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"Experience the wonder and unlock the mystery of XING: The Land Beyond, a first-person puzzle adventure game set in the Afterlife"
"Experience the wonder and unlock the mystery of XING: The Land Beyond, a first-person puzzle adventure game set in the Afterlife"
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Demo Update and GDC

Posted by White Lotus Interactive (Creator)

First of all, we’re so happy that so many people have enjoyed the demo! 

Thanks everyone for sending us feedback ☺ 

We want to remind everyone that the sandbox was not optimized for running on every machine; and that it wasn't build as a level with a clear objective. Instead it is a tech-demo/sandbox where people can freely wander around and get an idea of some of the atmospheric elements we are planning to put into the game. 

 If you can't run it on your machine now, don't worry - the finished game will be fully optimized. If you are thinking about backing out of this project for any reason, please send us a message and let us know why, so we can work to solve whatever issue you might have. We are just a small team, but we want to do everything in our power to making the final game a quality experience ☺ 


 We’re excited to be participating at GDC this week! We will be meeting lots of awesome people in the industry and promoting our game. 

 Unfortunately, this also means that we will not have as much time to respond to emails and comments – but we will try our best! 

 If anyone will be there this week, we will be running around the expo floor and IGF pavilion with our XING: The Land Beyond shirts on – so come up to us and say hi, and let us know you saw our Kickstarter! 

 Here’s hoping for a great last week!    


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    1. White Lotus Interactive Creator on

      @S. Zhang: Thanks for your understanding :) And you will of course be able to transfer the code to any friends who might want to play the game, from whichever game distributor you choose from our list.

    2. TrentJaspar on

      It was a calculated risk, I'm sure, to release a "tech-demo/sandbox" of the game so early. You're going to reel some folks in, but you're going to scare some folks away who just can't comprehend that buggy/doesn't work on my computer now doesn't necessarily mean buggy/won't work on my computer later. That said..."never tested it on XP?" C'mon-- you're better than that! I hope the gamble has a net beneficial effect. Good luck!

    3. Missing avatar

      S. Zhang on

      Just to add that my system is 64bits but the demo shows it runs at 32bits. Is it that the demo only runs at 32bits? Or it failed to detect my system is a 64bits one?

    4. Missing avatar

      S. Zhang on

      I found out that I can't play the demo on my HP computer I purchased less than a year ago. The computer runs W7 with 4 G memory. After I clicked the Play button, I just got a black box. I checked fps and got about 5 fps. I played Myst URU live on this computer without any problem.

      Anyway it never occurred to me to pull out. I believe Xing is a great game and the team's working hard on it. Even if I can't play the real game at the end, I'll find a third friend who can play it and give it to him/her as a gift (but I'm wondering if I can transfer the game to another person).

    5. StromIV on

      Sad to see people pulling out. I hope they aren't pulling out because of the demo not running. It was mentioned that it isn't optimized. On the other hand, they might not have liked the gameplay... I really can't say, but I wish they would come back. Good luck at the GDC!