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A flexible mount for iOS and Android phones that uses standard USB ports to mount your phone at your desk, laptop, or car.

Cult of Mac: A very simple yet very clever idea.

Droid-Life:  Who would have thought that a microUSB cable could be so much fun?

Gizmag:  For consumers who just want to reach out and buy something tried and tested and professionally-manufactured...

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The is compatible with any modern smartphone.  With both Apple and Micro-USB connectors, the works with any iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Nokia.  No matter if your phone's port is on the top, left or bottom, the is flexible enough to put it right where you want it.


Q: For the $40 and $55 pledges, can I choose both Android and iPhone Limbals? A: Yes, for pledges $25 and greater, you can choose either iPhone or Android Limb.als, or a mix of the two.

Q: I'm confused, am I supposed to keep my phone ON the whole day? A: Why the hell not?!  Phones are running down their battery 24/7 anyway, so get some use out of them as a chat window, or a live rss feed, or a picture frame.  The point is your phone should have to work for its $100/mo carrier bill.

Q: My phone's port isn't on the bottom, will the still be useful? A: Of course, while the hardware you own, like monitors and laptops, will determine USB port availability, any phone can still be used on the desktop with the as a kickstand.

Q: Will my phone fall if held from a top-side Micro USB port over a long time? A: nope, Micro-USB ports require 8 Newtons of removal force minimum, which is more than any phone can be pulled by gravity.

Q: Will the damage the ports on my phone? A:  With thoughtful care your phone will be fine.  iPhones have more support, so those with Micro-USB ports should take care to not stress the connectors.  You will get a feel for what positions don't work well with your phone after use.  Unfortunately, there is no way for me to cover the liability of damaged devices, so use at your own risk.

Q: What's all this about Apple displays and rear USB ports?  A: The works very well with most rear USB ports on monitors, especially Dells.  However, most rear USB ports on Apple monitors are pointed inconveniently and make using an iPhone with them kind of... not fun.  Anyways! you can still use the for a desktop charging kickstand, or with your Macbook, or in your car.

Q: Will the work with my case? A: Of course! It's no more than a stiff charging cable so plug it in like you would anyhow and enjoy.  If you use an iPhone battery case that has a Micro-USB port, then make sure to buy the Micro-USB

If you have a question you don't see here, email me or visit the website,

Process and Manufacture

The currently has a manufacturing partner that has been working with prototypes to make sure the final product is both durable and consistent, even for smaller runs.  Having extensively prototyped here in Brooklyn, all that remains is for the initial tooling of the plastic molds and then typically two periods of sample review from the factory.

Having dealt extensively with manufacturing partners in my daily work, I am currently projecting an early September ship date for the limb.als.  While others may be more aggressive with their scheduling I know the necessary back and forth that has to happen with the factory in order to deliver a truly quality product.

The current funding price is a sort of minimum order quantity for both the manufacturer and myself, who have spent the past 5 months building, tweaking, revising, improving and finally demonstrating the to the market.  About half the $11,000 is covering the fixed costs of business, including prototyping, tooling, and samples.  The other half is covering the variable costs of design and engineering over the past 5 months, including legal fees for patents and trademarks.

For more information about my own design practice and experience, please visit my portfolios here and here.  I currently work as a product designer for Lifetime Brands, designing for the likes of Mikasa or Savora kitchenwares.

For high resolution press materials, download here.


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    You get nothing for this! I don't want your sad pity money.

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    One iPhone to use with any generation iPhone. Free shipping: LOWER 48 STATES.

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    THREE limb.als + 2 meter female USB extension cord + USB car charger. Keep a ready at work, home and your car. Free shipping worldwide.

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    Bulk: 6 Limbals of any type + Two 2 meter female USB cords + 2 USB car chargers.

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    A pre-production delivered worldwide when available from the factory.

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    RETAIL PACK: 25 limb.als (Apple/Android) with free international shipping. No other rewards included, just production-ready limb.als.

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    All previous rewards AND a lifetime subscription to all future branded products. Your name will appear as an "Esteemed Contributor" on the bottom of every webpage.

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