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Handwriting recognition with embedded Sonar. Instantly control any device anywhere with custom-defined gestures.
Handwriting recognition with embedded Sonar. Instantly control any device anywhere with custom-defined gestures.
Handwriting recognition with embedded Sonar. Instantly control any device anywhere with custom-defined gestures.
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    1. Missing avatar

      wanda bench 5 days ago

      I have been waiting since Oct.2017 for my Welle. I have not been sent any delivery forms or anything. Please send me my Welle or a refund.
      Thank you,
      Wana Bench

    2. Jess Sinues on

      I havent received mine either. No trackong sent to me. I sent you a message but you are not replying.

    3. Missing avatar

      Guillermo Zaid on

      Hi I have not recieved my devices. You finish sending it long time ago. How may I track it? Tried the tracking number O recieved and it does not work.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrea on

      Doesn’t work as advertised. I got 2 hoping I could gift one to my nephew, both are worthless... and expensive for gadgets that were offered as a new big thing. I almost lost my fingerprints the very first day I received them trying to make them work. Well, I did not lose my fingerprints but I lost my money!

    5. Maxus Tech Creator on

      @Jess Sinues
      @Rodrigo Vizoni Joszt
      Dear Magicians, have you received your Welle?

      For Android users, please download here

      If you are a developer, you can see the APIs here

      Please check out our updates for details.
      Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Vizoni Joszt on

      I have not received my product yet nor the shipping number

    7. Mathieu L. on

      > I haven't got mine yet?
      neither do I
      BTW just seen that :

      Backer n° 1194
      2018-04-18 00:00
      Attempted/Failed Delivery (Country code: FR)

    8. Missing avatar

      TLancina on

      I really find hard to believe that you guys won any type of serious award with this.
      All projects on KS make people believe that they have a working prototype and all is needed is just funding for mass production.
      Well at least to me. I followed many projects just to see how they will turn out .Sadly most of them are borderline scams.
      Personally I don't think savings vs risk is worth taking a chance on KS campaigns. I do get trying to get some of these projects of and running thru fundings but to many peoples are taking advantage of the platform and KS is only looking to collect their cut nothing more.
      This product is just worthless to me. Out dated already since I'm able to control what this was for only $15 from anywhere in the world.
      Don't need complicated gestures only tip of finger or voice.
      NOTE TO SELF. Like a product? wait till it is release check feedback and pay the extra $ if product it still worth. A lot can change in a year between successful campaign and item being received.

    9. Jess Sinues on

      I haven't got mine yet? updates?

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      I think given all of the problems people are having you guys need to make another update explaining your plans moving forward. When will the android app come out of beta? An actual date please. Will there be a more user friendly way of connecting to a PC or mac? An api on github is not going to cut it for some people. Will you continue to develop the algorithms that detect a finger but, for example, ignore and arm or the rest of a hand? Will you continue to develop gesture recognition? Because right now it is difficult to get even the ones you pre-made to get recognized even at the optimal distance. How will you handle distributing a firmware update if needed? And most importantly, will you commit to doing any of that now that the product is off your hands? A reply here may be okay, but I think you need to make an official update detailing how you will address backer concerns. This is a cool product, but it has problems right now to the point that we could probably start returning them. Thank you for your efforts thus far.

    11. Missing avatar

      S App

      I got the welle, but the guide you sent with it is not updated to the current look of the app, and I none of the gestures work.

    12. Missing avatar

      lu ye on

      Did anyone hear the noise of ultrasound transmitter? It is annoying!

    13. HAL1800

      Project reported to Kickstarter. False claim, doesn’t work with PowerPoint. I now have a piece of hardware that will directly go the the electronic recycling facilities.

      Oh well...:

    14. Manfred Lamplmair on

      was really happy to receive my welle today. but it was just for one short moment. the app is not at the android play store (found later the link here).
      I started the app connected welle and nothing else! I can not test any gestigure, i can not use it for anything! After a restart the app and welle doesn't connect any more.
      The product is not finished yet

    15. Oytun Emre Yücel on

      the buzz is giving me headaches, and its inability to use the browser to login to platforms an even worse one.. a software and hardware catastrophe in one package! well, might use the parts for another project at least

    16. Missing avatar

      ryoken on


      didn’t get my welle yet. Is it on the way ?


    17. Missing avatar

      S App

      Hi, didn’t get my welle yet. Is it on the way?

    18. citiboi

      SO for the rest of us who are NOT DEVELOPERS, what do you suggest we use the Welle for??? Clearly, you have fraudulently used your video to deceive your backers into thinking that they are getting a FINISHED and COMPLETE product when in actual fact the Welle is a half-ass Beta product meant for developers to experiment with; unless of course, you have the devices named in the App. Even then, your backers will have to content with flaky implementation!!!

    19. Wanda Aasen

      I’m confused I got email saying it couldn’t be delivered but yet I did get it, just haven’t had a chance to try it out.

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephan G. on

      I got my black welle... see through is not so nice, if there are smudgy fingerprints visible on the inside that I cant remove. Reading from the comments, your device does not yet work as advertised by the example videos/gifs.
      After 1 year you still didn't manage to publish your app to the android store..
      I am not willing to risk my devices integrity by installing some app from a random link.
      Please put the app in the android store, and then support it there. You should have done that long time ago, so all users get updates and can track your progress.
      I hope a good developer finds the time to user your API and release a working app on the android store.

    21. Maxus Tech Creator on


      For Android users, please download here

      If you are a developer, you can see the APIs here
      You may develop your own control app using the APIs to control your smartphone, tablet, and computers.

      Welle Team

    22. Lars Deutsch on

      hi, I just want to queue in line for the 'where is the #@!#$%$# android app' comments.


    23. citiboi

      So what is your response on using the Welle to control Android Smartphone, iPad and MacBook as shown in your video??

    24. Maxus Tech Creator on

      @ALL Regarding the Bluetooth connection, it may be because Welle is put into sleep mode when you are using it. If you are trying to connect to Welle, please follow the following video guidance exactly If you have connected Welle, you may see the Bluetooth connection is lost. However, if you put your hands in front of Welle, it will start working again and reconnect. Sleep mode is designed to save power, so the LED light will be powered off and Bluetooth connection will be shut down.

    25. Maxus Tech Creator on

      @Talia Shafir Hello Talia, Welle is designed to be an input device for smart home control, that is to say, it is a controller rather than a mouse. You may think of it as a switch with multiple buttons. Regarding the Philips HUE connection, have you tried to look at the tutorial here

    26. Maxus Tech Creator on

      @DLG Thank you very much for your support and heartful feedback to us. We are grateful that our backers are pushing the technology forward. Regarding the app, since the Android version is still in Beta, we cannot put it on Google Play store. Would you mind telling us more details about why the link to an .apk file did not actually help you?

    27. Missing avatar

      DLJ on

      Got mine last week. I ordered it so long ago that I nearly forgot what it's supposed to be able to do. Now I'm stuck on the "download the app" from the Google Play Store step, which is pretty much the first step. Can I ask why a search for "Welle" wouldn't locate the app? What is its name? What does the icon look like? This appears to be a frequently repeated question (or a "FAQ" is you will, which makes it surprising that it's not actually IN the FAQ page) yet all I find is a response from another user (not Maxus) with a link to an .apk file that didn't actually help me. WHERE IS THE APP IN THE STORE? And since I haven't downloaded the app yet I haven't even experienced the frustrations associated with actually using the device, so this may be premature: But what other means are available to express our displeasure with this overall process? I'm not a Kickstarter regular, but this campaign appears to be particularly poorly managed. And why are they not monitoring this board and engaging with their customers? If you tell us you don't have answers, that's one thing. But silence may leave us to conclude that you don't know AND you don't care. "Be respectful and considerate" reads the hyperlink text directly beneath the "Post comment" button for submitting feedback. So how about it, Maxus Tech? Do over 1,500 backers and their over 143,000 pledged dollar$ deserve a little respect and consideration?

    28. Carmine Napoli

      got it

    29. Missing avatar

      Talia Shafir on

      I tried connecting to my Phillips Hue - didn’t work. Tried connecting to my PC - no go. Can’t figure out what exactly this does. I thought it would turn my table top into a mouse. Seems only to let me add a HOLD gesture to add something.

    30. citiboi

      I want to use the Welle to control my iOS and Android devices as advertised in your video. There are people who do not own Philips Hue, Sonos and other SPECIFIC devices, you know.
      Please fix it!

    31. Missing avatar


      after reading all comments below *facepalm*... perhaps it could used a pest repeller, no?
      i wouldn't know, i don't even know where mine (being too dumb to order too, i guess) are, and and i am being totally ignored by maxus tech...
      come on, maxus tech, whys is this ..."thing"... so crappy?

    32. Judith Weber

      There is no app in the app store on android under anything "Welle" & since mine arrived with instructions that it won't work at all without being configured with the app, it's useless, I can't even explain what it's sposed to do to folks. Not Good

    33. Missing avatar


      @maxus tech where are my 2 welles. where are my tracking numbers?
      @maxus tech where are my 2 welles. where are my tracking numbers?
      @maxus tech where are my 2 welles. where are my tracking numbers?

    34. Missing avatar

      jean-françois beguin on

      Where can I download the android app?

    35. daniele bertinelli on

      So many issues and, as Dan says, there was no where that indicated this would only work with certain smart devices.
      Completely useless

    36. Missing avatar

      Arief Setiawan on

      Yeah. Unless an upgrade to the software side/documentation how to get Welle going on with other devices, this has, too, been a scrap in KS

    37. Missing avatar

      Caleb on

      I got my welle in yesterday after started tinkering this morning. As of now, I am unable to get the android portion on this to work and have tried on three separate android devices. They all seem to see the welle, but any attempt to connect will result in the device disconnecting bluetooth and needing a hard reset for the next attempt. I did manage to get it working somewhat with the WelleAPI display tool, but only after connecting over USB/serial. However, even with a hard line over serial, I'm still seeing a ton of flapping up/down events. This has a lot of potential, but still a ways to go.

    38. Dan

      Wow... just wow... so many issues. First, I 100% agree with what everyone said. There was no where that indicated this would only work with certain smart devices... But I'm a team player, so I went ahead and bought two Lifx bulbs. Now I'm sitting here trying to make it work, but it disconnects from bluetooth, it hardly recognizes the hold gesture, let alone any others, and it just fell off the wall.
      This has been the worst investment I've ever spent.
      They don't even serve much purpose as paerweights...

    39. Missing avatar

      Marcel Knorr on

      Dear Welle Team,

      Still waiting for Welle. Please check if it is already check and reach out to me. Thanks,


    40. Missing avatar

      Caleb Cheah on

      Finally got mine with the SwitchBot. After tested them for quite awhile, found it totally unusable.
      First, the bluetooth connectivity between the IOS APP and the Welle is unstable, it keeps connecting and then disconnecting.
      Second,on the Gesture's part (which should be the main selling point) is totally not working, the only gesture that is working is the "Hold", and the rest are not!
      Finally, having to spend money on this stuff is totally wasted and wonder is the FAT being done properly?
      Hope that Welle can do something on the product to prove that my points are wrong.

    41. Missing avatar

      Guido S on

      @all FYI you don’t get an email with the tracking information but you can find the tracking number in your backer kit survey.

      Today I noticed that it is available on your backerkit status overview under “track your shipment”

    42. Missing avatar

      Alex Bondo Andersen on

      Haven't received tracking info. Any reason to be concerned or is it just a matter of waiting?

    43. MPDb

      Hey there, just saw that i have tracking info in backerkit - and that it was delivered almost a month ago.
      withh a slight problem - it was shipped to the name "MPDb MPDb" which was obviously not found... it was returned and is back with you guys.
      Why didnt you use my real name??
      And how do i get my welle??


    44. Ken VanderVeer

      Finally received mine today. Very unimpressed. Up->Down and Left->Right are the only gestures it seems to get consistently enough to use and that's only when doing the wall-mount. Forget using it on a table, In using their "display" demo off of github I could see why, the gestures it thought I was doing were going all over the place. It seems to pick up your hand, your arm, your body, pretty much anything within direct line of sight which is why it seems to work better on the wall since the only thing other than your finger in the way is a floor to perfectly reflect back. You guys are going to need to do some extra filtering of input if you expect people to like this thing.

    45. Maxus Tech Creator on

      @ALL The tracking information is sent out by the system.

    46. Ro Olufunwa

      I haven’t received any shipping either. I’m a member.
      Kindly update me please

    47. Missing avatar


      I'm also still waiting for any shipping information for my early bird...Tracking Number would be helpful.Thx

    48. Manfred Lamplmair on

      still waiting for any shipping information for my early bird

    49. Missing avatar

      James Briggs on

      When should I receive my tracking number?

    50. Missing avatar

      jean-françois beguin on

      hi, I have not yet got the product or any tracking information, when will I get mine?

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