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Revise the keyboard from 100+ keys & QWERTY to typing with the tips of your fingers anywhere! 10keys do it all & Textskin is the start!

This is an alternative to the QWERTY keyboard and is a flexible membrane that is designed to wrap around an Xbox 360 controller and place ten additional keys convenient to your fingertips. Tap a key or hold one and tap another for every letter, number, symbol or function( F keys use 3 fingers) on a standard US keyboard. The technology has been developed and we even have a training game to teach you how to use it. We have developed this project to be completely functional but need to finalize the look and feel and make the molds for production. To cover the costs for this, we need your help! This is the first product to use this technology and market research says that it could be a huge winner. We showed it to attendees at E3 and they really loved it. A spokesman at Sony said that if 3rd party sales prove there is a market for this technology, Sony would look to incorporate it into their products. They also said that it seems to be the best solution for moving text intensive PC games onto their console systems! The contributors who help us finish this project have the opportunity to own a Textskin or the DIY board before they are available to the general public.

You can build a ten-key device of your own, just attach ten switches and plug in the USB. You can type or text with a pair of gloves, on a steering wheel, on the back of your phone or even the arms of a chair. And you never have to look at the keyboard because your fingers are always on the right buttons!

If you want to be on the cutting edge of a really cool technology that puts the entire keyboard on your fingertips, type with privacy without anyone able to tell which buttons you just pushed, text message on your PC while in the middle of a game without looking away from the screen, than please help support this project! If you have problems with big fingers and tiny keyboards, don't want to have to look down everytime you text, or think that after 140 years the keyboard needs to be re-considered, please contribute $5 or more! Learn more about our efforts to modernize technology and the ten key system at


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    For any backer of $5 or more gets an instruction card and download that teaches how to type with only ten keys.

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    $10 gets an instruction card, download, and a commemorative input device (a pen) to show your support for new input technology.

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    $25 gets the instruction card, download, pen and a t-shirt or hat to show your support for ten-key typing.

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    $35 gets the card, download, pen, a t-shirt & a hat to show your support for ten-key typing.

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    $50 gets interesting! You get the instruction card, download, and a DYI kit for making your own ten key keyboard including a pre-programmed USB board and ten key switches that when attached, will allow you to type with ten buttons! All supporters of $50 or more will have the option to be listed as a pioneer of technology on our website.

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    $80 gets the instruction card, download, DYI board kit, pen, t-shirt & hat.

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    $100 backers will get the card, download, and a 1st generation Textskin wraparound keyboard for your Xbox 360 before they are offered for sale to the general public.

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    backers of $175 or more get the complete package. Instruction card, download, pen, t-shirt, hat, DYI kit and a textskin wraparound keyboard, signed by the inventor. All textskins will be hand numbered and the supporters who contribute the most ($100 or more) will get the lowest numbers.

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