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pledged of $150,000pledged of $150,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, November 20 2014 3:58 PM UTC +00:00


Moderno Home Control System (HCS1) -  Environmentally smart climate / sprinkler control and low cost subscription based security monitoring for your home.   Remote access from your smart phone or any device with a web browser and internet access.  Easily manage and monitor multiple locations.   Everything that is essential for your modern home in one system. 

With a minimalistic and modern design this product combines the common controls found in a typical home - security systemtemperature control and sprinkler control - into one system with a single user interface.  

The product design goals:

  • Simplify how you control your home and reduce the clutter of multiple controls scattered throughout the house.  
  • Eliminate the complexity of knowing how to operate the different controls.  
  • Make it fun to control your house.  So much so that it can save you energy and water! 
  • Have a touch panel that is both beautiful and modern so that it becomes a long lasting part of your home. 
  • Remotely accessible from your smart phone, tablet or pc.  Easily control and monitor as many systems as you like (Vacation home, rental properties, etc.) from one simple interface.
  • ECOSmart -  Saves you energy, water and money by utilizing presence detection to adjust your climate settings while you are away and local weather forecast to smartly control your sprinklers.
  • Easy configuration and installation.
  • Self Monitoring - Security and system alerts are sent directly to you via email.  
  • Provide an affordable ($7.99/mo) self monitoring / remote access service that does not require a long term contract and can be added or cancelled at anytime.

As a home owner and a product designer I wanted to take an approach that was different and would greatly simplify how the home is controlled.  I also wanted to create a quality system with high end features that is affordable to all home owners.

How it works

The HCS1 was designed to replace your thermostat, sprinkler controller and security system.  All of the wiring from your HVAC system, sprinkler solenoids and security sensors go to a single wiring panel.  

Up to three touch panels can be mounted anywhere in your house and connect directly to the central wiring panel.  From any one of the touch panels you can adjust the climate, sprinklers or activate/deactivate the security system.   The touch panels also measure temperature for controlling your climate system.

The system connects to the internet through a standard Ethernet port.  This gives a wide array of internet connection options (cellular, router, etc.).  Configuration is simple and automatic.  This provides remote access to your system as well as data for the ECOSmart features.  

It can control two separate Heating/Cooling (HVAC) systems and supports both conventional & heat pump HVAC types.  Configuration and setup are done through a simple set of menus located from any one of the touch panels.  

The sprinkler control supports up to 9 separate zones.  It connects directly to standard 24VAC lawn and garden sprinkler solenoids.

The security interface supports up to 12 security zones.  It also includes outputs for siren, aux power and battery backup.  You can connect any normally closed (NC) security sensor to the systems zone inputs. 

Climate Control

The climate control has three modes of operation - Manual/Program/Auto.  The system can control two independent HVAC units.

  • Manual Mode
  •  Program Mode
  •  Auto Mode
  • Screen Lock

Sprinkler Control

The sprinkler control has two modes of operation - Manual/Program.  You can connect up to 9 sprinkler zones.  In a single touch you can turn your sprinklers on or off.  Extremely simple operation.

  • Manual Mode
  • Program Mode


The security system provides a self monitoring solution.  Security alerts are sent directly to you via email.  A total of three email addresses may be specified for the alerts to be sent to.  Each alert type can be enabled or disabled.

Alert types: 

  • Alarm Triggered Alert - zone and time of the alert.  
  • Panic Alert - Panic button has been pressed.
  • System Offline - The system has been offline for more than 3 min.
  • Alarm Enabled - Indicates the alarm has been activated.
  • Alarm Disabled - Indicates the alarm has been deactivated.

The system has 12 security zones, Aux Power, Siren Output and is very easy to configure.  You can connect standard N.C. (Normally Closed)  security sensors. (Motion, door, window, glass break, etc). 

The alarm can be activated in both "Home" and "Away" modes.  A panic button immediately activates the siren and sends out an alert.  Up to 9 guest users can be configured to access the alarm system.  

ECOSmart - Save Energy, Save Water, Save Money!

The ECOSmart features were designed to make the system as energy and water efficient as possible!  

The climate temperatures are lowered to help save energy by using the security sensors to detect when you are away.  When you return the temperature is restored to where you originally left it.  You can configure these settings to determine what the temperatures will be set to and how long it should wait before changing them.  

The sprinklers use weather forecast data from the internet to determine if the watering times should be reduced to help conserve water.   You can adjust how this works by setting how much the sprinklers will reduce their watering by looking at the temperature, humidity and rain forecast information.

Remote Access

The remote access service allows you to control your system anywhere you have internet access using your smart phone, tablet or PC.  It also enables the systems ECOSmart features.  Security alerts are sent directly to you or whomever you specify via email or text.  The remote access service costs $7.99 per month.  There are no contracts for this service. 

Our simple web based apps allow you to easily control and monitor several systems.  Simply sign up for an account and then add as many systems as you like. 

Up to 9 guest users and one master user can be configured to remotely access the system.  You can specify what each guest user has access to (Climate, Security & Sprinklers). 


The touch panels are machined from solid aluminum, polished and bead blasted to provide a beautiful finish.  They incorporate a 4.3" TFT color touch panel display.

The main wiring panel connects directly to your sprinkler solenoids, security sensors and HVAC systems.  LED indicators show the current status of each function.  The electronics are located on the back side of the wiring board, completely hidden, allowing for a clean look and design.  Each of the control sections are clearly labeled and organized to make the installation and setup as easy as possible.

 Settings & Configuration

The system was designed to be easily configured.  All configuration setting are located in a single convenient location.  

Firmware updates are downloaded automatically to the system.  This allows us to provide timely updates and resolve bugs.


We currently have five prototypes being tested in the western US.  These units have been successfully running for over two years now.  We have had great feedback on how the system has performed.  This testing has given us a wonderful opportunity to thoroughly test and refine the product.  It has also allowed us to incorporate new features and changes based on real user feedback.

Production Plan

Our plan is to produce the product locally in the U.S. using our manufacturing partner PRIDE Industries headquartered in Roseville, CA.  I have worked with PRIDE in the past and they provide a service that goes beyond simply manufacturing that is truly fantastic.  PRIDE Industries delivers first-rate manufacturing and service solutions to businesses and government agencies nationwide, while creating meaningful jobs for people with disabilities. Their success benefits everyone and the communities we all share. 

I have always been moved by this company and the services that they provide. 

How The Kickstarter Funds Will Be Used  

We are looking for your support to help take this product into production.  Specifically the funds will be used to do the following:

  • Further develop the backend servers for security, reliability and the ability to expand with a growing user base.  
  • Setup suppliers for all the custom parts such as the machined touch panel bezels, labels, documentation, etc. and custom tooling required to produce the parts.
  • Build our initial product inventory for sales and support.
  • Custom equipment required to produce and test the product at the manufacturer. 
  • Complete all remaining legal requirements for selling the product as well as required insurances.
  • Further Product Testing.
  • FCC Regulatory Testing.
  • Safety testing through the UL.
  • Any redesign as a result of regulatory, safety, product testing or components being obsoleted.
  • Packaging design and testing.
  • Product marketing.

Learn More

To learn more about the HCS1 product details check out our website at

Thank you!

David Hille

Risks and challenges

There are several challenges left to get this product to market. Most of the R&D is complete and the product has been in beta testing for over two years now. However we still need to complete FCC regulatory testing and UL safety testing. Funding is the key to help with this. We also need to setup our suppliers for the customized parts as well as build our initial inventory for sales and support.

For our remote access service a more robust and secure backend server environment needs to be evaluated to ensure proper security, reliability and also the ability to expand with a growing number of users.

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