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Unlock the secrets of a long-abandoned facility while trying to save Earth and restore humanity to its home!
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We have reached 80%!!

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)
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Thank you so much Fred for pushing over the 80% milestone! You said you wanted a new update, so I thought I'd give a peek at another new environment appearing in Puzzle Depot.

The Uranium Mine:

 These long-abandoned, dark tunnels are home to colonies of insects, old mining equipment, and hazardous materials.

New Mechanic


Bright light can trigger particular behaviors in different creatures, and toggling lamps will key in many puzzles.

Roaches scurry away from illuminated tiles, even if they are grouped with an adjacent roach! Small winged vermin, like Stingflies and Hazgnats, are instead attracted to illuminated tiles, and will travel to lighted areas that are within their line of sight, horizontally or vertically.

New Creatures

Iron Ants function just like Worker Ants, hugging the wall and they travel and digging through any dirt walls in their path, but are armored. They also hit harder than a standard ant. This species evolved as a response to encroaching colonies of Darkroaches.

Soldier Ants are 2x1 entities, and are dangerous if approached from any angle, either biting or stinging any creature that comes in range. Soldier Ants remain stationary, protecting busy workers.

A variant of Rust Mite, Dyna-Mites are extremely volatile and will detonate if damaged! Try to squish one, in you're in for a nasty surprise... although, this explosive behavior can also be put to good use, either taking out more dangerous creatures, or knocking down dirt walls.

Fireflies are a harmless type of vermin, which casts light in adjacent tiles and does little else.

New Objects

Tracks and mine carts are standard in any mine. Carts can be pushed, but only along tracks, and can also be kicked to send them rolling away. Carts holding explosive or radioactive materials are also a possibility. Carts are vulnerable to Rust Mites, and rusty carts cannot move at all!

Lamps simply cast light, and are typically toggled by a nearby button. Good for breaking up roach clusters!

New Items

The Shovel was discussed before, and this is an environment where it definitely comes in handy. Dirt walls are common, as are armored insects, and this useful tool/weapon helps with both.

The Time Bomb is a very powerful item! After setting the charge, back off, because in a few seconds it'll detonate! Why solve some complicated puzzle to open a door, when you could just blow it off its hinges?

New Characters!


A intelligent white rat descended from the R & D Department's many lab rats, Scout can get to places other characters cannot. This not only includes using ant burrows, but also holes in walls that could be shortcuts, or even lead to new rooms entirely!

Scout cannot equip weapons, shields, or suits, but has enough of a grasp of basic tool use to use consumables. She carries with her a small pack to hold any shiny trinkets she happens to come across. Rats are particularly fond of Füdbars, and Scout is no exception.

Only starting with one heart, and incapable of increasing either attack or defense, Scout moves through rooms quickly while avoiding confrontation. This character will be useful in certain move-based challenges, or for exploring new rooms in old areas.


An unknown figure in a tattered, crimson cloak, wearing a gasmask... Where did this survivor come from, and what is their identity?

Having learned to effectively scavenge the wasteland for useful items, ??? starts levels with some items already in their possession. Which items exactly, and what other features this character will have are still shrouded in secrecy!


Yesterday's high score for the daily puzzle goes to @AgainstAllWar, with 732! Nice box-pushing!

Today is the final, and most "Merciful" Monday puzzle yet! There are some very inconveniently placed roaches here, but don't worry, I've given you plenty of hearts and items to compensate:


Only FIVE DAYS remain! We can make it! :D

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