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A Menacing Menagerie

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)

Q: Will there be other types of enemies besides roaches? Possibly a few nasty 'intelligent' ones?

A: Oh yes, there will definitely be quite a few more creatures to discover in Puzzle Depot. As a rule, all creatures and objects behave according to particular rules that never change. There are never random elements, and although some interactions may be unexpected, once you know them they are predictable. With that in mind, I'm not sure I could call any of the creatures necessarily "intelligent", though some are definitely sneakier than others.

Some of the additional creature "families" I've already discussed in previous updates. There are also a number of them returning from Depot Dungeons, albeit with some changed mechanics in a few instances. Here's what we have so far:

Roaches: You should be well-versed in roach behavior by now. They retreat when alone, and attack when adjacent to another roach. TheMegaroach has yet to make an appearance, and behaves similarily, but is a 1x2 creature, and is far stronger.

Vermin: Rust Mites fall into this category. In general, vermin will deplete one of your resources if the opportunity arises, and are easily squished. Termites and Stingflies have been mentioned in a previous update, but other variations exist, as well. Depot Dungeon veterans will remember Hazgnats, for example.

Isopedes: Also mentioned in the Great Alkali Basin update, these giant pillbugs are useful in that they devour radioactive waste and can be pushed around. Some varieties are less friendly than others, and the dreaded Armadillidium Rex may be returning as a Boss...

Ants: A mobile enemy that hugs walls and burrows through dirt, avoiding ants may take some timing. They predate on many other creatures, including vermin. Ants may have some useful behaviors, but beware the 1x2 Soldier Ants.

Rats: Not mentioned yet, rats appeared in Depot Dungeons and will likely be returning, though will slightly different behaviors. Rats prey on roaches and vermin, making them useful at times. Lab Rats are friendly around people, a rare case of a creature that DOESN'T want to eat you.

Turrets: If you happen to become aligned with a turret either horizontally or vertically, you're in for a world of hurt. Different models exist with different weaponry, but on the bright side, they also fire on roaches and other creatures! Turrets can be toggled with buttons, like other mechanisms.

Robots: A variety of robots will be present in Puzzle Depot, some harmless, and others deadly. A mobile entity, we will be discussing their movement and behaviors in a future update. The most troublesome are the different types of security robots, who behave much like mobile turrets (anyone remember Don Medusa from The Adventures of Lolo?).

Zombies: Failed Labor Clones with faulty behavior imprints, these abominations walk straight towards you if they spot you at a distance. Once in range... well, you know what zombies do. The good news is that they are very, very stupid and easily lured into hazards.

There are some other families that I won't reveal quite yet, but rest assured there will be plenty of dangers to contend with. If you have some clever ideas for a type of creature you'd like to see in Puzzle Depot, remember that we now have a Create a Creature rewards tier!


Due to a bug with yesterday's daily puzzle, an extremely fast solution was possible. Highest bugged score was @Fungal_Manifest with 1093, discovered mere minutes after the new puzzle went live. Highest non-bugged score was @Kevin3426, with a late score of 636! @Thoughdoo managed a non-bugged low score of 250, while I believe @TheBookSnail produced a bugged score of 25!

Speaking of @TheBookSnail, they managed the lowest score possible for the demo level, a meager 200 points! An impressive underachievement!

Today is Swarming Saturday again, and although this may look like a small swarm, you'll still have your hands full with these three Darkroaches:


We are still sitting at 65%, and could use your support this weekend! Give us a shout-out and let's keep the momentum going!


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