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The Expanse Roleplaying Game brings James S.A. Corey’s award-winning series of science fiction novels to the tabletop.
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Game Approved, PDFs Incoming!

Posted by Chris Pramas: Green Ronin Publishing (Creator)

Hello backers,

Mondays are rarely happy but today I have good news: The Expanse RPG has been approved! We will be sending the game to print this week and you also get your PDFs. To get those into your hands ASAP, we'll be emailing you links for comp copies at You should see those by tomorrow. Then we'll be opening up the BackerKit to collect all your addresses, let you pay for shipping, allow modifications to your order, and so on later this month. 

Thanks for your patience. Launch imminent!

Chris Pramas

Green Ronin Publishing

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    1. Neal Dalton

      Dylan Templar just posted this in the regular comments:
      “Confirmed: we are indeed doing it in batches. Emails should start going out in the next little while, and through the remainder of the day.

      I need to step away for a couple hours, but if anyone has a question and i seem unresponsive, feel free to email me directly at

    2. Josh Romig on

      Pat Parslow - just read in the Kickstarter's comment section that they are rolling it out in batches and the first batch should go out soon.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pat Parslow on

      I guess that could be up to another 12 hours or so (despite tomorrow almost being over here) - can you give an indication of an actual time at which we can start worrying that you've actually forgotten us?

    4. Janne Pfeiffenberger on

      I was totally fine with waiting since November, but now that it is only a matter of hours/days, I can't help myself but check my email every ten minutes haha.

    5. Missing avatar

      Donald Preuss on

      I would expect the PDFs to trickle out over the afternoon and evening into the weekend at the latest

    6. Neal Dalton

      It may be tomorrow already but they’re on the west coast so it’s only 10am there. Give them a bit.

    7. Jeff Fa Fa on

      We read you, Ceres, copy. Standing by to initiate flip and burn in 3... 2... 1... Mark.

      How copy, over?

    8. Missing avatar

      mike bowie on

      Has anyone gotten theirs yet? I haven't, and it's tomorrow already.

    9. Missing avatar

      Angela Standridge on

      Oh boy! It's my Birthday. What a present. And I noticed Amazon prime will be dropping season 4 later this year. Yeah.......

    10. Dr Mark Bivens

      Solid copy.

    11. Missing avatar


      Fine news indeed! :)

    12. Josh Romig on

      Oh, Frabjous day!

    13. John O'Neal on

      Life is good, boys!

    14. Missing avatar

      Manfred Lill on

      Yeeha! Finally!

    15. Clem Carlos Schermann on

      Awesome. Not aeesome ... You get the idea ...

    16. Clem Carlos Schermann on

      How. Aeesome. Is. That?

    17. Missing avatar

      Carl Speakman on

      Today is a great day :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Christoffer Lindgren on

      How do I like something more than once?!

    19. Missing avatar

      Allison Mawhinney on

      Made Monday happier! Thanks for the update!

    20. Devon J Kelley on

      Oh, happy day! I'm very excited to start digging into the game book.

    21. Neal Dalton

      Hot damn!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ripleyludicrous on

      Sweet! Thank you Chris.

    23. Paragonlostinspace on

      Awesome Chris, looking forward to looking over the PDFs.

    24. Missing avatar

      Will Wagner on

      Awesome! Thanks for all the work y'all have done on this!

    25. Rodolphe on

      Great, I've just started reading the first book of the series !

    26. Will DeWitt on

      Yeaaaahhhhhh, buddy!

    27. Chris Bell

      Yay! Unfortunately I’ll need to wait for the backerkit to get a pdf since I need to upgrade but getting closer!!