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A Boss Approaches!

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)

As mentioned before, I wanted to show an example of how a potential boss battle may play out. Here is a rough animation showing a confrontation with a rogue AI, which controls a variety of turrets in the room:

Round 1: Avoid getting into the line of fire of the turrets, and don't linger too long in front of the central laser emitter. Pressing the 4 blue buttons activates one of the buttons in the center of the room, and pressing that will damage Dark Blue and cause it to change its pattern.

Round 2: The turret pattern changes, making it impossible to avoid their line of fire without using crates to block them. Metal crates fall from above during this phase... don't stand under them, or you will be crushed! The central laser is still a danger to avoid.

Round 3: New laser emitters emerge from the sides of the room, sweeping through and destroying the crates. The central laser now fires at regular intervals, and turrets pop up between the sweeping lasers. Watch the patterns carefully to avoid the lasers and get to the buttons, shutting down Dark Blue for good!

This is just an example of how a boss encounter might play out. Bosses will vary wildly in appearance and function, some battles may span across multiple rooms, or require exploration of the level to find items needed to fight them.

There are a lot of creative possibilities for bosses, and we would love to hear your ideas for them! If you're feeling particularly inspired and want to make a big contribution to Puzzle Depot, consider the Design a Boss reward tier!


Yesterday's high score goes to @Thoughdoo with 1045!

Today's daily puzzle is another Field Note Friday, which means we will be analyzing another variety of roach. Meet the Darkroach:

 I should note that there is currently a bug with the exit, which allows you to leave the room while at zero hearts... this means that this room has a much easier solution available than intended. Oops! I will iron that out in the next update...


As of today, we have hit 65% of our initial goal! We are halfway through the kickstarter at this point, and still have a ways to go! If you cannot afford to back us, it's ok, just give us a shout-out on social media and help spread the word!


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