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An adhesive laptop stand makes you move freely and enjoy ergonomic comfort anywhere
An adhesive laptop stand makes you move freely and enjoy ergonomic comfort anywhere
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First Stretch Goal Unlocked… And a new color of MOFT is available!

Posted by MOFT (Creator)

The time for just promising is over: the moment has come to unlock the first Stretch Goal!!

We're thrilled to announce that everyone who backs MOFT will now get a free MOFT adhesive cleaning pad.

It's made with the microfiber material, so it can effectively clean the dirt and fingerprints off your screen. Plus, when you’re not using it, just paste it on your laptop or phone as a sticker.

While trying to come up with a reward for the first stretch goal, we initially designed four cleaning pads, each with stylized buzzwords. But the feedback we received from you expressed the preference for a simple design. So, we decided to simply go with the "MOFT" logo as the final design.

Now, Another exciting news: you have a new color to choose from : Diamond. This will make five color options for MOFT (Space Gray, Silver,  Gold, Rose Gold, Diamond)

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MOFT Diamond
MOFT Diamond

Considering the high production cost of the Diamond version, its price is higher than the previous version and it will be $24. So if you want to get a MOFT Diamond, please add the extra $24 on your origin amount.

For example: 

1. I select the $19 reward tier, and I want an extra MOFT Diamond. So you can change the pledge from $19 to $43($19+$24). 

In this case, you will get 2 MOFT stands, one of these is MOFT Diamond

2. I select the $28 reward tier, and I want an extra MOFT Diamond. So you can change the pledge from $28 to $52($28+$24). 

In this case, you will get 3 MOFT stands, one of these is MOFT Diamond

After changing the pledge, please send me a private message and I will make a note for you.


1. How to change the pledge?

You can change your pledge as many times as you like while the project is live by visiting the project page and selecting “manage your pledge”.

2. How do I choose the color?

We will send you a survey to collect color options and mailing address after the campaign ends

We know the campaign is coming to a close, but we’re still hoping more people will come to back us. We appreciate and welcome you referring us to others, to help spread the message of MOFT.


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    1. Nana

      I rather not have the moft design

    2. Missing avatar


      This cleaning pad is a joke!

    3. MOFT Creator on

      If you want to just get one Diamond stand. please add extra $5 on your pledge. The totally is $24($19+$5)

    4. Andres Elizondo on

      I also would like to just get one Diamond stand, would it work if I simply change my pledge to $24??

      Looking forward to your reply, thanks for such a great product!


    5. Missing avatar

      Berk Avigdor

      I hate the idea of carrying a branded item with me all the time. I liked the stylized ones and you had many of them, just offer some stylized ones aswell please. I dont want to walk around saying MOFT. If you gonna say it will be too expensive, then make a poll to decide.

    6. Missing avatar

      Yolanda Bertaud on

      I just want one Diamond Invisible Laptop Stand! Can I simply change my pledge to $24.- ? I don't need two stands, please advise! Thank you

    7. MOFT Creator on

      if you want to upgrade one to Diamond version. you can add $5 on your origin amount. Be sure to send me a message after changing the pledge.

    8. Katie Rowland on

      So diamond can only be purchased in addition to our current pledges , not in place of by simply adding an extra $5?