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The music of Puzzle Depot

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)

You may have noticed, but the music in Puzzle Depot is awesome! This is due to the fact that our audio guys are also awesome! This is the same team that worked on the music for the game's predecessor, Depot Dungeons. It was important that the music be somewhat ambient, so as not to be distracting while trying to ponder puzzles, but not be so chill as to put one to sleep. I think they really nailed it! In no particular order, the audio team consists of:

B. Alex Pope, who not only produces music for the game, but for the trailer video, as well. He is also a top - probably THE top - Depot Dungeons player, having conquered more challenges and spent more hours with that game than any other human being.

Dan Lower, who produces some of the more laid-back tracks for the game, including that iconic map screen track. I believe it was Dan who created the first music for Depot Dungeons, for that game's tutorial level, Clone Bank 9.

Corban Monger, who not only produces music for the game, but is also responsible for creating all the sound effects you currently hear in the demo. I wanted something with a retro feel to go with the visual aesthetic, and I think the current sounds really fit the bill. There's a bit of an Atari feel in there that I just love!

Remember that starting at the $15 mark you can get the soundtrack along with the game at release!


Yesterday's high score goes to @Thoughdoo, with 1318! Very efficient solution!

Today is "Merciful" Monday again, and since I'm such a nice guy I'm giving you 3200 points for this room. That should be more than enough to afford the items you'll need to get through it >:]

 Plenty of options, here... how many points can you escape with?


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