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The Expanse Roleplaying Game brings James S.A. Corey’s award-winning series of science fiction novels to the tabletop.
5,714 backers pledged $402,832 to help bring this project to life.

So Close...

Posted by Chris Pramas: Green Ronin Publishing (Creator)

Hello all,

We are agonizingly close to releasing the PDF of the Expanse RPG and opening up the BackerKit. The finished PDF just needs to go over to Daniel and Ty for a final look over. Once we get their thumbs up, it's go time!

In the meantime, I thought you'd appreciate a look at a few spreads from the game. Hal Mangold, who handles our graphic design and art direction, has been working hard to make the game both beautiful and functional. Here's a taste of what he's been cooking.

I hope to have some happy news for you next week. Stay tuned!

Chris Pramas

Green Ronin


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    1. Stefan S Huddleston 3 days ago

      Take your time. I'm more than willing to wait.

      Come on Beltalowda, mowsh ando natet. ( ...Belters, stay loose.)

      Inyalowda tenye xash deya! (The Inners have danger there!)

      Du ferí da Belte!

    2. geoffrey Laramee 4 days ago

      You might need to realize that Seattle is mostly around 15000 kms and i seldom ask the weather there. The problem is not that there are delays, that s part of the fun, problem is that roleplayers believe in monsters from other planes so when u say next week nobody sees the "Hope" just the next week :)

    3. Nicole Lindroos of Green Ronin Collaborator 5 days ago

      Hey, when Chris said he HOPED to have happy news next week, it was that. HOPE. Meanwhile Seattle has been hit with the most snow the city has seen since 1919, complete with power outages and people being housebound since February 4th. Now that the "snow event" seems to finally be over, we're having to brace for anticipated flooding from the massive snow dump.

      Like, I know you guys are anxious and excited but please be kind. It's COMING.

    4. geoffrey Laramee 5 days ago

      When you said next week, what month was it ? ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Silveressa 6 days ago

      Can we get an example of the deckplans quality? (I'm hoping the quality will be high enough to use with tokens and such on R20 )

    6. jtalle on

      Is it next week yet?

    7. d.Forrest on

      Got an ETA on printed products?

    8. Hawke Robinson on

      Thank you for not putting too much artwork behind the text. Ideally there shouldn't be any. We work with populations that include dylexia and various visual impairments, and many of these rulebooks in the last 15 years have become all but unreadable for millions of people because of all the artwork behind the text. Looking forward to your product and sharing evaluation on the RPG Research broadcasts. Cheers!

    9. Missing avatar

      Ryan McGunnigal on

      Hello, I have pledged for a standard edition, can I upgrade this to a special edition of the rulebook?


    10. Jon Torta on

      Should we expect contact soon? How is the pledge management going to work?

    11. Nathan Kahler on

      SWEEEEET! Keeping my fingers crossed for next week...

    12. Donovan Hurter on

      Hmm, a bit disconcerting for tablet PDF users. Those paragraphs that span the width of the page pretty much suck for tablet readers for tablet readers in particular. I hope that style is minimal. Just looking at my Modern AGE PDF and the layout there is great so...fingers crossed.

    13. Jeff Fa Fa on

      Green Ronin layouts always look so clean and organized. This is one of the things I've come to expect from you guys over the years. I'd say that I was really impressed with the look of this game if I didn't already know that this quality of work was so solidly in your wheelhouse. Thanks for your hard work, Hal!

    14. Michael Bedggood

      When are we going to get the PM?

    15. Thomas Deeny on

      It looks like Hal did a fantastic job with the layout!

    16. Donna Prior

      SO excited! Good job, Mangold!

    17. Missing avatar

      Liara Jennings on

      it's a single-column format.
      Y'all are now my favourite RPG producers and publishers.

    18. Josh Romig on

      I'm super excited.

    19. Devon J Kelley on

      Looks good! I'm very much looking forward to the completed product. Thanks for all your hard work!