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No more clumsy plastic cradles for your expensive iPhone and other  stylish smartphones!
No more clumsy plastic cradles for your expensive iPhone and other stylish smartphones!
663 backers pledged $38,105 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Max Ducci on

      Still using mine and it is working like a charm!
      Thanks again!

    2. Missing avatar

      slarre on

      A little saliva on the pad did the trick.

    3. Missing avatar

      Max Power on

      Do all backers get replacement? Or do I have to ask for a new one?

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephane L. on

      So latest update after more than a month of testing in my car with the new replacement: works -now- as expected... It's stable on my car dashboard (prius).
      After many weeks the 'stickiness' was not as good but a quick wash did restore it to the initial stickiness and my iPhone doesn't slide.
      So happy with the latest Zyroshell I got.

    5. Missing avatar

      slarre on

      Works excellent - at red lights.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephane L. on

      So I got my replacement too a couple weeks ago: I have installed one Zyroshell in my car for 10 days now, and so far so good it seems to work. The second cradle is waiting in its box.

      I have been using it every day for commuting to work and have my iPhone 5 installed on the Zyroshell which is installed on the dashboard of my Prius.
      The gel is still sticky, the phone doesn't move while driving during my commute... it has been through some really hot weather (California) and it's still working.
      So I am right now happy with the replacement and I cross my fingers it is going to be that way. Maybe I am lucky with the second batch

    7. Missing avatar

      andrew paik on

      were any of you guys spammed by HB Oh in your emails recently?

    8. Missing avatar

      andrew paik on

      @robert. Trust me. No difference in the replacements. Gel loses its stickiness. Magnet still falls off.

    9. Robert Erlick

      I backed the project at the highest level to use as x-mas gifts. Almost everyone I asked about them doesn't use them anymore (I didn't pry). I'd like to at least try some of the replacements to see if they work better.

    10. Ryan on

      Also received a replacement but the magnet for the base pad had already fallen off when I opened the box. It looks like the glue holding it melted and the magnet slide right off. Thanks for sending the replacement but it also seems to have the same problems as the original I don't want to risk breaking another screen so I am just tossing this one in the trash too.

    11. Hari Hara Prasad on

      Only playing with magnets.
      Disappointed !!

    12. Missing avatar

      Anant on

      Was just coming here to post an update. The replacement zyroshell worked well for a few days but still has the same problems as the original. In the end I believe it's just a design flaw. Either way I appreciate that Burt made an effort to make it right to us backers and I don't expect anything more.

      Burt - hopefully you can design a different product with the same goals in mind.

    13. Missing avatar

      andrew paik on

      I received the replacement in the mail with a letter from Burt as well. Definitely a nice gesture. I gave the zyroshell another chance hoping it had fixed all if the prior problems. After a couple of days, the magnet fell off the base and the gel pad lost all its stickiness. I wiped it with water and let it dry but that didn't do anything. Love the idea of the zyroshell but there are some design flaws. :(

    14. Missing avatar

      J on

      I received a new zyroshell today, I guess as a replacement for the first one that fell apart quickly. The gel pad feels much better, but still with in a day, the magnet separated from the base pad. So clearly there are still problems to work out.

    15. Ryan on

      Is he doing this for all backers or just you because you complained. I am another backer who is not satisfied with the product. If you do send me a replacement maybe you could include a replacement screen for my iPhone too. It broke because your product was not strong enough to hold it. I was taking a corner in my car and the phone flew off the zyroshell hit the console and shattered. This product does not do what it was advertised todo.

    16. Missing avatar

      Anant on

      So I opened my package and inside were new replacements along with a letter from Uncle Burt acknowledging that the first batch we got were defective and these were to make up for those. I really appreciate that as it shows that he does stand behind his product. I will start using the new ones and see how they hold up. Thanks Burt.

    17. CK on

      Is it true that Zyroshell is sending a replacement unit?
      But how is this new one different from the previous one?

    18. Missing avatar

      Anant on

      Well I was pleasantly surprised to receive a package today from zyroshell. I was too busy at work today to open it, but if what is inside the package is new replacement zyroshells I will be really pleased and happy. Perhaps because of some of our really harsh criticism, Uncle Burt is sending replacements to all backers to make up for for the original zyroshell problems?

    19. Matt on

      Wow I bought this last year. Only lasted a few days before the whole thing fell off my dash over and over taking my phone with it. Bad product. I gave it to my mom to use for her desk and didn't think much of it. Thought I might have just gotten a dud. This is the first time I've seen all these comments and all I can say is wow. I was def not the only one who thought this product sucked!

    20. Missing avatar

      Anant on

      Burt I hope you are joking, trying to come here and sell us more Zyroshells after the ones you sent us were utter crap. If you truly want to make it right, send each of your 663 backers replacements of your new ones to make up for the ones you sent us in the first place. I really can't believe you have the audacity to come here and try to sell us more by offering us a 25% discount and claiming that these new ones will work they way they were suppose to. Really unbelievable.

    21. Missing avatar

      andrew paik on

      Only time Burt came back was to make us buy the zyroshell again. No thanks. Not falling for that trap again.

    22. G. Burt Lancaster Creator on

      Dear Backers,

      We are truly sorry for the slow response. We value your incredible support and understand the frustration that some of you encountered with our alpha product. As you know this was our very FIRST attempt on getting Zyroshell made and we are incredibly thankful for your help in getting us here. As you know Kickstarter is not a store and any products made here are made with with some major risks. We are very grateful for the incredible group of backers..

      A new Zyroshell: We have made all the best efforts to improve the new Zyroshell that will stick (new gel pads, and bigger stick pads that will allow for better grip, all materials have been improved and we will be sending the new Zyroshell for product review with the best product review sites to show we are here to make a big comeback!

      We also wanted to give you a 1st look and offer you a huge discount. If you would like to experience what Zyroshell was meant to be use this code 7JMWKIC4X6AE and get a 25% discount on the new phone cradle This code was made exclusively for you the most incredible backers in the world and its not being shared anywhere else. We can only hold this for the next 15 days so please come by.

    23. Eric Chung on

      Severely disappointed in this product. Here's an alternative:

      While it might not rotate or flip around... I think it'll be able to hold my Galaxy Note 2 in place without swinging around (zyroshell's circular stickies are the worst) due to the Milo's wide suction area.

    24. Paco Gallardo on

      expensive toy, my kid plays with the magnetics falling apart since arrival, glad just got my new real phone holder from NKMOS

    25. Ken Serrien on

      Tried it once, never again. Great idea, bad product.

    26. Dorian Henao on

      I too was disappointed with the product. I might trust it for an iPod but not my phone.

    27. Missing avatar

      kicker7052 on

      The first time I wash the gel with water, it last for another few days, then wash it more frequently because its lifespan became shorter and shorter....

    28. Missing avatar

      Anant on

      +1 on being not only disappointed with the zyroshell but more so disappointed with the lack of response from uncle Burt. It's as if he doesn't even care about the product he created and how his backers feel about it. Completely different in how most project creators are with their backers after their product has shipped. I won't be supporting any future projects uncle Burt makes. Not because I think the quality of this product is flawed, but because of uncle Burt's lack of respect and appreciation for the backers that made this project possible in the first place.

    29. Leetcat on

      I'm with Jay. My product works great.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      for people complaining about gel stickiness, I live in a somewhat dusty weather, and I found out that cleaning the gel with water and very little soap, then leaving it to dry, makes it sticky again. I try to do that every 2-3 weeks.

    31. Federico B. on

      Yeah.....dear Burt this product is not working at all. The phone doesn't stick very well and it's to dangerous for my Galaxy or for me driving in that condition :-(

    32. Missing avatar

      Max Power on

      sorry to say this, But I am very disappointed with 'our uncle Burt' and the way he deals with us now... There is no feedback, no comment, no sorry, no support at all... I'm not angry because of the product, but because of the way he deals with us as supporters of his idea.

    33. CK on

      Received the product with magnet fell off, the aluminum quality is nice but the stickiness between the cradle and magnet is lousy. Personally I don't think this cradle is suitable for car use. Disappointed. I think I can only use it as a cradle on top of a table.

    34. Ryan on

      I agree. Only one week and it is pretty much useless. I have already stopped using it because my phone will end up getting damaged. It has fallen off a bunch of times and does not stick like advertised. This is what I would expect from a dollar store item. I can't believe I paid $42 for this thing.

    35. Missing avatar

      Marco Bellazzi on

      sorry to say this, but I am very disappointed with the overall performance of this product.
      It fails in every aspect that was publicized as being the strongest points of the cradle.
      After not even a week it doesn't stick anymore to the dashboard or anywhere else in the car.
      My iphone fell so many times that it became dangerous for me while driving.
      Maybe with the introduction of a better solution many of the issues will be solved , but as far as it is now my only hope is that they realize the failure of this project and reward all the backers with something back.

    36. Thomas Cheng on

      I am very with mine. Though I want to know how we can clean to restore the gel when it is covered with dust and losing its stickiness.

    37. Missing avatar

      Stephane L. on

      So my update after almost 2 weeks of usage: unfortunately I think my 2 Zyroshell are going to be replaced by something else:
      - tried in my car (Prius) and there was no place where the stand could stay in place... bummer
      - at the office it started initially well but now after almost 2 weeks of daily usage, the gel on my Zyroshell is not sticking enough and usually 5 to 10 minutes after placing my iPhone on it will start to slowly tilt until usually a few seconds later, drop completely.

      Too bad, great concept overall (aka it looks good) but the gel and sticky part are not holding up for a day to day usage either on a desk or in car.

    38. Missing avatar

      Anant on

      I have to say I am extremely disappointed with all four zyroshells I've gotten. They have all fallen apart in some shape or form. Sad to say I just have to trash these. Concept was good. The execution(manufacturing) is simply terrible.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nan Wales on

      Very disappointed...gel pad is is insufficient to hold a phone. I will not be using this for a car mount.

    40. Missing avatar

      J on

      The magnet for the base came out of the shell when i tried to lift it off the base.

    41. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      I received mine a few days ago and after only 2 days the gel pad that holds the phone lost all the sticky-ness and can no longer hold the phone. Can I get a new gel pad or some kind of replacement?

    42. Missing avatar

      Jay on

      this turned out better than I expected. Very happy with my cradle. Only regret is that I didn't order more. Definitely interested in ordering more.

    43. Marc Minami on

      @Jeff.. i also PM'd Burt and haven't heard back.. .its been about a week now and my reward was missing a base.. i only asked when will we be able to purchase a replacement. hopefully he's working with the S.Korean companies to get things resolved...

    44. Jeff A on

      Any chance we can order more base pads? I'd like to have one for home, one for work, and one for the car.

    45. Missing avatar

      Aaron Hulsîzer on

      car troubleshooting: i found that zyroshell sticks better to the windshield vs. the dashboard. i too worry it would fall though i tested some and it didn't... but what solution i came up with is place it on the windshiled low where the windshield meets the glass... this way if it falls, it just fall over instead of down. make sure the phone is not touching / resting at all on the dashboard or the vibration wil knock it off the gel stick. Now i realize, vehicles vary greatly and you might have a deep dashboard that makes your phone feel uncomfortablly far from you... i am nearsighted but always have my glasses on when driving so it's not an issue for me. also, you car charger cord may not be long enough? perhaps by a longer charge cord. i hope this helps.

    46. Marc Minami on

      Hi Burt, everyone!

      so i received my in the mail yesterday and one of my reward packs was missing the base magnet. anyone else run into this issue?

    47. Missing avatar

      Kevin Gross on

      @Jeff A: I don't think the signature requirement is the fault of Burt. The package looked to be drop shipped through Korea Post straight from the manufacturer. Probably in the hopes that it would arrive to backers sooner.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kevin Gross on

      I have tried out my zyroshell a bit and I am impressed and a bit disappointed at the same time. The mount doesn't work well as a car mount. This is because the force of the charging cord when the phone is plugged in is enough to torque the phone off of the gel pad. By itself the phone remains in place just fine and doesn't fall off (The back of my phone rips off before the gel pad gives up). Without some sort of strain relief though, the charging cord pulls the phone off every time.

      For now I am going to use the zyroshell as a desktop and portable dock, which it does very well. I don't even need the magnet baseplate for that most of the time.

    49. Rick Bollocks on

      Sadly I will not be using this stand any more. My iPhone has fallen from the sticky pad two times on to the hard surfaces of my car. The pad has no dust and my phone no case.

      I love the concept but can no longer trust that my iPhone will stay safe and will always be worrying about it. A fixed clip in stand such as provides the security I need.

    50. Jeff A on

      The USPS is absolutely incompetent. I still haven't received my shell due to the signature requirement. I was away at work the first day and when I selected redelivery for a day or so later, it never reappeared. I selected again, specifying a day I knew I'd be home, and the postman said there was no package. The next day I was home all day and he just left a note without ringing the doorbell. I called to pick up the item and they said it won't be available for pick-up until next week. Keep in mind this game has been going on since 12/18. Please change your shipping provider and/or do not require a signature. For a high priced item I can understand, but for a phone stand?

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