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Succulent Sexcraft: Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play & Practice's video poster

Solo or partnered, you can become a sexually empowered virtuoso with the Wholistic Sexuality guide to the erotic arts! For EVERYONE! Read more

Kingston, NY Nonfiction
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This project was successfully funded on June 1, 2012.

Solo or partnered, you can become a sexually empowered virtuoso with the Wholistic Sexuality guide to the erotic arts! For EVERYONE!

Kingston, NY Nonfiction
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About this project

Hi, I’m Sheri Winston. I’m on a mission to co-create a world that celebrates, honors and respects the power of sex—as the life force, as a path to pleasure and ecstasy, and as the great connector and creator of life.

Plus, I want you to be having the most blissful, satisfying and extraordinary erotic experiences possible. I want your sex life to ROCK beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m a sex teacher, author and catalyst for erotic empowerment and I invite you to join me in making all those dreams come true!

My diverse background (nurse-midwife, gynecology practitioner, massage therapist, etc) gave me the insight and perspective to write my first book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal—Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure. My self-published book won a national prize* because it broke new ground and offered an integral understanding and radical revisioning of female genital anatomy and sexuality. Dr. Christiane Northrup (author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom) called it “the most comprehensive, user-friendly, practical and uplifting book on women’s sexuality I’ve ever read”.

Now it’s time for my next book! The working title is Succulent SexCraft: A Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice. It’s a practical, usable handbook that will help you learn to become the whole, sexually integrated person you long to be. It’s a play and practice guide for everyone—single or partnered, male, female or anywhere in between, whatever your orientation or age.

This book is the guide to your personal sexual evolution. Whether it’s going from bad to good, from good to great or from great to transcendent, this book will give you a clear map that reveals your true and extraordinary sexual potential—and shows you how to get there. I’ll guide you through games, exercises and practices that will ramp up your sex life dramatically by helping you to discover, explore and master your own erotic skills. It’ll be a fun, informative, transformative read, just like my first book was.

I’m passionate about my work, and not just because the topic is sex. Culturally, we’re all mixed up about sex. We repress, vulgarize and obsess about it. At the individual level, millions of people feel sexually disconnected, disempowered or broken. In my work, I’ve met thousands of these people. It’s a tragedy of major proportions—and one insufficiently recognized by our culture.

While it’s true that I want to help you have more fabulous sex, my mission doesn’t stop there. I also want to help co-create a world where sex is understood, honored and free from shame, and relationships are based on integrity, connection and love. Imagine a world where people had a healthy relationship with their sexuality and where responsible, respectful and ecstatic sexuality was the norm for everyone. It would be a much happier, more peaceful and pleasurable place.

I’m asking you to provide funding so I can write my next book. But that’s not all. I’m also asking you to be part of a cultural transformation movement. And get great stuff while you're at it!

I’m asking you to help me change the world, one orgasm at a time.

Yes. While there many books about sex, including some wonderful ones, this one will be different because it’s integral and wholistic, personal and planetary, practical and transformative. Succulent SexCraft isn’t only about technique: it’s about sexual empowerment and sexual self-awareness. It’s about erotic and emotional personal fulfillment.

I’ve gotten lots of feedback from both men and women that my previous book changed their lives by empowering them and validating their experiences. Succulent SexCraft will continue this trailblazing work. It’s fresh, it’s different—and it’s necessary.

It’s integral and wholistic at all levels.

  • It’s about the integral and wholistic nature of your sexuality—mind, body, heart and spirit, nature (hardware) and nurture (software), past, present and future.
  • Because your sexuality begins with you, this book begins by emphasizing your ability to learn to “play your own instrument,” and ultimately to become a virtuoso of your own erotic energy.
  • It’s about connection and the integral nature of all your relationships—with intimate partners, of course, but also family, friends, communities, and so on. It connects the micro to the macro.
  • It’s about the integral nature of sex itself. After all, sex makes life (at least all the multi-cellular varieties). It’s sex that creates uniqueness, novelty, complexity and diversity. It made you!
  • It combines ideas (the main text and sidebars) with practice and play (solo and partnered games).
  • It combines old technology with new—the written pages will connect with webpages that provide updatable additional information, resources, video and more.
  • It's more than words—it’s lavishly illustrated by erotic art that is non-pornographic, beautiful, fun and interesting. The visuals will be inclusive of all people, bodies, ages and perspectives.
  • It’s about creating a sex-celebratory, eros-honoring, responsible and respectful culture.
  • It’s about creating community—in multiple ways.
  • It’ll be community-funded (this is one way you come into it).
  • It’ll be community-illustrated. Much of the artwork will be contributed by members of the community. (If you want to offer your artwork for consideration, please visit our art submission webpage.)
  • It will also be community-promoted. You can help here, too, by spreading the word in all the ways you can.

The money raised via Kickstarter for this book will be used in the following ways:

  • I’m estimating 3-4 months of solid dedication to writing, with at least another month for editing and rewriting. In order to focus on the book, I’ll be taking a hiatus from traveling and teaching in order to focus on writing. And that means a hiatus from earning money!
  • Funds will also go to pay for editing, indexing, cover design, formatting and printing.
  • If I can raise funds beyond the first level, that money will go into marketing and promoting the book to help it reach the widest possible audience.

In this day and age it makes sense, both artistically and commercially. It means I don’t have to compromise my vision or put myself in a dependency relationship with a publisher that may not have the resources or desire to fully support my work. My previous book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, was published by a company, Mango Garden Press we created for that purpose. The book sold very well and it was a great decision.

Before becoming a sex teacher about a dozen years ago, I spent 25 years as a nurse-midwife, gynecology practitioner, educator and healer. In my practice, I was repeatedly saddened to discover that when it came to sex, significant numbers of people felt ashamed, dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Many had traumas ranging from minor to horrific. Many were walking around feeling broken, irreparably and hopelessly stuck with a limited or dysfunctional erotic life. I also became increasingly aware of our cultural dysfunction around sexuality and the negative influence that has on people’s erotic lives.

That’s why I became a teacher of what I call Wholistic Sexuality™ (also known as “Sex-Ed for Grown-Ups”) and founded The Center for the Intimate Arts. Wholistic Sexuality is an integral model that offers you an empowering understanding of your sexuality. This paradigm rests on understanding that your sexuality is an inseparable and vital aspect of you, that sex is essentially about connection—and that your primary connection, your foundational relationship, is with your Self. This unique approach combines understandings gained from decades of healing and birthing experience and practice, wisdom from ancient traditions, sacred sex teachings, holistic perspectives, contemporary science and in-depth medical knowledge.

I have a great, albeit tiny team of people who’ll help make this happen. My editor, Carl Frankel is also my business and life partner. He worked his editorial magic on my last book, and he’ll be doing it for this one, too. 

As far as cover design, book formatting, printing, etc, I plan to use the same fantastic folks who helped make my first book the artistic, beautiful, easy-to-use book that it is. The editing and production values were topnotch and we established a relationship with a great local printer. We’ll be using the same team for Succulent SexCraft—and now, on top of that, we have a distributor who’s keen to take the book into retail channels.

I’m also very much hoping you’ll want to join the erotic empowerment team, too! Which will make it an even greater team!

Connection and erotic empowerment begin with you! That’s why better sex begins with your relationship with yourself and why transforming our cultural paradigm begins there, too.

An integral model of the erotic will help create an environment where learning about sex is viewed as healthy and necessary. Where sex is seen as normal and appreciated for the amazing mysterious gift that it is. Where the enormous power of sex isn’t twisted and distorted into violence and disempowerment, but appropriately channeled to create connection.

Why get involved?
Because together we can change the world, one orgasm at a time!

Do you have more questions? We'd love to answer them! Please send us an email at

* Women’s Anatomy of Arousal won the 2010 Book of the Year award from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists


  • After the campaign is complete (June 1st), we'll be sending out a brief survey to get your current info. For digital products (ebook, online classes) you'll receive an email with your links to the products early in June. For the physical book, we're planning to have it done and printed by September. (OK, maybe October). We will keep you informed and be shipping your books as soon as we get them from the printers, along with our thanks! Private conversation, consultations and classes will be scheduled at our mutual convenience.

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