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Unlock the secrets of a long-abandoned facility while trying to save Earth and restore humanity to its home!
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Over 50% Funded!!

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)

Big news from yesterday! One of our backers upgraded from the Custom Character Tier, all the way up to the Design a Level Tier! This, combined with the other pledges from yesterday, catapulted us up to 56% of the way to our initial goal!

We are over the halfway mark!

Thank you to everyone who has backed us so far, your support has been amazing!


Time for some Q & A

Q: I was just wondering how you're managing life, ya know with both of you working and doing the game?

A: It's been a monumental amount of work (and there's still so much to do) but neither one of us could do it alone. Knowing that someone has your back when the unexpected invariably arises makes a big difference. We have a passion for working on Puzzle Depot, so it's something we make time for... even if our social life suffers for it! My advise is to take breaks when you need to, go play a game for a few minutes or take a walk and reset your brain. You'll be more productive for it.

Q: How do the bosses work?

A: I've been vague on this point, and that's mostly because we weren't entirely sure yet ourselves how bosses should function! Boss battles should play out in a puzzley manner, of course, but that's not saying much... there will be a post within the next couple days with some visuals showing a sample boss encounter, which should hopefully be more enlightening.


Winner of yesterday's daily puzzle was @Thoughdoo, with 1148 points. As usual, @TheBookSnail squeaked by with the lowest possible score, at 430.

Today is Weaponry Wednesday once again, and this time you'll get to play around with some un-rusty items for a change:


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