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Unlock the secrets of a long-abandoned facility while trying to save Earth and restore humanity to its home!
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Post-Kickstarter Update

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)

What We've Been Up To

It's been a busy week for us in the wake of the Kickstarter campaign, and we have some exciting things to announce!

First, Puzzle Depot has been greenlit on Steam! This is great news as it means we will be able to distribute Puzzle Depot on their platform, as well. We will make sure to provide Steam keys to everyone who is receiving a copy of the game as part of their backer reward.

We would also like to include our backers in our beta testing of the game when it gets to that point, and this is something we could do relatively easily through Steam. We'll have more information about this down the road!

In the meantime, you are invited to follow along with Puzzle Depot development over at the Dev Log if you would like to keep up with our progress. There won't be any spoilers as far as the story goes, but there will be some discussion about mechanics and objects that have not been added yet.

We have also set up a Trello board to track development and keep the to-do lists tidy, and we would like to extend an invitation to all backers to join the board, so you can follow along with our progress and leave comments! Invites will be going out via email today, please let us know if did not receive one and would like one!

Backer Rewards

We still need to get in touch with specific backers regarding rewards, for such things as mailing addresses, pictures for pixelated credits portraits, and information about custom characters. For the t-shirts and posters, We will create some mock-ups for some designs, and get votes for which you think is best!

If you managed to snag one of the custom characters, you have plenty of time to think about what sort of character you would like, but we're all-ears if you wanted to start throwing some ideas our way!

Changes Coming to Next Version

We are planning on releasing an updated version of the demo, and we're shooting for January. This is mostly just to address some particular bugs and clean up various features.

  • Improvements to controls. Currently they are still a bit too "slippery".
  • An options menu, with audio controls and other features
  • Some changes to move count and its relation to score. Basically aiming to make move count less of a point of stress... but still an option for the obsessive!
  • Improvements to mouse interface, and UI in general.
  • Minor graphical fixes and typo correction.

I have started standardizing and cleaning up the terrain graphics, in preparation to start work on a more functional room editor. Here's a peek at some palette-swapped terrain:

That's all for now. We'll have another update for you in a week! Questions and comments are welcome, as always.

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