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Every afternoon, Linda tries to reconnect with Gnome Al. Every night, Gnome Al forgets Linda exists. A love story.

Why is it that the closest, most important connections are sometimes the hardest to hold onto? 

GNOMES is a short film about the lengths a woman named Linda goes to in order to stay connected to a guy named Gnome Al. It’s about making gnome hats. And showing up. It’s about the benefits of simple repetition. And for me, it's about magic.

GNOMES will be a two-day production, shot on-location in Los Angeles, California. The money raised from this online campaign will pay for all pre-production, production, and post-production costs. This money will pay for our locations, our equipment, and our talented cast and crew. Being able to pay our editor, our sound designers, titles designer, and colorist during post-production will also enable us to finish the film in a timely manner. 

This story will be told in the details. As the writer/director, I'm interested in exploring the physical, emotional, and atmospheric toll that disconnection takes. In order to do this, our artists and technicians will create an intimately intricate world that is authentic to our unique characters. 

On behalf of our entire GNOMES team, thank you for your support!


Abram Makowka - Writer/Director

Abram's feature film, Tug, premiered at the Newport Film Festival. It stars Zach Knighton (Happy Endings), Sarah Drew (Grey's Anatomy), Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock, Whitney, Weeds), Sam Huntington (Being Human), David Zellner (Goliath, Kid Thing) and Yeardley Smith (The Simpsons). It will be released in 2013. His script, Anatomy of a Stick Figure, was on The Black List. He has written scripts for Salma Hayek, Kaz Kiriya, Steve Golin and Shadow Machine (Robot Chicken, Hell Ride). Originally from Canada, he currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two dogs.

Setu Raval - Producer

Setu Raval has produced a number of award-winning short films, NEST OF SPIDERS (DGA's Best Woman Director, Honorable Mention for ASC's Laszlo Kovacs Heritage Award), ASPHYXIA (ASC's Laszlo Kovacs Heritage Award, Gold Coast Award), and CRAZY LOVE (AFI/Levi's Show Us the Way Contest Finalist). She works for the Film Independent Spirit Awards and has also worked for Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, and the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.  

Rebecca Green - Co-producer

Rebecca Green is the Manager of Producing Initiatives for the Sundance Institute and an independent producer who was recently chosen to participate in the 2012 Film Independent Producing Lab. Prior to her work as a producer, Green worked at Paramount Pictures as Vice President of Lynda Obst Productions and spent four years at Lionsgate. Green has also worked for the Sundance and Los Angeles Film Festival and has spoken on panels for organizations such as USC, UCLA, IFP, and Film Independent.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We've been working on the GNOMES script for over a year. In developing this project, we've always considered our artistic vision and our budget to be equally important. We are committed to making special films responsibly. Our script is six pages long and can be made for the amount we are asking for.

That being said, we don't claim to be wizards or psychics and know that budgetary challenges will always arise. Thankfully, our team is made up of dedicated industry professionals who are willing to work through any and all challenges without ever having to compromise the end result.

We are already in pre-production and plan to film in December
or January. We are committed to delivering rewards to our
awesome Kickstarter backers in a timely manner. As we work
to coordinate the schedules of our cast & crew, there are many factors
that could cause our timeline to shift slightly: weather, full-time
work schedules, film festivals, location availability, etc. But have
no fear, this film is our number one priority and we will ultimately
deliver a film you will be proud to have backed!

We're starting out small so we can grow as a unit, with the control and ability to be meticulous with every aspect of our project. The film we want to make will be the film we make together! Thanks!!


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