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The Characters of Puzzle Depot

Posted by Laughing Manatee Games (Creator)
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Puzzle Depot's dystopian-yet-colorful world is inhabited by equally-colorful characters. You will meet an assortment of employees of Union Freight Operations in the demo, who will provide information about the game and the world.

U.F.O.'s Shipping and Receiving Department employs many Union-Certified Box-Pushers. Here, supervisor "Smokey" Joe oversees a complicated box-pushing operation. The green jumpsuits worn by Shipping and Receiving have become synonymous with low-ranking (disposable) employees.

Head of the research team sent by U.F.O.'s Research and Development is the eccentric Doctor Dee Weiss. According to Dr. Weiss, a shaved head lets her "think faster". She tends to view anyone in a green jumpsuit as a guinea pig. Doctor Glenn Sample, her subordinate, is usually obsessing over some minor detail.

Red jumpsuits are the calling card of the Engineering Department. Gina Koggs and her crew arrived at Storage Bay Alpha along with Dr. Weiss's research team, and they've been working overtime ever since to keep up with installations and maintenance.

Ol' Jenkins, the janitor, just wishes everyone would stop scuffing up his clean floors.


Winner of yesterday's daily challenge was @Wervyn with a score of 522. All daily winners have a chance to win a prize pack at the end of the Kickstarter! Post scores on Twitter with hashtag #PuzzleDepot

Today's room is the first Swarming Saturday, which will feature difficult, roach-filled rooms:

Check out the demo if you haven't already, and try your luck at the daily!

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    1. dopterra on

      I love the lore and the characters! I can't wait to discover more about them :)