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An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
5,636 backers pledged €192,487 to help bring this project to life.

Important announcement

Posted by Nikola Rakic (Collaborator)
Hello everyone, 

We have another significant update on the development of Scorn. There is a lot of info we need to disclose so we are going to cut straight to the point. We have a good/bad situation on our hands, predominantly good.

The Good 

We managed to sign an excellent deal with the great investment fund and acquire additional funds for the development of Scorn. 

The fund in question is very hands-off regarding creative elements of the game, and that was the primary reason why we decided to go through with the deal. Creative freedom is the most important aspect for us as a studio. From the very beginning of the project we wanted to create a game without too many compromises, and that indeed isn't an easy task. 

With this new deal, we are in an excellent position to create much better quality, fully realized game. 

A single compromise we did make was to split the game into two parts. Cynical people were saying we are just doing that to make more money, but it couldn't be further from the truth. It was a necessity if we wanted to finish the game with this kind of high fidelity, scope, and modest budget, which partly came from our backers. 

The newly acquired resources will enable us to the develop Scorn as intended from start to finish, the whole experience, not just the first part. 

There's been a lot of debate recently with many "not-so-positive" stories about the quality of indie games, especially those funded through the Kickstarter. It's somewhat understandable why these kinds of things happen, as game development takes a lot of dedication, perseverance and stamina. Since we started this project our top priority was to create the best game possible. During this time, we have faced many hardships, but our goal remained the same. We have never faltered, and we will stick to our motto, making the best game possible. We will never release something subpar and call it a day. 

The Bad 

Making the whole game is going to take more time. Scorn Part 1 of 2: Dasein will not be released this year. 

We know that some of you are going to be understandably disappointed as you were eagerly awaiting Scorn Part 1 of 2: Dasein in October 2018. And although we understand that, we still think that this new deal is the best course of action for us and ultimately the players as it will enable us to develop a better game. The upside is that you won’t be left waiting on a cliffhanger for part 2. 

Now you will experience the game from start to finish, as intended, but at a later date that is yet to be announced. 

For Our Backers 

As we genuinely appreciate the constant support that we received from each and every one of you Kickstarter and Brightlocker backers we decided the following: 

All backers will receive the FULL game and, depending on the reward tiers they opted for, the whole soundtrack and expanded art book, respectively. That means twice more content and more value than you initially pledge for, affecting both digital and physical rewards. 

However, we also realize that some of you will not be satisfied with this development and feel that this is not what you signed up for. For everyone who wants to cancel their pledge and get their money back, we are offering a full refund at any time during the development. That is the least we can do. You can receive a refund directly to the same credit card you pledged on KS, if that card hasn't expired. If the card expired, you will need to provide us with a Pay Pal account. Please understand that these rules are set by KS and we can’t change them. We will process refunds as soon as possible, but please allow two to four weeks before the refunds reach your accounts. 

We will continue keeping you updated, you can expect the next update sometime in October when we will disclose more information about the future. We realize that you may have additional questions and we will do our best to answer every single message that reaches us through Kickstarter, Brightlocker, Facebook, Twitter, Steam, and email.

Once again, thank you for sticking with us this far. We will give our best to make your wait worthwhile and create a great game. 

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    1. EraserSK on

      I was some time ago in Macedonia... or North Macedonia... or what is now name for this country. I was surprised about time... they how all time of the world... take a sit, drink coffee... wait a minute... etc... i was spend 5 days to in Skoptje to search someone in work. I call my chief in Slovakia... hey we have deadline whats going on? Nobody knows whats happend... ask side manager in Skoptje (was on vacation in Greece)... than i call him and they says me: ... ovo je Balkan... dont worry take some time, we bring you some delicious food and after 2-3 weeks will be all finished... work was finished after half year but with Slovaks who travel to help in Macedonia... and after this we closed office in Macedonia... So yes... ovo je Balkan. Deadline? Who cares about deadline? Now to the point... i want refund, please.

    2. Missing avatar

      Hristo Naydenov on

      Due to a drastic shift in personal aims and time disposal, I would like to have a refund please. My debit card is expired, but I will provide you with a paypal account. Let me know.

    3. Pattron on

      I would like to get a refund, how can I go about that?

    4. Nic on

      I'm not seeing a downside, refunds are for rich kids parents who don't see a value in some trinkets no offence. I glanced at the currency, between dollars and euros, and if I got a refund I don't think it would equate the way it did in 2017. Hold on to the dreams that draw you in.

    5. Commissar Dan

      Good. Take your time. Don't compromise. Don't let this turn into another Agony fiasco.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tyler P on

      Any chance I can get a refund?

    7. Freddy Awad on

      Thank you for this beautiful update, they are both good news to me, honestly. Warmest congrats on the extra funds! Even though I was indeed looking forward to finally play Scorn come October or November, I'm more than happy to wait until the postponed release date if that means I'm getting the real deal and the full original artistic vision. Great art should never be rushed. And backers will be getting more eye candy than they originally pledged for, so this is a win-win situation. Godspeed to the team, looking forward for more future updates and more news about the game! I hope the full game will turn out really big and really hard to finish!

    8. Chris Dedman "Sassy" on

      I don't mind waiting one bit! I've patiently waited this long I have no problem waiting longer! Take your time and make the game as great as you can! Thank you!

    9. Missing avatar

      craig mooney on

      I don't mind waiting. It'll be worth it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on

      @cabfe - We will disclose more info on that in one of the following updates, as the entire thing is not overly public and is yet to be announced.

    11. cabfe on

      Is your new partner only helping in the financial domain or will they help you too with beta-testing, marketing and such?

    12. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on

      @Transhumanist5 - We can't give estimates yet, as we're still making a new production plan.
      @Siilk - Your pledge has been refunded.

    13. Siilk on

      @Nikola Rakic: If you are to be trusted and you are indeed had enough money to finish the project as originally intended, you had even less justifications for seeking alternative sources of funding. Especially so, given you haven't discussed this notion with your backers prior to taking actions. Changing scope of an already backed project, especially if that will entail receiving extra funding from an undisclosed source which will have its own financial interest in the whole affair, is a very unethical move for a kickstarter-backed team.

      I would indeed like to have my pledge refunded in full. I, as many others here, would love to see this game to be completed but as Scorn development team discredited itself by taking this course actions, I have no interest in supporting such people financially.

    14. Missing avatar

      Manuel Alberto Morales Vega on

      Take all the time you need for make Scorn came true. I love the decision you take for make Scorn bigger and better. I love how the game looks like and the way of delevoment it takes.
      You have all my support in the decison!. Have fun making the game!!! I will waiting. I´m really sure that the wait will be worth it!!! ;)

    15. Missing avatar

      Keith James Merner on

      everything Tivon H. Creager said.

      I don't mind the wait either guys, I still play the demo from time to time.
      Looking forwards to more updates.

    16. Missing avatar

      Transhumanist5 on

      Since it will be a full game rather than split into parts, how long will the game be? The estimated length for the first part was 6 to 8 hours.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tivon H. Creager on

      This, like many have agreed, is the best possible "worst news ever"!!! i am an artist myself and i know that you just cant rush great art! I am confident in knowing that you guys are doing the best you can, to make this game as amazing as it possibly can be, and i dont mind the wait! thanks for the heads up and congrats on the extra funding!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on

      @Siilk - We didn't run out of money. We got more funds instead so we could follow through with our vision for the game. If you're unhappy with our decisions, we are offering you a full refund at any time during the production.

      @Nic - Yes, things have changed in the reward department, but we can't edit the reward tiers in the campaign since the campaign is over. We are going through with all rewards, and all those rewards are automatically upgraded to a full game and shipped along with the game, once we release it. That means that you will get expanded wallpaper pack, digital copy of a full game, expanded artbook and soundtrack (both digital and physical), and a USB drive that contains full game. The rest remains unaffected. You're free to request a refund, it will be processed immediately.

    19. Nic on

      It sounded like things have changed in the rewards department, it doesn't sound like you plan on going through with many rewards, will you be updating the pledge tiers so some may adjust or must I flat out request a complete return police informant style?

    20. Siilk on

      Extremely disappointed with your choice. Not only introducing a third party funds into what was supposed to be an independent game is the worst possible course of actions you could take, but also increasing the scope of the work after running out of money required for implementing what was already planned is a recipe for disaster. It's a shame such a great concept is going to be wasted.

    21. SunPunisher

      Thank You guys for the update. Keep up a good work.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on

      Hello everyone,

      Thank you for sticking with us, we're doing our best to keep up with filled mailboxes and flurries of comments. Here are the answers to some FAQs well formulated by our backers listed below. We'll be updating our FAQ sections by the end of the week, as we're waiting to see what questions will become frequently asked :)

      @Stig Tore - Thank you for backing us in the first place :) There won't be any upgrades, add-ons or new pledges possible, as it would create a potential mess out of existing pledges - imagine editing 6000 pledges for small changes and then shipping it all with no mistakes - it's virtually impossible.

      @Augeard Nicolas - We took this deal as it guarantees what's important to us - to develop a game that we wanted to make all along. It's hard to work on the game for years and not see it published, it's hard to work on a project not knowing if you'll have a chance to finish it. We embraced all of that when we embarked on this journey. Now we're well past the "event horizon" - with the successful Kickstarter and so many people lending their support - we wouldn't take the deal that could prove detrimental to a game we're building for years now, so don't worry - it's a good deal for Scorn :)

      @Nicholas - We're still in the rough estimate phase, so I'd refrain from throwing some numbers around. We'll probably have more precise info on this before the end of the year.

      @Alejandro Torres - Thank you for your support! Unfortunately, as I explained in my response to Stig Tore, we can't offer any more add-ons or upgrades.

      @Danio Caw - Don't worry, we took care of the thing. Check your messages.

    23. Missing avatar

      ravoc on

      Never was a fan of the split in 2 parts, so this is great news. :)

      But since this will affect more than just extra content, keep us in the loop please. This is important, now more then ever.

      PS: you might also want to update the FAQ about this.

    24. Molly Noise on

      Thanks for the update :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Shishi Shiraui on

      I've seen a lot of games pumped out last minute to reach a deadline which never seems to go well. Games these days feel very unfinished for that reason. The fact that you guys are taking your time make me feel a sense of security that you'll do your absolute best. It really pleases me to hear feedback like this. I'm with you guys till the release. Thanks for working so hard.

    26. Scythers21 on

      A little upset that the game is being delayed but if that means it will be better then I have no problems. Keep up the work guys.

    27. Elsbeth Cheyne on

      I am so excited to hear how serious you guys are about sticking to your vision. Please take all the time that you need; I have full confidence this game has the potential to be something really special and incredible, and I am more than willing to wait as long as I need to if it means your game is polished and fully realized. Your updates and honesty are so refreshing and appreciated. Godspeed, guys!

    28. Daniel Eskildsen on

      Congratulations on the investment. I think this is a better deal for both us backers and you, as you get more breathing room and more time to create a more complete experience and we get a full game, rather than half a game, like you say. I wouldn't really say that's bad news ;)

    29. Missing avatar

      Augeard Nicolas on

      Posting more visual update and an updated demo will help people to accept the delay... will your deal change the game ? Did some limitations come with the deal ? (like replacing enemies by kittens for touching larger public... )

    30. Missing avatar

      Alex Smith on

      It sounds like a better deal getting both parts at once, I'm all for this agreement!

    31. 6baalmoloch6 on

      Take all the time you need, we Don't want another Agony-like unfinished game. The more longer you build the game, the better it will be !

    32. Missing avatar

      Transhumanist5 on

      I think this picture confirms that Scorn people are grown inside walls.

      As for the announcement, I'm guessing there's no way up when you backed the highest tier. In any case, while it is unfortunate that we'll have to wait even longer for the game (and only three months away from its release too), we will be getting a larger final product. Since it is so close to the initial release date, that should mean that a lot of the first part is finished already.

      I just hope the second part they're going to add to it is able to be fully realized.

    33. Becca on

      Once again, your team continues to impress and be ever so generous. I would much rather wait longer for a GOOD game than rush and end up with crap. Scorn is very promising, and I’m glad that you’re not compromising your vision, even it means taking longer to complete. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and for staying true to your vision. I wish you all the best of luck and I will patiently await the arrival of this amazing game. :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Danio Caw on

      @Nikola Rakic Hi were you able to receive the message I sent here in Kickstarter. Please acknowledge thank you

    35. Nicholas on

      This is AWESOME news, and you guys are AWESOME.

    36. geistreiches on

      just take your time guys, the worst thing happening right now are games that are rushed.. It's even better to have the FULL game in one piece so all good from my side..

    37. Alejandro Torres on

      A few words from my perspectve.
      Knowing how previous crowfunding like agony and star citizen had worked so far, at difference of those projects, and looking through the updates that your team has released so far until this date, I am confident that your team is very dedicated to this tas, adding the fact that instead of looking for more money of your backer, you just upgraded the pirze of each tier to include the part 2 of the game.
      Second, I've been watching the development of this game when it arrive in a E3 guring the alpha development, and as a big Fan of giger, I couldn't wit until this project was complete to play it, and being part of the backers is great, knowing that I helped in the development.
      Third, congratulations for getting extra funding, but also I thank the team to update this project as a complete version instead of dividing it in two parts, and I was confindent enough for the updates, that the second part would be worth as the released demo with all its compoenets.
      I will be happy to keep participating in the development of this project until completion, and the team can count with my support and patience for the final version of this terrifying game.
      P.D. I want to know if is posible to update my pledge to include a USB with the game.

    38. Sebastian Källström on

      You guys are awesome. Can't wait for more content, or actually I can so take your time! ;)

    39. Leif Johnson on

      It takes a good minute to make a game, and I think a lot of us get that. Especially one as unique as this.
      Take your time. The way I see it, and I think a lot of people see it, the longer this takes just means its going to be a better game for it.
      Cheers guys

    40. Majatek on

      Game design is a long, difficult process, and the amount of quality you put into it this project will make it even longer before it's anywhere near close to what you'll accept to release. What I've seen thus far however, the demo, and the short music tracks that you've given us more than gives me confidence that not only will you be able to release a top-quality experience, but that you will deliver on all accounts. As a fan of the setting and the sheer passion you put into this project, I'm more than willing to wait longer - remember;

      "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever."

      Best of luck! We're all there for you!

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrés on

      Go on guys! I'll wait with pleasure until you think is necessary for the game to be finished. Thanks for the info!

    42. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Im happy you got more funds but I'd like a new estimate on the delivery of the game. How much more time youll think youll need ?

    43. Missing avatar

      Anderson_JAG on

      I'm sure nobody will ask for a refund for not being satisfied with the development of the full game,instead of being split in two parts. In other hands, now that you've made a deal in order to have additional economic resources (sorry a lot if that doesn't mean "We've signed up with a publisher/distributor", at least is in the way I've understood when you talked for make a deal) I/we can only hope that you really are as free and hands-off as you expect. Be true yo yourselves and your backers, the ones that started to put the basements -in terms of finantial investment-, make a game that be "funny" (I prefer the term "interesting") to play and everything will be alright.

    44. Fletcher Bonds

      Congrats on the funding. I look forward to the completed project.

    45. Missing avatar

      Stig Tore

      I originally backed this because I liked the concept, and the art style looked cool. I figured if it got made I'd have an hour or two of entertainment out of it, and if it didn't get made I wouldn't be out too much money.
      This update makes me far more confident and enthusiastic about the project, and I'm starting to regret not backing a higher tier.
      Any chance of a round of addon orders/upgrades in the future?

    46. Peter Cobcroft on

      Don't rush quality. It'll take as long as it takes.

    47. Steven Li on

      Sorry about a few of the mistakes in the wording, I meant to say just take your time doing it right. It's got the potential to be something out of this world.

    48. Steven Li on

      Hello team.
      Some excellent news happy to hear there has been a new deal made with additional funds added to the development of this masterpiece.

      You shouldn't do take your time to make sure everything is done perfect first time round this is going to be one epic adventure.

    49. Thomas Pavan on

      I support your decision to provide the best experience, I'd rather wait than have a piece of crap as I had with other games I crowfunded. Keep up the good work and keep us updated.Thanks!

    50. O. Langendijk on

      Just keep up the good work and create a ‘kickass indie game’. This is just good news!