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Unlock the secrets of a long-abandoned facility while trying to save Earth and restore humanity to its home!
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Team Ant has joined the fray!

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)
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Another new creature type has been spotted in the Great Alkali Basin; giant ants are mobile and dangerous, but at times also useful. Unlike roaches, ants are very mobile and will not wait around for you to make a move:

Worker Ants hug the wall as they travel, attacking any living thing that wanders into their path. Completely single-minded, ants will only attack the tile directly in front of them. They also burrow through dirt walls, another new terrain type introduced in the Basin. This digging behavior is useful for clearing a path, and their aggressive nature can be utilized to take out vermin and other pests.  Lastly, ants will enter any burrows they encounter, emerging elsewhere in the room.

Rumors persist of terrifying Soldier Ants out in the wasteland...

Those who have played Depot Dungeons, the predecessor to Puzzle Depot, will notice that ant behavior has changed since then. I feel that these new behaviors will lend themselves to better puzzles, and the synergy between the Worker Ants and the yet-to-be-introduced Soldier Ants will be more interesting. And don't worry, all your favorite (hated) ant variants will be returning, as well...


Winner of yesterday's daily challenge was @Wervyn, with a late score of 1374! We have a new type of competitor who has emerged, @TheBookSnail has been posting the LOWEST score possible for each room, with a meager 600 for yesterday! Sometimes, getting a low score is trickier than it looks...

Join the madness on Twitter by posting your score with hashtag #PuzzleDepot! A friendly little community has grown around this, and more players would be awesome to see!

It's Field Note Friday again, which means we will be looking at another new variety of roach. Meet the Toxroach, a radioactive roach which is quite at home in pools of toxic waste. This is the first radioactive enemy to be introduced... attack at your own risk!

 A hint for today's high score: Speed isn't everything...


Today we are 36% funded! We are so close to the $2000 mark! Thank you to all the Twitch streamers who have been helping make this a reality, we greatly appreciate your efforts and are so happy you've been enjoying the game!

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