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Unlock the secrets of a long-abandoned facility while trying to save Earth and restore humanity to its home!
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Update: New demo version released

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)

Version .17 Released

We have released an updated version of the demo, available at:

This release contains some changes from the previous test build. The biggest change has been to the controls, which should be much more manageable than before and hopefully lead to less room restarts.

Full list of changes in v .17:

  • Reduced pushing speed
  • Less easy to accidentally step in toxic waste
  • Hotkeys for Saving and Loading (F5/F6)
  • Crates which contain items are now displayed with a shipping label
  • Roaches now correctly display their remaining hearts when damaged
  • Readable monitors made more obvious
  • Fixed door glitch, allowing level to be exited at zero hearts
  • Fixed glitch allowing roach to be attacked from further away
  • Memory leak issues should be fixed!
  • Various graphical and text changes

Laughing Manatee on Twitch

We have recently began streaming on ! In the evenings, we have been doing creative streams featuring pixel art for Puzzle Depot, and eventually we will also be streaming some puzzle design with the new level editor. We'll be playing some games on there occasionally, so please stop by and hang out with us!

Invasion of the Nanobots!

We recently began hashing out some concepts for our Design A Level backer reward with the backer in question, live on stream. We came up with some exciting ideas that we are very excited to work into the game!

The core concept for this level involves millions of microscopic nanomachines, replicating at an exponential rate as they terraform the landscape. Puddles of "nano goo" are an ever-present hazard. The nanomachines have also arranged themselves into strange geometric shapes, such as cubes and spheres, each with their own properties. Certain stimuli will cause these nano-objects to change shape, and making use of their unique characteristics will be key in surviving this challenging level.


That's all for this update, please let us know what you think about the new control changes, and we hope to see you in our stream!

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