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Handwriting recognition with embedded Sonar. Instantly control any device anywhere with custom-defined gestures.
Handwriting recognition with embedded Sonar. Instantly control any device anywhere with custom-defined gestures.
Handwriting recognition with embedded Sonar. Instantly control any device anywhere with custom-defined gestures.
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    1. MPDb
      about 1 hour ago

      Hey there, just saw that i have tracking info in backerkit - and that it was delivered almost a month ago.
      withh a slight problem - it was shipped to the name "MPDb MPDb" which was obviously not found... it was returned and is back with you guys.
      Why didnt you use my real name??
      And how do i get my welle??


    2. Ken VanderVeer
      about 9 hours ago

      Finally received mine today. Very unimpressed. Up->Down and Left->Right are the only gestures it seems to get consistently enough to use and that's only when doing the wall-mount. Forget using it on a table, In using their "display" demo off of github I could see why, the gestures it thought I was doing were going all over the place. It seems to pick up your hand, your arm, your body, pretty much anything within direct line of sight which is why it seems to work better on the wall since the only thing other than your finger in the way is a floor to perfectly reflect back. You guys are going to need to do some extra filtering of input if you expect people to like this thing.

    3. Maxus Tech Creator 1 day ago

      @ALL The tracking information is sent out by the system.

    4. Ro Olufunwa
      2 days ago

      I haven’t received any shipping either. I’m a member.
      Kindly update me please

    5. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      I'm also still waiting for any shipping information for my early bird...Tracking Number would be helpful.Thx

    6. Manfred Lamplmair 3 days ago

      still waiting for any shipping information for my early bird

    7. Missing avatar

      James Briggs 4 days ago

      When should I receive my tracking number?

    8. Missing avatar

      jean-françois beguin 4 days ago

      hi, I have not yet got the product or any tracking information, when will I get mine?

    9. Missing avatar

      Anders Karlsson 4 days ago

      hi, I have not yet got the product or any tracking information, when will I get mine?

    10. Missing avatar

      rizwan 4 days ago

      hi iam backer 498 -i have not yet got the product or any tracking information please help thanks

    11. Maxus Tech Creator 4 days ago

      @ALL 85% of the packages have been shipped out from our site. Please notice that if you have not received your tracking number, it is because the tracking number is not generated yet. Thank you very much!

    12. Maxus Tech Creator 4 days ago

      @ALL 85% of the packages have been shipped out from our site. Please notice that if you have not received your tracking number, it is because the tracking number is not generated yet. Thank you very much!

    13. Maxus Tech Creator 4 days ago

      @Darshil Please PM so that we can respond to you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mattia Nicelli
      4 days ago

      Where is mine?

    15. Missing avatar

      Sachin Chogle 4 days ago

      Have not received mine yet. Going through the comments not sure whether I want to even get it if its not working for most people. I would like to just request a refund. What's the point of waiting for a faulty product which was supposed to be delivered in Oct 2017 in the first place. Please refund my money!!!

    16. Andrew MacKinnon 4 days ago

      @Maxus Tech

      The power LED was on and the blinking was going. I'll watch the video and give it another go though.

      Also, please explain why the android app needs access to location. It seems like an overreach request.

    17. Missing avatar

      Darshil Shah 4 days ago


      I haven't recieved my welle yet. can i have an update on same.

    18. Maxus Tech Creator 4 days ago

      @amplivibe Thank you very much for your feedback. Your supports are crucial to our iterations.

      - Regarding the app, it is indeed a Beta version and there are some known issues. We are fixing them.

      - For the noise: The sound is normal as the ultrasound bounces in the horn and there will be energy loss for parts of the ultrasound. This part of the ultrasound is degraded into audible sound which generates the low noise​. However, it is not harmful to human body, so please don't worry.

      - For connection: Please refer to this guide.

      - For HOLD gesture, it is for transiting from two modes. You can check this guide:

    19. Maxus Tech Creator 4 days ago

      @ALL Regarding the shipment, we have shipped the majority of Welle. Especially for US backers, we cannot drag data from USPS at this moment but the latest news indicates that the packages are all on US soil now. You should be expecting the package soon. If not, please send an email to Thank you!

    20. Maxus Tech Creator 4 days ago

      @ALL Please find guidance here for more details:

      @Tonywellplay Thank you

      @Andrew Are you seeing any light on the device. Maybe Welle is in sleep mode (to save power) so that it is not detected. Please check this guide.

    21. Andrew MacKinnon 4 days ago

      Alright, tried the Android beta on my phone. Turned on bluetooth and hit the search button. It doesn't even seem like it put in the effort to pretend to look like it searched - immediately it came back saying there was no welle in the vacinity (it was turned on, and placed next to the phone).

      I'll try out the PC version next... see if it can at least search for the device.

    22. Missing avatar

      James Chua 7 days ago

      So..... only now do I realize, that if I wanted to use Welle, it’s either I have a Sonos device, a Yeelight device, a Philips Hue device, a Lifx device, or I am a web/tech savvy guy who has knowledge of IFFT/HTTP whatever protocol...... that wasn’t what was promised, was it?

      We backed ya based on what you wrote, the video you showed, and your commitment for us users to control devices a nowhere did it state particular restrictions of devices or lack thereof.

      And so, I am sad that I have backed and paid for 2 paperweights and wait d for more than a year to receive them.

    23. Missing avatar

      Cristian Javier Durán Rebolledo on May 14

      backer n° 1847 here, any updates on my tracking number?

    24. Mac Charkrit Kookitwatana on May 14

      Got mine today.

      This thing is a joke. It detects 1 out of 10 gestures correctly. What a ripoff.

    25. Andrew MacKinnon on May 14

      Received in Japan.

      Haven't tried it yet... but is the magnet supposed to be this weak?

    26. Missing avatar

      Kendrick Chew on May 14

      I have received my Welle and I am afraid it is unusable. It cant even able to detect the motion properly and doesnt work with Sonos. Most of the time I am getting wUNKNOWN. I have 3 units and all behave the same. Utterly useless.

    27. Wieteke Van Overveld on May 13

      Today recieved the package with two Welle devices! Europe, The Netherlands.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on May 13

      Lousy. Noisy. If it is even able to connect to the app or detect a gesture, all it says is unknown.

    29. Missing avatar

      amplivibe on May 12

      I just got the Welle and I've been playing with it. However currently I have some problems with it that makes it hardly useful.

      - I have to do the gestures many times to get it to detect the correct gesture. LEFT_RIGHT is clearly very different from UP_DOWN and yet it confuses those often. Also I get wUNKNOWN a lot.
      - My device is buzzing while it tries to detect my gesture. Is that normal?
      - Is there a newer firmware? Is it possible to update / how do I update it?
      - The app seems unfinished. For instance, pressing (?) in Gesture Setting says "Api Test On" and "Api Test Off".
      - The device lacks a serious manual:
      - I can't find what the big status light in the middle indicates: What does a blue light mean and what does a green light mean? A blinking blue light? Or a blinking green light? Just guessing: blue puts a device on hold and all gestures are ignored? Blinking probably means it is currently receiving a gesture?
      - How to switch devices? How can I see which one is active?
      - Why do I have to choose "HOLD" as a Gesture Setting? What does it do?
      - A step by step connection guide for for instance Philips HUE would be very welcome.
      - I think the device is sleeping most of the time? Only when I place my finger in front and the big light is turned on the phone says it's connected.

      While the device has very good potential, with these flaws it is regarded as very unreliable and this way the current usefulness is unfortunately very low.
      Can you say something about a development timeline? I'm anxious to see those basic functionality improved, so I can really enjoy using Welle.

    30. citiboi
      on May 12

      Tried and tested the Welle. What an UNDERWHELMING experience!!

      Firstly, the Bluetooth connection is so flaky that the Welle gets disconnected frequently even when my Android or iOS device is right next to it.

      Secondly, what can I really use it for if I do not use any of the few home assistants (eg. IFTTT) or the devices (eg. Sonos) listed in the App??? The promotional video is very misleading as it shows the Welle being used to control Android and iOS devices and even a MacBook!! The current version of the App does not have this feature at all. How does one use the Welle to answer a call on a smartphone as seen in the video??

      As it stands, the Welle is a half-baked product and work in progress. Totally disappointing.

    31. citiboi
      on May 12

      @Noz - Most appreciated!

    32. Missing avatar

      on May 11

      direct link here
      Android (Beta):

      btw, you guys welle is silent?

    33. citiboi
      on May 11

      @Tiberiu Szocs-Mihai - Beta version notwithstanding, where and how do I look for the app? It is not in Google Play.

    34. citiboi
      on May 11

      Received Welle in Thailand yesterday. You all should take care to use a backer's proper NAME when completing the particulars of the backer. You used my USERNAME instead of my NAME and the Welle almost did not reach me!

    35. Jimmy phua on May 11

      erm. there's no welle app in google store.

    36. Missing avatar

      on May 11

      received mine in japan
      always hear terrible noise
      this is normal?

    37. Missing avatar

      Meghu on May 10

      The gesture detection is very unstable and it only gets it right once in maybe 7 or 8 attempts.
      It also make a strange noise.
      It keeps on getting disconnected from the app.
      Is it the same for others who have received it?
      Have I received a defective product or is the product defective by default.

    38. Wei on May 10

      Both my Android device can't search Welle anyway. Plz fix

    39. Daryl McLaurine
      on May 9

      Tracking number, please!

    40. Missing avatar

      Squaremonger on May 9

      @Ching Chung Ho

      It's a beta version. It has only basic functionality on so you can use Welle with existing smart home devices. Not sure why there is no official version, yet, but I could guess they're trying to add some more meat to it, and have a complete feedback from all backers before they do.

    41. Ching Chung Ho
      on May 9

      Why I cannot find the Welle app in play store ?

    42. Kenneth Scott Huntley
      on May 9

      Received today in NSW Australia.

    43. Missing avatar

      rizwan on May 9

      hi can you give me tracking number for order 498

    44. Missing avatar

      Lauren Kovacevic on May 8

      According to the original shipping timeline, these were to be sent out in October 2017, then it was pushed to January 2018. The. In March, your update said that you were preparing for shipping.. It is now May 2018 and there has been barely any updates. The March update is the last one that I could see. When is the product going to be sent out? Will we get tracking numbers? Please let us know what is going on, as I am sure from the comments you can see that you backers are feeling like they were duped, and paid money for a product they will never get. Please just post some kind of shipping or any kind of update so we can determine the progress for ourselves.

    45. Missing avatar

      Squaremonger on May 8

      @Maxus Tech

      Received my Welle and started playing with it, but it seems defective: it fails to detect properly the predefined hand movements. I've also tested the git API and using the display web app the output seems limited to a line, not 2D (no matter how much I try to move the finger in circles, the drawn output is just a line).

      Is there some self-test to confirm that I've got a faulty unit?

    46. Andrew Krischock on May 5

      Hi guys just looking forward to getting mine .... how far through the shipping are we ???

    47. Missing avatar

      Belinda Tan on May 5

      Hi When will shipments be sent? I haven’t received yet

    48. Missing avatar

      Hanxiao on May 3

      Hi!Can I update my address now or get the tracking number?? I had inputted a wrong address!!

    49. Sam
      on May 2

      plz tell me tracking number

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