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$1,792 pledged of $7,500 goal
$1,792 pledged of $7,500 goal

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Post CES show

We had a good showing at CES last week and got a number of reviews both domestic & foreign.  I hope you will continue to find the latest information from including plans for future kickstarter projects.  Here are links to some of the reviews: &,7340,L-4174432,00.html  I just wish I knew what they say but hey, press is press in any language!  Thanks to all who backed this project and I will honor your commitment with a promise to provide this product to those who want to think away from the box (or Keyboard)!

All the best,

Wayne Rasanen, p,

New video shows how it works

Several people have asked to see a bit more about the interface so I posted a new video to show more about how it works and some plans for the future.  You can see that the graphics are a bit better and we have about 30 built.  Most are going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week except the ones spoken for.  If we can get the rest of them sold we would be funded and everyone will get one so please share with your friends!  142 years of QWERTY is a good long run, isn't it time to think of something else?


Wayne Rasanen

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It Types like this...

Here are some videos to help understand how to use the device.  One to show how to type the letters of the alphabet  and another to show how versatile the keyboard can be used.  We should have the final graphics soon so I will update the pictures then.  So far  the feedback from our testers has been good so I really think you will enjoy using our tiny keyboard. Thanks for sharing this project!