XING: The Land Beyond

by White Lotus Interactive

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    1. gandalf.nho

      Nice, and anteaters do exist in my country

    2. Adventurik on

      Congrats on the new goal! Wooooo! So happy things are going well and looking forward to the Rainforest. Nice to see Koriel at GDC, but what? No LOTR cosplay?

    3. John Stewart on

      @Adventurik: Ah, maybe Koriel's trying out the latest version of Sauron's Eye!

    4. Shaz on

      I also want to thank Chris Avellone: for tweeting about this game, otherwise I'd have probably missed it. I'm not a tweeter myself, but I follow a few, and I'm so glad doing so meant that I was pointed towards this game.

      I was supposed to be taking a break from Kickstarter, but with this game pinging all the OMIGOSH MYST transponders in my brain (that have been sadly quiet for many years), well, I had no choice (and I'm glad).

      I love Kickstarter so much. I haven't felt this happy and excited about gaming in a very, very long time.
      (p.s.: I had no idea anteaters could be so cute.)

    5. White Lotus Interactive Creator on

      @Adventurik: How do you know me so well? - Koriel
      @Shaz: Thank you for sharing! We are excited to be making this game!

    6. Anaxphone

      Congrats, White Lotus! And Shaz, have you tried the demo yet?