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A fine art photography book showcasing an unfiltered look at the impact of each season on the streets of New York City.
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Lucca Nazario

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"Hallelujah" =)

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It’s been a little bit of a challenge to make “Four,” from picking the right self-publishing site to picking the right selling price. In the end I’m hardly making a profit from this project, but I’m happy to complete my first photography book, which will definitely not be my last. This is the closing of a chapter in my photography style. I’m already experimenting with a new style and aesthetic of photography but nothing to talk about yet.

Hello Backers!

Summer is here!!!

Waiting for a few summer events in New York to start "FOUR". I hope ya'll having a great summer where ever you are! 

Hello backers,

Winter is over, Hopefully!!!!



Hello backers,

Here to give a little update before the holidays.  I just finished taking photographs for the autumn section of my photography book. Although fall has not finished, here in NY the winter seems pretty long and everything around the streets already looks like full winter.  I ended with almost 600 photographs for this season, mostly black and white and a few in color. I have to edit that amount to about 15 photographs to include in the autumn section. 

I'm excited to start photographing the winter blues. I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and remember to stop by my Flickr, Tumblr or 500px pages. 

from New York City,


Hello Backers!!

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Saturday 10/13

I want to stop by and share a link of my Tumblr page for those of you who want to check and follow some of my new photographs that I've been working for "Four".  Not all the photos on my tumblr page are for the book, but mostly the ones that are in Black&white in the streets of New York.