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An adhesive laptop stand makes you move freely and enjoy ergonomic comfort anywhere
An adhesive laptop stand makes you move freely and enjoy ergonomic comfort anywhere
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Announcement: Add extra $5 to upgrade MOFT to MOFT Diamond!

Posted by MOFT (Creator)

Dear backers,

Since the last update, many backers asked if they can add $5 to upgrade MOFT to the MOFT Diamond? 

So here we make a notice:

1. Add $5 to the pledge to upgrade MOFT to MOFT Diamond. 

2. Add $24 to the pledge to get an extra MOFT Diamond.

For your better understanding "How to change the pledge", we make a brief instruction:

1. Please visit the project page and select “manage your pledge”.  

2. Add the extra $5/$24 to your origin pledge and select "update pledge"

3. Send a private message to us and we will make a note for you.

Our campaign has only 4 days to go. If you have any friends that are on the fence, now is a good time to share this project with them through Facebook or Twitter! Tell the world and so they don't miss out! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Anthony Lewis on

      Just paid for a MOFT diamond. Looking forward to using it for my laptop and tablet.

    2. MOFT Creator on

      Please check the last update to see MOFT diamond. It's just a new color of MOFT

    3. Anish Parikh on

      What is Moft Diamond? please explain in English..

    4. Missing avatar

      Jacky on

      what is the moft dimond ?

    5. MOFT Creator on

      Hello @Jay. please check our last update

    6. MOFT Creator on

      Hi @Jhowahl. Yes, add $20 to upgrade to 4 diamond version

    7. MOFT Creator on

      Hey Fok. MOFT Diamond is the same feature/structure with MOFT. You can check the picturefrom the last update

    8. Fok Wai Ting Rex on

      may i know what is moft diamond??

    9. Missing avatar

      Jay Patel

      what is diamond?

    10. Jhowahl on

      So, do I need to add $20 for my 4pack pledge? $5 x 4?