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I was once brainwashed by Warren Jeffs.

I was once brainwashed by Warren Jeffs. Read more
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Carlos Smith Holm Jr

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About this project

I am writing an Autobiography of my life in Warren Jeffs cult. I will use the funds to publish the book : Family of Enemies.

I will be writing the book myself. And when I have the funds, I will hire an editor, not a ghostwriter, to complete the Autobiography.

I will only use the money for editing, formatting, and the final publication.

The costs of every process associated with finalization are varied. I plan to find the lowest cost publisher possible.

I need to write this book because I feel like other FLDS authors have not properly revealed the culture in a fair light, however unfair the culture may have been. I also intend to simplify the mess that Warren Jeffs created by bringing the characters to life. I will always use real cause & effect events throughout my entire book, because I have remembered so many painful things that are still stuck in my head.

I also want this book to be objectively balanced so that other ex-FLDS members can verify the accuracy of the incredible events that destroyed the lives of over 10,000 people.

If this book is successful, I can find a way to help my mom and 3 younger get out of the cult.

My story is complicated and in-depth. And the book is nearly complete. I expect the revised version to be close to 500 pages. I Intend to publish an heirloom hardcover book that will be collected by many readers around the world.

I have many available way to finalize and publish the book.

There are over 10 publishers in my area, many of which would be desperate to publish this book. Because literally every other FLDS book has been successful.

Or I could self print my book after it is edited using a local, or an online publisher such as,

The first 250 backers who donate $20 or more will be sent a book within the first month of printing.

I did an AMA on Reddit on October 12th and got over 1,500 positive responses to a small portion of my story. One of them told me about this website, Kickstarter. So here I am, working to fund a project that will pay for itself in the long run.

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge will not to be selling copies of my book. The biggest challenge will be to lay out the story so well, that it will make the reader feel like they are part of the story. Then it will sell itself. I promise you that this story will be more complex and incredible than I have portrayed in this project launch when it's finished.

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    I am very hopeful that this story will go viral. If it does, and you are part of this kickstarter project, I will have the funds to actually give your money back. It's a personal guarantee. If I can, I will. It's not considered an investment, and you do not need to sign a contract. I'm doing it of my own free will.
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