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The Expanse Roleplaying Game brings James S.A. Corey’s award-winning series of science fiction novels to the tabletop.
5,714 backers pledged $402,832 to help bring this project to life.
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      Sean Gorman on

      Who will be the final deliverer of the parcel? USPS, UPS, FedEx?

    2. Mike Sutton on


      Thank you for that detailed explanation. I apologize if I came off as hostile, it was just one more thing added onto a slew of other issue (most of which involved communication, which seems like you guys have greatly improved).

    3. Missing avatar

      Mike Murphy on

      Should we expect shipping notifications from Amazon or CrowdOx when they go out, or do we just have to hang tight? I figured its all standard shipping, so a few weeks depending on where you are in relation to the shipments.

      Very excited! Ignore the people who don't understand how big business like Amazon works.

    4. Missing avatar


      Heya, thanks for the update. Many moving parts means many places for things not to go as desired. No need to infer malace when Murphy is happy to step in and laugh in your face. We made it possible to have the product created and will benefit by it when it gets into our hands (have the PDFs now). I think we can have a little fath that they are doing what they can to deliver ASAP and talking to us about it. Take care and be well.

    5. Dylan Templar Collaborator on

      @Mike Sutton and @Barry Wilson... allow me to explain there. This is probably a much longer and more detailed explanation than is really necessary, but a few folks have been asking for more information on what’s happened, and I thought I’d try to provide some additional transparency.

      So we sell product through book trade via Diamond (same people who distribute comic books). Diamond supplies retail stores like Barnes & Nobel, and to Amazon. That's where items sold directly via Amazon, rather than retail stores with an Amazon seller's account, get their books.

      Diamond requires that we provide release dates as much as a year in advance so they can solicit those products to book vendors. That initial date was estimated right about when the core book was in the process of being written, well before the kickstarter, and well before we started having some issues that delayed the production of the book or the shipping hiccups that delayed the pledge manager.

      The 3rd party sellers who are currently shipping the books, as best as we can tell, are retail stores who were shipped product from Diamond early, while the confusion about moving dates was happening, and they honestly had no idea that the release date had been moved back so kickstarter backers could get their product. Thankfully, it looks like there are only a small handful of stores that fit that description, and they only got a VERY small number of books. If it wasn't for our super-sleuth backers who spotted those books in the wild, we would never have known that had happened, or thought to look for those sellers on Amazon.

      And since Rick mentioned it as well, a similar thing happened with the GM Kits several months ago (and thank you to the backers who spotted that one!). Those were printed before the end of the year, well in advance of the book, because that was when our printer could schedule it to be done. Those screens then had to be stored until the core book was finished, and we were then ready to get everything shipped. Unfortunately there was someone in the chain, who did not realize that product was different and needed to be held, and not to release it to retailers as available to order. But as soon as the mistake was caught, they corrected it immediately and we’re really pleased with how quickly they acted on that issue.

      We do not have a contact at Amazon that we can go to, to ask them to stop selling things, because we have no relationship with them directly (additionally, they legitimately purchased books from Diamond, and it wouldn't be right to tell them to pull the listings entirely. That would damage our relationship on all fronts). We instead communicate our intentions to Diamond (who acts like a distributor in this case, to Amazon being a retailer) who then talks to their buyer at Amazon. Unfortunately during that process of moving release dates, there was some confusion, but Diamond and Amazon both were gracious enough to work with us to delay their release of the book, until we could lock down the shipping process for backers. But that did put us on a tight deadline.

      So to be perfectly clear; this isn't Amazon's fault and we don't want them to NOT sell our books. This isn't Diamond's fault, and we're super grateful to them for working with us. It's certainly not the handful of comic book and gaming stores who accidentally got product early, and didn't know the book wasn't supposed to be out yet. Nor is it the fault of our fulfillment center who worked really hard to get the best quotes possible for us to ship the books to folks, and are continuing the push to ship to backers as fast as they can (seriously, they've been really great!). Unfortunately delays happen, even with the best of intentions and the best of plans in place. It is VERY frustrating though, for pretty much everyone all around.

      That was the situation, and as a result, we've been burning the midnight oil to get all of our irons to come out of the fire at roughly the same time (to totally mangle a couple metaphors), and Troy has crafted a lovely statement that we hoped would help explain what was going on, without casting blame on anyone, but to also let people know, because we understand that being surprised by things like this, isn't fun.

      Hopefully that helps to add some clarity to the situation. Sorry for the wall of text everybody!

    6. Mike Sutton on

      @Barry Wilson

      It doesn't matter. If people are selling things on Amazon when they're not supposed to be, the owner of the product can tell them to take it down.

    7. Barry Wilson on

      @Mike Sutton

      Green Ronin doesn't sell to or through Amazon. It's third party sellers.

    8. Mike Sutton on

      I'm not sure why everyone is blaming Amazon. If a seller let's their customer service know that something is being sold when it shouldn't be, Amazon will pull the product. The only reason Amazon is selling them is because Green Ronin is allowing them to.

    9. Niall Stewart on

      Thanks for the update. Good luck at Green Ronin Troy. Really looking forward to receiving my books, and character flash fiction.

    10. Josh Romig on

      Good stuff. I love the open communication and the straightforward explanation of the situation. While the situation isn't ideal, this seems like it is being handled well, and most importantly and I applaud you guys for it.

    11. Missing avatar

      David Orna-Ornstein on

      Sounds good thanks for the update.

    12. Missing avatar


      Ship Naked has been great in other Kickstarter projects I had participated. We are going to get our stuff in time, don't worry about it.
      Amazon is a big company, and sometimes they don't respect the rules. I think that's their wrongdoing, not Green Ronin.

    13. Samuel Flory Silbory on

      Sounds like Amazon's typical screw over your suppliers shtick.

    14. Pmopu on

      Nozama base - a wretched hive of cynical bootleggers, black marketeers, and ne'er-do-wells. Hidden on some asteroid or moon somewhere.

    15. Pmopu on

      A unique adventure or scenario, or location, would be cooler than a 10 buck coupon. :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Morris on

      I have agree with Rick on this one. Amazon is selling the book before the backers get it? Keep your $10, this is my last Green Ronin kickstarter.

    17. Samuel Webb on

      Many thanks, Troy. Keep up the good work team!

    18. Missing avatar

      Richard Kirke on

      Hi Troy,

      1) Gratitu-Pon doesn’t work for me at all. I would have gone with “Thank Youpon”.

      2) I know we are awaiting tracking numbers but can you give any estimate as to how long it will take for shipping outside the US? Particularly the UK?

    19. Pmopu on

      Completely unnecessary with coupon. We're getting our stuff. That's all that matters.

    20. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hester on

      Huh. Do you sell anything worth exactly $10?

    21. Christopher LaHaise on

      Much appreciated for the coupon, but I don't think it was necessary. Mistakes happen, and you can't control what other people do. You took the time to inform us as best you could, and for that, thank you. Looking forward to getting my copy!

    22. Rick Grzyb on

      see alot of people are far more tolerable than i on this matter, you have sent out gm kits ages ago and that is in peoples hands, and then you start selling them on amazon and they get it before the BACKERS who made this possible, honestly, its as bad as the kickstarters that sold out at CONS and the backers had to wait for second printings.

      Maybe the reason you are 4-5 months behind the very generous delivery date is because you guys where looking at ways to make money, rather than the money you already took from us. and excuse me while i dont hold my breath as the chance of getting it in australia within 2 weeks is almost zero, and if i bought off amazon it would have been cheaper


      This item will be released on May 21, 2019.
      Pre-order now.
      Ships from and sold by Amazon US.

    23. Chris Bjuland

      I’ll use the coupon for more M&M from the web store.

    24. Jason Krish on

      Thanks for the update. I'm not worried about this issue. I'm more antsy about getting the flash fiction :)

    25. Troy Hewitt Collaborator on

      Hey Jim! Thanks :) Just want you to know that our fulfillment partners are getting those tracking numbers prepared now! Keep an eye out (and we'll give you a nudge when it's time to expect it).

    26. Solaris on

      I don't care if Amazon is selling the book before I receive mine.

      This is not all that unusual (I've backed 80+ projects).

      I backed because I wanted to be a part of the campaign and see this game made.

      You all have done a great job. Look forward to receiving my signed book!

    27. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update. It's sad to see Amazon breaking the plan like this, but it's nowhere near the first time I've seen that kind of behavior.

    28. Mike Sutton on

      Can't you get a hold of Amazon and tell them those are not supposed to be sold yet? Identify the specific sellers and have their pages pulled?

    29. ☣️ 'Collector' ☣️

      Hi Troy and welcome.
      At this point I just want my tracking info.
      Have a nice day.