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Rogue Robots

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)

Robots are an important type of mobile entity not yet introduced in Puzzle Depot. There are many varieties of robots to encounter - some useful, some deadly - but all follow the same basic movement patterns:

1: Robots move in the direction they are facing until meeting a solid object, at which point they turn clockwise and continue moving. Robots are programmed to NOT change direction when meeting a human, and will simply wait for you to move out of the way.

2: Robots are programmed to obey LED floor panels, and will change direction based on which way the arrow is pointing. Buttons can toggle LED panels on or off.

3: Rusty robots become completely immobile!

This screenshot shows the movement path of a basic type of robot, the Mobile Vendo:


Winner of yesterday's daily puzzle was @Wervyn, with a score of 3765! Managed to collect all the punchcards and escape without taking damage... nice!!

Today is Toxic Tuesday, and I've left you a Hazmat Suit for the occasion. This is a tricky one, involving some albino roaches, toxic barrels, and some hard-to-reach pressure plates:


11 Days Remaining!

We can do it!!


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