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A flexible mount for iOS and Android phones that uses standard USB ports to mount your phone at your desk, laptop, or car.
A flexible mount for iOS and Android phones that uses standard USB ports to mount your phone at your desk, laptop, or car.
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Limb.als Arriving and How to Use Them


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3rd Part Logistics Failure and Response

Following a call to our 3rd Party Logistics provider on Friday of last week it was discovered that the packages had not been shipped out as scheduled.  The mismanagement of shipping requirements had omitted a 2 week delay from what's called the Known Shipper Program.  In order to recover from this delay as quickly as possible, we have scrapped our current plans with the 3rd party logistics provider and opted for direct fulfillment through UPS.

The use of UPS has incurred unexpected costs, but will expedite the shipping for you, our customers.  We understand this comes as another excuse at the end of a long line of excuses, but we wish to be open about our challenges and trials in getting this product into your hands.  We currently expect UPS handlers to ship on Friday the 22nd or Monday the 25th with a 4-8 day ETA for US destinations.

If you are an international backer, please rest assured that the ETA of your limb.als likely hasn't changed since the last update.  The time lost by faulty 3PL will be largely made up through UPS.

As always, your patience during fulfillment is greatly appreciated.

Bill May

Picking + Packing

Good news! The Limb.als showed up in port on Feb 22nd and were finally delivered to our warehouse on Feb 27th.  The following Saturday we hunkered down to pick and pack all 2,560 orders.  Below is a quick timelapse and some images from the day.  A big thanks to Sassafras Distribution for helping things to go so smoothly.

We expect to ship out the 2,560 mailers this week (Thursday or Friday).  Depending on your location it may take 7-14 days for arrival.  Delivery will take time, especially for international orders.  Additionally, we are not able to provide any tracking info as the priority has been to get them in the mail as soon as possible.

We want to thank everyone again for their patience during this project's fulfillment.  I, personally, wanted to insure the product's quality was beyond reproach and I'm happy to say that we achieved that.

Limb.als Clear Customs + Last Chance for Address Update

Our Freight forwarder has notified us that the container has cleared customs!  They will be picking up the container from the port on Feb 21st and will be delivering it to our warehouse (2-5 days).  As soon as the cargo arrives at the warehouse we will send out another update letting you know.  From that point it's only a matter of picking, packing and shipping your limb.als.

I want to also send out a final call for any shipping address changes.  If you shipping address has changed since you filled out the survey, please send me an email with all the correct info and we will update our records.

Shipping Is So Close You Can Taste It

Hi backers!

We wanted to give everyone an update on the shipping and fulfillment process so far.  Right now the cartons, full of thousands of limb.als, are getting processed by U.S. customs.  For new products there can sometimes be more stringent examination including disassembly and X-rays.  Our freight forwarder (Ex-Freight) will give us an update as soon as the container clears customs (anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks).  Once that happens, there will be ~3 days shipping to our warehouse and from there we will immediately start picking, packing, and shipping orders straight to your door.  In addition, the two thousand extension cords and car chargers included in your rewards have already arrived and are waiting to be shipped with the limb.als.

We hope everyone is excited to finally get these in your hands even after this long wait.  I personally want to thank everyone again for supporting this project, especially during the doldrums of production and fulfillment.  There is nothing more excruciating and damaging to a small business than to be stuck waiting on product to ship.  I hope everyone understands the level of commitment and investment that we have put into this product.