survey is two-fold:  Not only do we want to get more information about the working conditions in the animation and VFX industry, we also want to gather important data for all artists to use for their own benefit.  This industry is in desperate need of solid research, so please take the time to click on the link below and respond to the questions.  You don't have to contribute to the project to take part in the survey!

Survey in ENGLISH

Survey in FRENCH

Survey in JAPANESE (coming soon!)

Survey in PORTUGUESE (coming soon!)

Survey in DANISH (coming soon!)

Survey in THAI (coming soon!)


We offering lots of different types of rewards, so please have a look.  The t-shirt picture below is just one of your choices (offered at the $35 level).  The 24x36 inch full color movie poster (offered at the $75 level, pictured above) is one of the other great rewards.

T-shirts available in White, Grey, Orange, Blue, and Yellow!
T-shirts available in White, Grey, Orange, Blue, and Yellow!
T-shirt Close Up!
T-shirt Close Up!
New Reward:  Coffee Mug!
New Reward: Coffee Mug!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Obviously, every project has it's risks. The most obvious risk with this project is that it won't reach it's kickstarter funding goals - but that's not a risk for you, since your contribution will be automatically returned if that should come to pass.

Since this project involves a variety of people, there may be short production delays. These delays may cause the completion of the project to slip by as much as 30 days. That being said, we are all seasoned professionals with short and feature film experience, and we'll be using that experience too stay on track.

If you are contributing at a level where you are participating in online dailies and seminars, we have to assume that you have good internet connection and speed. Slower connection speeds could greatly affect the quality of the experience.

If you're contributing in the writing category, you'll have to send a sample of your work in advance. Please email this sample to If you are accepted into this category, we'll do our best to present your idea exactly as written, or work with you until it fits into the overall story seamlessly.

That's about it!


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    In addition to recieving all the rewards below this contribution level, you'll be able to take part in weekly on-line production meetings with the director. This reward essentially translates into an online animation production class that lets you follow the specific progress of the film as it passes through final character design, concept art, layout, animation blocking, final animation, editing, sound design, voice recording, final compositing, and much more! In addition to learning what goes into each stage of production, you'll be able ask production and creative questions, look at directorial notes, etc. For anyone studying animation, or anyone who simply wants to learn more about the overal process of making an animated film, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity! Add 10 USD to ship outside of Denmark.

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    For aspiring writers, we'd like you to help with writing! The storyline is 80% locked, but if you have a great idea we’d be happy to hear about it. Have an idea of how to improve one of the gags or helps perfect one of the unlocked scenes? We want to hear from you! If you are interested in backing us at this level you'll need to send us your resume and and example of your work before receiving approval. This is your chance to collaborate with the director and get writer’s credit in the film! (plus all the above rewards). Add 10 USD to ship outside of Denmark.

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    You will receive the esteemed "executive producer" credit + we will caricature you and put you in the film as one of background characters in the movie! In addition we’ll invite you and a friend to visit “the animation factory” in Denmark for a day. You'll get a tour of the studio, get to meet and greet all the animators and have lunch and dinner with the crew. Travel and accommodation to the beautiful town of Viborg, Denmark is unfortunately not included but we will assist you with accommodation in one of the many beautiful hotels in Viborg. Add 10 USD to ship outside of Denmark.

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