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The Expanse Roleplaying Game brings James S.A. Corey’s award-winning series of science fiction novels to the tabletop.
5,714 backers pledged $402,832 to help bring this project to life.

PDF Delivery

Posted by Chris Pramas: Green Ronin Publishing (Creator)

Hi all,

A quick update to let you know how the PDF delivery is going to go. 

The first thing to understand is that we'll be sending the emails out in batches. There are going to be a lot of you downloading these files and we don't want to overload our partners at If you see someone else talking about the game and you haven't gotten an email yet, don't panic! We're just staggering these to spare the servers.

If you haven't seen an email by tomorrow, the first thing to do is check your spam folder. Sometimes the emails for comp links get caught up there so it's worth taking a look. Should you have difficulty with the link itself, please contact Green Ronin first, not DriveThruRPG. Again, we don't want to overload them. 

If you don't have a DriveThruRPG account, it's a good idea to make one. These files will become part of your library there so you can re-download them any time. We do update the files from time to time to account for errata and other changes too, and this will allow you to always have the most updated version. 

Marc, our doughty Director of E-Publishing, will be sending the emails out over the next few hours. Enjoy!

Chris Pramas

Green Ronin

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Vanston about 12 hours ago

      Never received the email. What do I do next? Already contacted project owner via direct message and no response. Please help.

    2. Joseph McKeon on

      Never mind, I found it. I had two accounts with RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

    3. Joseph McKeon on

      I did not get my email link. Could you please resend?

    4. Missing avatar

      D. Verhoeven on

      I don't think I have had a link to download the PDF either.
      Is it possible to send the email again
      Thank you

    5. Missing avatar

      Shadowslance on

      I haven't seen hide nor hair of the link for the PDF.

    6. Stefan S Huddleston on

      Nevermind, I got it figured out

    7. Stefan S Huddleston on

      Anyone else getting an error on the updated version of the PDF that says it's been downloaded too many times?

    8. Missing avatar

      Celso Fornereto on

      Hi i still dont receive my download link. I already try to enter in contact by email with green ronnin but nobody respond

    9. Missing avatar

      Bjoern Sievert on

      Hey at all,
      when will you expect the roll-out of the hard-copies?

      Best regards from Germany

    10. Croft on

      See below:

      "If you [..] don't have access, please let me know at, and i'll see if we can get things sorted out for you."

    11. Ben Lewis Evans

      Hi. I have unfortunately not received any of the PDFs yet and I backed at the Battleship level. Nothing in my spam folder nor in my DriveThru RPG account

    12. Art Steventon on

      I may be a little dense... Ive had a link to the GM's kit, but not the rulebook? Is this correct?

    13. Colin Whiteside on

      Yeah, nothing there. I figured maybe you had manual registration turned on for the forum or something so it might take some time to come through.

    14. Barry Wilson on

      @Colin Added to the list. I'll try and dig into your issues with the forum. Have you checked your spam folder?

    15. Colin Whiteside on

      I can’t seem to register for the Green Ronin forum to post some errata, could someone be a dear and mention that Bobbie Draper’s name is repeatedly misspelled “Bobbi” in at least 20 different places? Thanks.

    16. Dylan Templar Collaborator on

      @David Fletcher, Everyone who has a pledge level which includes a PDF, should now have access to it. If you still haven't received an email with a link, try checking the "library" section of Drivethru and RPGNow to see if the file is available to you.

      If you still don't have access, please let me know at, and i'll see if we can get things sorted out for you.

    17. Missing avatar

      David Fletcher on

      Are there still more batches to be sent?

    18. Missing avatar

      Charles on

      So, when I first saw the "Average Travel Time between Locations" table in Chapter 6 (and the Map), I rolled my eyes. "Talk about artistic license! Nearly 98 hours from Mercury to Earth at .3G! Give me a break!"

      "Let's see how much they're lowballing it to make things work...," I thought, and did the math and ....

      My jaw dropped. Sure enough. 49 hours burn with 49 hours braking burn... Yikes. Talk about attention to detail.

    19. Colin Whiteside on

      Just wanna say, despite all my questions, this is a really nice rulebook. Can't wait to get a game going. Real love for the material here.

    20. Barry Wilson on

      If you have received a link to the GM Kit, but not the core book, please send an email to

    21. Joseph Lonergan on

      So I got my GM Kit download yesterday, but I don't have a corebook download, is that coming in another wave or has there been a mistake?

    22. Adam Brown on

      @colin Whiteside @adam brown the short story is IN the core book. Right up front. Read it last night. Last Flight Of The Cassandra.

      The deck plans, and Abzu’s Bounty are stretch goals and will take time, they never promised them with initial fulfillment.

    23. jtalle on

      OOps! Different email.

      Got it, thanks.

    24. Steven Jones on

      @jtalle Might be worth checking your spam folder, I've had stuff from end up there randomly from time to time.

    25. Steven Jones on

      This was posted by one of the staff on the main comment section, posting here in case you find stuff.

      If you find any typos and/or errata, you can post it to the Green Ronin forums at this location:

    26. jtalle on

      I got a screen front and back, cards and The Gamemaster's Kit which is an adventure called 'The Ganymede Insurance Job'.

      No core rules?

    27. cdaniel

      I received yesterday the links for both Core and Game Master Kit. Just downloaded them!

    28. Kasper on

      I got 2 links but no corebook. Will this come in a 3rd wave or did something wrong?

    29. Erick Christgau

      Are they still being sent out? Nothing at all here and it's been many, many hours. Backed at the level to get a custom character too and really want to read what they wrote.

    30. Colin Whiteside on

      Thanks for the clarification Dylan, although I just got a download link for the GM kit PDFs anyway. So it's just the flash fiction (if anyone paid for that reward), deck plans and Abzu's Bounty when they are done. Cheers.

    31. Mark Buenaluz on

      so i got the link for the gamemasters kit but not the core book yet, is this normal?

    32. Dylan Templar Collaborator on

      minor correction: Abzu's Bounty is still being created. The Core rulebook does have an adventure in the back titled "To Sleep Perchance to Dream".

    33. Dylan Templar Collaborator on

      @Colin Whiteside, @Steven Jones is correct. The GM Kit will be forthcoming with the Backerkit. The adventure and deck plans are still being created and will be made available as soon as they're ready, and the exclusive short story "Last Flight of the Cassandra" is on pages 4 to 8 of the core rulebook.

    34. Steven Jones on

      @Donald My guess is the GM kit is coming when the Backer Kit goes out since not everyone that backed the kick starter is getting them, (unlike the core book). The other items like the adventure and story will probably as soon as they are ready.

    35. Missing avatar

      Donald Preuss on

      So I got my pack but nothing regarding the GM guide or any adventures. I assume that is coming later this week?

    36. Clem Carlos Schermann on


      I received the download-link and did not hesitate. Then I ran through the documents, and I like what I see. During the next days I will read the core rulebook.

      Thank you so much!
      Best wishes!

    37. Adam Brown on

      @Colin Whiteside. I'll be interested in the response to your question. I wonder if some of the stretch goal rewards will take additional time though. One project that I backed wasn't able to produce all stretch goals for up to about a year afterwards.

    38. Colin Whiteside on

      Seems like most of the extra stuff I was expecting is missing. No James SA Corey short story, no Abzu's Bounty campaign, no deck plans, no GM kit at all. Feels bad man.

    39. Colin Whiteside on

      I got the download for the base game but no PDFs for the GM's kit. What's the deal?

    40. Missing avatar

      Greg Volz on

      Excellent. Downloading now!

    41. Niall Stewart on

      Great news. Hoping I'm not going to be in the final batch to receive the link :)

    42. Tipster on

      Received and reading through. So excited! Thank you guys for all your hard work!

    43. Al Billings

      Have you asked us which email our DTRPG account is on in a survey? I don't recall that you did. Mine isn't this email address...

    44. Missing avatar

      Dustin Gauntt on

      My body is ready

    45. Neal Dalton

      How do I electronically push my way past 5713 other backers?

    46. Missing avatar

      David Bjorne


    47. Tipster on