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Burn Out is the first expansion for Eden, the post-apocalyptic skirmish game.
Be careful, the world of Eden is violent and ruthless !
Burn Out is the first expansion for Eden, the post-apocalyptic skirmish game. Be careful, the world of Eden is violent and ruthless !
676 backers pledged €83,049 to help bring this project to life.

Three hours before extraction ...

Posted by Happy Games Factory (Creator)

Our community is one of the best in the world. Sometimes you have people who love your game so much that they want to be inside this game, that’s goal of the «Immortal pledge».

And sometimes, you meet some guys like Lawrence, who are supporting us every days with their good vibes and their kindness.
Lawrence is the 2nd «Immortal pledge» but he was also one of the 3 «Mini creator» pledge for Escape 4 years ago ! 

Three hours before extraction and nothing ! The pilots trio will coming back with empty-hands ! Lawrence couldn't accept that, especially after speaking to the committee. He has put a little too much emphasis, ensuring the success of the mission if the commitee sends him and his daughters, Nath and Dree. No, no, no reinforcements needed, we know what we are doing, all will be fine ! A joke ! Nath was still connected to the database, searching useful informations, but nothing ! She sighed every time she had to hack new pass, and it obviously did not require her any effort. Dree stamped, her need of action was frustrated by wainting her sister to find a clue ... already twice Lawrence had to run after her.

« Dad ! I got something ! A C-18 model at 3rd basement, deactivated for 3 years it seems. There is also a reserve of battery in hangar N°27 ! » shouted Nath when disconnecting her terminal. 

Finally some action! 3 hours to reactivate and hack an old drone model, to fill up of battery, it's easy, isn't it ?

He challenged us :

When Lawrence received the brief for his Immortal pledge, he replied to Mohand and asked him for not have one, but two miniatures : his daughters. After some discuss, both of Lawrence and Mohand are agree, the family will be united by the game !

Work in Progress : Concept of Lawrence’s daughters
Work in Progress : Concept of Lawrence’s daughters

The story of Lawrence is so beautiful that we cannot resist to make you for this add-on a Family pack including Lawrence and his daughters !

Add €25 to your pledge amout to get the full family !
Add €25 to your pledge amout to get the full family !


Unexpected cards :

They are the next goal but what is it ?
An event card is drawn at the beginning of each turn, after first player was decided, but before all other game effects.

An exemple : Wind gusts 

Design the wind origin with 1D6 : 

  • 1-2 : First player’s table side
  • 3 : First player’s left table side
  • 4 : First player’s right table side
  • 5-6 : From the other side of first player

All tokens on the field are moved by 5cm toward the opposite designed side. Those tokens can fall from one or more steps.

This could be chaotic to get objectives :)

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    1. Missing avatar


      Parce qu'il me tente bien cet add on

    2. Missing avatar


      Peut on voir la figurine de Lawrence faite pour le KS d'escape ?

    3. Happy Games Factory 7-time creator on

      Oui, ils auront des profils Eden.
      J'attends les illustrations définitives pour faire des cartes :)

    4. rogue on

      ces persos auront-ils leur profil pour eden ? (c'est pour augmenter éventuellement mon pledge)

    5. Matias

      What a brilliant concept! Is there a chance of buying the daughters separately as I already own the Lawrence mini from a previous KS?

    6. Bib' (Lawrence) on

      Anyone getting my daughters killed is up for some bad karma I tell you :-D!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Rémi Rovira on

      Jolie petite histoire