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New year, New website... New character!

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)

Hello, Puzzle peeps! As Puzzle Depot moves closer to something resembling a complete game, we've taken some time away from the Pixel Mines to give our website a much-needed makeover. Give it a look, and also check out our new Twitter account, which will have news and updates from here on (we'll still be posting the big stuff here, so no worries!).

Early 2017 has been busy for us, as we squash bugs, add polish, and build out the story levels. We are still planning to get an early version of the game into backers' hands ahead of the official release, so stay tuned for that!

A New Challenger!?

Who better to put their wits to the test against the Depot's devious puzzles and deadly contraptions than Shovel Knight's own Tinker Knight? We are pleased to announce that Tinker Knight will be an playable character in Puzzle Depot, appearing courtesy of Yacht Club Games!

Tinker Knight has some quirks that set him apart from other characters:

Tinker's armor affords him protection from some common hazards, but unfortunately Rust Mites find it delicious. Contact with mites is lethal for metal-clad characters, but luckily he has a lot of wrenches on hand that make for great mite-bait!

Tinker can also hurl wrenches with deadly precision, useful for attacking or activating objects at a distance. Being a bit on the wimpy side, Tinker's kick doesn't deliver any damage, so save those wrenches and use them wisely!

Tinker Knight will star in his own level, catering to his unique abilities. We're very excited about this addition to Puzzle Depot, and as huge fans of Shovel Knight, we hope to really do the character justice! What could this schemer be up to, here in the Depot's sprawling junkyard...?

More to Come

That's all for this update, but we have lots more planned for Puzzle Depot in the not-too-distant future. Thank you for your support, and remember to watch our new Twitter for all the latest!

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    1. Laughing Manatee Games Creator on

      Ooh, good catch Andrew... looks like Kickstarter garbled the address, there.
      Fixed! Sorry about that!

    2. Andrew-David

      Looks like your website link is broken :/