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An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
5,636 backers pledged €192,487 to help bring this project to life.

We did it!

Posted by Nikola Rakic (Collaborator)

Scorn Kickstarter campaign is finally over and it is a success! Thanks to all of you, amazing people from around the world! Thank you for sticking with us and providing your continuous support, liking, sharing, backing and playing Scorn!

We've got so close to the second stretch goal here on the Kickstarter, raising a 192,487 Euros. With all the PayPal donations accounted for and totaling 2,950 Euros, the grand total is 195,437 - just 4,5k away from the next goal. Even though we haven't reached the goal, we will consider implementing one or even both additional enemies if there are no big hiccups during the development.

As we said a lot of times, it's our primary goal to bring Scorn to the light of day in timely and orderly fashion. We took a lot of precautions and few compromises to make that happen and we will stay true to our original vision.

In the aftermath of this campaign, it will take us up to a week to collect all the data, and we'll start sending out backer surveys shortly after that. So you'll get to choose what name you'd like to be displayed in the backer's section of credits, what add-ons would you like to add to your reward and so on. We'll also continue sending out demo keys to all the people who haven't got them yet. We literally ran out of the keys, and generating more sometimes takes time.

We would also like to thank you guys for the invaluable feedback that you provided to us while playing the demo. Along with the successful campaign, it gave a second wind to the entire team and we're now more confident than ever that we can do this.

We'd like to keep you guys updated as much as possible on the development of Scorn, but we would also like to focus on the game, instead of being fabulous on social media. So, we'll do our best to make monthly updates with an occasional sneak peek. We'll answer all the questions you guys might have, and try to clear up any confusion that may arise in the following days.

Thank you, once again, for helping us make Scorn!

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    1. Freddy Awad on

      The demo is breathtaking and astonishing to say the least, despite its limitations and early stage. Warmest congrats to you guys! Thank YOU, for bringing such a beautiful world to life! I'm so hyped for this, as are many other enthusiasts. Looking forward to knowing more with every new update. The wait for October/November 2018 is gonna be hard!

    2. Missing avatar

      Mattia on


    3. Missing avatar

      Colton Brownlee on

      Congrats guys! I’m so pumped for the release of the full game! Stay positive and driven!

    4. Navagon on

      Congrats, guys! I can't wait to see how this surprisingly unique game turns out. And relax, everyone. I'm sure they know the importance of including good key binding options in a fully finished product. I'm a lefty wanting arrow keys too, but it's just a tech demo.

    5. Missing avatar

      SvinoiBanana on

      Glad that the goal was reached! Had a quick blast & wowsers, the streams of the demo didn't do it justice. It looks amazing! :D

    6. Jon Baldassari on

      Key mapping should be basic of the basics. It has been, in my recent experience, a lot of new games have been released without key mapping functionality. I do hope that this is not the case with this game, as it has a lot of potential. Hoping they keep the leftie's in mind! :-)

    7. Albert Gajšak on

      Congratulations folks, stay cool and keep working!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      You guys at Ebb Software rock and have the potential to be the next big developer. Thank you for Scorn and best wishes for the future.

    9. laracroft on

      Congrats again on a very successful campaign, really looking forward to playing the full game.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ivan Radu Bogdan on

      Might I just suggest that you make this game more playable for people that have lower tier PCs? Nothing super incredible, but maybe pull it down to DOOM levels perhaps? Either way, congrats! Really happy to see that this title gets the love that it deserves!

    11. Krzysztof Deoniziak on

      @jon i`m lefhanded too, it`s not comfortable for me to play with WSAD, but i can deal with it. You know it`s just a tech demo, not everyone give it to backers? For me, it`s was a reason to change pledge from tier1 to tier5 and i`m damn sure, i won`t be dissapointed.

    12. StrangeDynasty on

      @Jon Baldassari
      It was an alpha demo - the basics of the basics. And as far as indie horror alphas go, this is by far the best I have ever seen. It provided you a sense of the atmosphere, the combat, hints to story. It gave you a taste. Later alphas and/or betas is where customization and more detail comes in.

      Congrats team! A well done job and well earned! ♥ I am excited!!!

    13. Vactro on

      @Jon This is an Alpha Demo, they didn't implant mapping but obviously it will be.

    14. Missing avatar

      K on

      Erm its a bit late to say "no more backing" Jon when the campaign is already over. fyi tho that was just an early demo missing lots of features such as that. That stuff will be added come release.

    15. Jon Baldassari on

      I am highly disappointed with my experience with this game. There is zero ability for keyboard mapping. I am a lefty, and the traditional WSAD and the rest of it do not work for me. Even if I were a righty, still, no option for keyboard mapping. Until there is a solution, no more backing from me and I have to uninstall.

    16. Steven Li on

      Absolutely splendid news! No doubt this will be something that no one has ever seen before something very special indeed.

    17. Missing avatar

      BoradV on

      Awesome! I'm looking forward to it.

    18. mabec on

      Best of luck, now go scare us.

    19. Missing avatar

      Sooteven on

      Gratefully Congrats this success! and plz check my message

    20. Missing avatar

      K on

      Congrats again!