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The Expanse Roleplaying Game brings James S.A. Corey’s award-winning series of science fiction novels to the tabletop.
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    1. Jeff Fa Fa on

      Your Song of Ice and Fire RPG demonstrated that Green Ronin is really, really good at taking a licensed property and designing mechanics which perfectly compliment the setting and themes of the source material. I'm really happy to see that you're taking the same approach with the Expanse RPG. This is going to be a fantastic game. :)

    2. Neal Dalton

      Interesting setup from ship combat. I like the phases and how everything is sort of resolved simultaneously. Or at least the effects occur simultaneously.

    3. Solaris on

      I really want to incorporate a miniatures system into space battles. Something like a mix of FFGs Star Wars Armada and XWing, with this systems RPG elements.