Puzzle Depot

by Laughing Manatee Games

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    1. Wervyn Wert on

      That seems really odd to me, at the least because what I'm finding related to this is buried a few pages deep in their documents. I assume it's the "contests, coupons, gambling, and raffles" prohibition at https://www.kickstarter.com/rules/prohibited, and it's not really clear to me what this prohibits. I would read this as prohibiting selling a raffle ticket or entry into a contest as part of a reward tier, which seems like a reasonable restriction but isn't what you're doing at all. On the other hand, running a contest during the campaign that allows access to a reward tier independent of a pledge seems like a perfectly reasonable publicity measure. Did KickStarter contact you about this or did you just discover it in the rules and get worried? Can you get clarification from them on the intent here?

    2. Laughing Manatee Games Creator on

      Maybe it's because some of the items in the prize pack overlapped with certain reward tiers? We will look into it further.