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Simplify the way you use your smartphone. Comes complete with its packaging which can be used as a wall mount! (iOS, Android & Windows)
Simplify the way you use your smartphone. Comes complete with its packaging which can be used as a wall mount! (iOS, Android & Windows)
Simplify the way you use your smartphone. Comes complete with its packaging which can be used as a wall mount! (iOS, Android & Windows)
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    1. Missing avatar

      Fernando Balderas on

      Hi guys! I want to know if my stikey was already shipped? :)

    2. dcubed Creator on

      @ Leone Cesca You have replied! Early on. Your Stikeys have been shipped.

    3. dcubed Creator on

      @Demetris You should receive your Stikey soon! it's shipped

    4. Demetris Georgiou on

      Can you confirm you have my info? If so, is my Stickey on its way?

    5. Leone Cesca on

      I think I didn't receive the survey yet. Could you send it to me?

    6. dcubed Creator on

      @amanda @konstantinos Thanks for the support. We hope you will enjoy your Stikeys!

    7. dcubed Creator on

      @Stefan Your Stikey is on its way!

    8. Simply Amanda on

      Got mine in WI, finally. Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefan on

      Where is my sticky? Not happy ���

    10. dcubed Creator on

      @ Joel Parsons

      In order to be able to offer free shipping to all backers, we don't have the option to track the packages. We are concluding shipping out all rewards next week though!

      Thanks for reaching out!

    11. Missing avatar

      Joel Parsons on

      Any way to track shipments? I still have not received my order yet and I'm starting to get antsy now hearing that people are receiving them and are extremely satisfied. I can't wait to get/use mine!

    12. dcubed Creator on

      @Dimitris @John
      Thanks for the feedback, we're glad you like Stikey! As for buying more, we will be accepting orders through our e-shop immediately after we are finished with shipping the kickstarter rewards. This will be happening really soon since we're almost done with shipping. We will keep you posted.

    13. Missing avatar

      John Manousakis on

      Guys please inform us when and where we can buy more! My friends want it too after they saw mine! Thank you!

    14. Missing avatar


      I also got mine! It took a long time to receive it, but the final product is really good!! Well done guys!!

    15. dcubed Creator on

      @Andrew We appreciate your patience. We are currently shipping the products so you should receive yours soon. We hope that you will be pleasantly surprised with the end result!

    16. dcubed Creator on

      @John Thanks for the feedback! We're happy to hear that you're satisfied with the end product.

    17. Andrew Williams

      I'm sure it will be great, and I'm looking forward to it very much, but I'm getting anxious with waiting. It'll be a happy surprise when I get it, though.

    18. Missing avatar

      John Manousakis on

      I just took mine! Hopefully you get yours too these days. It's better that I could imagine. Very powerful magnet. Actually, extremely powerful. Very very satisfied. It took them long but the result great. Well done guys!

    19. Andrew Williams

      Anybody received yet?

    20. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      Good stuff looking forward to getting mine and testing. Well done :-)

    21. dcubed Creator on

      Everyone should start receiving their Stikey later this month. We are now finishing shipping the items. We apologise for the inconvenience

    22. Simply Amanda on

      Has anyone gotten their stikey yet? It has been almost a month since shipping was supposed to start, almost 2 months since shipping starting soon, over a year later than the promised date of delivery for a small, magnetized piece of plastic. Still wondering where all of these are, and why no one has one yet.

    23. dcubed Creator on

      @Joe @Ann Paying more can be done through Paypal. We'll send you a message with details. Thanks

    24. Ann Zetti

      I sent the email to ask how to pay for the increase but no response. Any idea how to pay?

    25. Patrick on

      Asking for a refund in September but it seems it was too late already as they were about to ship products....

    26. Missing avatar

      Joe Doyle on

      Folks, I opted for $13 more in the survey. I want the good and I want to pay for them. But I cannot see a way to increase my pledge or pay separately. How do I do this?

    27. dcubed Creator on

      @Dennis All 2-tone Stikeys will be sent out as promised. Thanks for getting in touch

    28. Dennis Muensterer on

      Glad to see an update! As far as i can recall, we were given the option of mixing two different colors for the Stikey, but the images in the update only show uniform colors. Will we be receiving what we picked? If not, which of the two colors will you be sending out? I'm fine with getting only one color, but then i'd like to at least decide which one. I think i chose grey and blue, so i'd go with the all grey option, if necessary.
      Can't wait to receive mine!

    29. dcubed Creator on

      You are correct, sending all rewards out will begin soon! The next update will have more details including photos.

    30. Simply Amanda on

      It's been over a month since your last update, and it doesn't seem like anything has been shipped to backers yet, as your last update indicated.. When will we get another full, real update? It seems if you have them all, sending them out should begin soon.

    31. dcubed Creator on

      Nothing got between! We have received everything from the manufacturing facility so there is nothing to wrong anymore! At the moment we are in the process of sorting out parts and preparing each order for shipment. We will let everyone know as soon as possible!

    32. Dennis Muensterer on

      Hey guys, what's up? It's the end of September now and the most recent update said you were planning on shipping within this month. If something got in between that, you should let us know. I'm patiently waiting!

    33. Simply Amanda on

      Cool, cool. Thanks for the update, too.

    34. dcubed Creator on

      @Simply Amanda
      We have already agreed with the post to send all rewards in one go, in order to be economically viable to provide all backers with free shipping.

    35. Simply Amanda on

      Full update please. It has been a month, and you had some of them already in hand in the last update. What should we expect? Are you already shipping these to backers?

    36. Nikos Andreopoulos on

      I need to change my shipping address. Please send me details how to. Thanks

    37. Elles

      Yup's been 4 weeks since u said you'd up date.. wondering how things are going..

    38. dcubed Creator on

      Send us a message with your new address and we’ll make a note to double check the correct address with you before we ship your Stikey. Thanks for getting in touch.

    39. dcubed Creator on

      @Keri, @VJ, @John,
      We apologise for the delay and we understand your frustration.
      It is not our intention to keep you in the dark. We were waiting for our production partner to get back to us with the necessary information for an update for some time now.
      We had some issues with that but it has been resolved, so we will post the update today.

    40. Missing avatar

      John Manousakis on

      ''We will post the shipping update with details during the weekend'' you said 6 days ago...

    41. Missing avatar

      VJ K

      where is the update? You should respect the backers who backed you by at least informing them and keep them updated. It is really frustrating that nothing is heard from the creators and at the end we never even know what is happening. very bad for crowd funding.

    42. Tan Yan Hao on

      Hey, it's been so long since the promised shipping dates, I am fine with delays but just in case it gets dragged even longer, I will be moving in a month or two so can i give you the new address if you have not shipped it by then? If you're shipping it near the time I move can you put mine on hold first?


    43. Keri Airudin

      If there are issues that's understandable, but I think most people would like an update at least every month or so to feel assured that you are working on issues or to have an idea of what's going on at least.

      So please do provide an update soon.

    44. dcubed Creator on

      @Adam, @Bryan, @DIMITRIS, @Cheryl, @Lisa,
      Sorry for the delay guys, we are sorting out a few details with the manufacturer at the moment, regarding the delivery to us. We will post the shipping update with details during the weekend.

    45. Missing avatar


      What's going on guys??? We are still waiting for your answers about shipping dates more than a year!!

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