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An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
5,636 backers pledged €192,487 to help bring this project to life.

The demo is ready!

Posted by Ebb Software GmbH (Creator)

We've finished the demo and we'll start sending out demo keys right about...NOW!

Please be patient, as we have more than 4000 keys to send out. It will take some time, but we expect to send out everything in the next 24 hours! Everyone who backed our project this far will get a demo key in the current, biggest batch. All new backers will get the keys in smaller batches, starting from tomorrow.

You are free to screenshot, stream and record your play-throughs and upload them online.

If you encounter any bugs while playing please report them by using the form on the following link:

And last, but not the least, we'd like to thank you all, once again, for your overwhelming support! Enjoy!

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    1. Jamie Lee Williamson on

      Just got my key now, cheers :3

    2. Jamie Lee Williamson on

      I backed the the 45 euro pack and never got a demo key :C

    3. Missing avatar

      Thumma Bharath on

      I pledged for it just now, so wondering when will I receive the Demo key :)

    4. spyro on

      Follow up: Ah, it's a Steam Key. Never mind.

    5. spyro on

      Got the key. But no download URL?

    6. nickSIAnick on

      I changed my mind. Support game level 2.

    7. nickSIAnick on

      I supported the game 1 level. What is the chance that I will get the list of applicants for a demo ?

    8. Louis Weinzweig

      Just backed this, amped to get the demo key and try it out, any idea how often are the smaller batches going out for later backers? Thanks!

    9. Milan Kostic on

      Excellent demo guys. Loved the atmosphere,graphics, gameplay and the puzzles. No major performance issues for me. I hope there will be a save at any point option and quick save option in the final game. And also I can't jump and I would like to :) Crouch also. Other then that great job so far.

    10. Martin Antholzner on

      Wow, that demo is great! Love the mood, sick visuals... the art direction is fantastic... really polished for calling it "alpha"!
      Not a single crash or problem (during ~90 minutes playtime in several play throughs)... just a bit lower performance than what I am used to (i5-3570k @ 4x4ghz, 16GB Ram, GTX 1080) but considering it's not done yet that's fine.
      I really appreciate that you can see your full body (and it casts shadows as it's supposed to).
      Will crouching/jumping be part of the full game or is it a design decision to leave that out?
      In another comment I read you are going to have an Alien Isolation like saving system but that each save point will only be usable once to make it even harder - I can see why you would do this and I am torn between liking and hating it... maybe you could tie the amount of saves to the difficulty level like Alien Isolation did.

    11. Marko Radosevic on

      Beside obvious engine optimization.[ stutter & fps drops ] on 1050Ti 4gb...Demo is polished.
      Input of several in_game bugs reported. Gr8 vibe. Unique ambiance.
      Please send to all backers at least Demo bestiarium. The whole lore needs attention...

    12. Fletcher Bonds

      Played for 30mins. Looks great & sounds great so far. Very atmospheric. No bugs that I encountered in that time. Will give it a longer try later. Good work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Elliot Williamson on

      where do i find my key?

    14. Missing avatar

      Alberto Balcazar Torrez on

      The demo is really amazing ...the enviroment and the gameplay is really at a high level....hope it gets even better

    15. Siilk on

      Love the demo. It's basically the same area as shown in the trailer but maaan, it's so atmospheric and creepy as sh1t. Giger would've been proud.

    16. John Chamard on

      Hey guys, the demo is amazing. Jaw dropping amazing. Huge thumbs up.

    17. Missing avatar

      Pulowski on

      I hope this gets overfunded to 300,000 to see what the devs can do

    18. Missing avatar

      Pulowski on

      @Keith James Merner go to steam, click the games button on the top left, then click activate a product on steam

    19. Missing avatar

      Keith James Merner on

      I have my key now, how do i go about downloading the demo? Thanks

    20. Missing avatar

      Keith James Merner on

      hopfully get my key soon too

    21. Missing avatar

      Pulowski on

      hopefully I get my key soon

    22. Missing avatar

      Arton Agroni on

      The demo has sadly been very unplayable for me, it keeps crashing and is somehow confusing to navigate through. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Is there a psn demo? I don't have a pc >__<

    24. Jon Monk on

      Possibly silly question, but how do you obtain more ammo?

    25. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Thank you guys. It was great even though the game crashed for me (left a bug report). Is there a log file somewhere ? I noticed my hard drive was going crazy loading stuff from start to end. I hope i don't need an SSD for this one. To be sure, I might try on a different HDD if I have the time.

      I enjoyed the atmosphere and art despite the above mentioned problem but I fear the demo was a bit bare bones and didn't make me feel there was much interactivity with the environment to be expected. I wasn't able to play more than 10 minutes at a time to begin with though... X )

      Anyway, I'm planning to upgrade so I'll try again in a couple of weeks !

    26. Stefan Morley on

      I still have not got my demo key

    27. Missing avatar


      I have just played it. Amazing!! Hopefully, I wish the protagonist could walk more slowly. The game would be more absorbing if I could see more details of the sights while walking.

    28. Missing avatar

      Blake Songne on

      Can't wait to give it a try

    29. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on

      Hey everyone, thanks for your support and feedback! Demo is not properly optimized since we didn't have the time to do it and it's not tested on many systems, so you may expect some bugs and FPS drops. This will be taken care of until the release when we go through the QA phase. Settings and options are not final as well.

    30. Marko Radosevic on

      On that day i was born, in my spawn, the Scorn.
      Not kidding. This is the best B-day gift ever.
      KUDOS ^_^

    31. Daniel H on

      I loved it! Though I couldn't figure out how to get more ammo for the "guns", but maybe I was just a bit too trigger happy. Didn't realize at first that the starting gun becomes more accurate after aiming for a few seconds.Loved the feel of the game, spectacular aesthetics.

      On a more technical note, the game will need some more optimization.
      Turning around quickly seems to be very demanding causing stutters as the game seems to load in assets all at once. The camera clips through walls if you position yourself in a certain way.
      The physics for the corpses of enemies seems to be a bit glitchy as well.
      Also just a small request, the unreal engine locks the fps to 62. I could always just alter it via the "engine settings file", but it would be nice if you could change the fps limit via the options menu.

    32. Leif Johnson on

      Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but the demo runs awfully on my setup, which is really disappointing. I'm having poor frame rate problems, constant stutter, delay in sounds, and it even crashed.

      setup ~
      i5 4440 CPU
      16gb RAM
      GTX 960 I believe

    33. Sam Sorensen on

      Wow. Supporting 21:9 right out the gate. Love it!

    34. Dillon Richardson on

      The demo is every bit of an amazing piece as I first imagined it would be. Well done. Definitely worth the wait of 2/3 of the way through the campaign.

      My only issues are 1) the necessity of FOV adjustment as previously stated and 2) the balance, at least to me, needs some adjustments. I'm not bad at FPSs, but I'll be damned if I can make it through the demo to the end. I can't shake the feeling that I am missing something like a counter attack when being latched on by what I'm calling the 'bean-crawlers'

      Instadeath when surrounded by those is not something I like :(

    35. Eremita Silvano on

      can't wait to receive the key <3

    36. [Keksdose] on

      Though it is not optimized, it still manages to hit 60 fps @4K most of the time.
      Looks good and plays as a really decent alpha.
      (didn't realize I could reload first, but that's just me, I guess)

    37. Missing avatar

      Thomas Reiner Nitzsche on

      So, I have to apologise, it was a hardware problem and not a software problem that gave me glitches and bugs, now everything seems to work perfectly. This is REALLY good because I REALLY anticipate this game and as a lover of biomechanical/organical art, this is like a freaking diamond.


    38. Richard on

      Super excited to try this!

    39. Missing avatar

      Thomas Reiner Nitzsche on

      Unfortunately, this demo is way too full of bugs. I tried it, and besides the sound delay, which happens from start on, visual lag is also an issue. I'm not sure this should be an issue on a computer with my specs, AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core Processor 16 GB RAM and a Geforce GTX 1080 8 GB RAM, but it is happening nonetheless. Otherwise, the game looks ok, still hoping it is A LOT more than that which I could view/experience on the demo.

    40. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on

      @Karina Rehrbehn - No problem :)
      @Zsolt Juhász - When you get the key, you need to log in to your Steam account and redeem the code. Once your steam client is on, click on Games and choose Activate a Product on Steam. Enter your key when Steam prompts you to, then download and install the demo.
      @Stephen "Stoibs" D - We'll look into the FoV settings.

    41. Yotam Ivgi on

      got it!
      this looks great :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Steven Ghillany on

      The game looks gorgeous so far. It will be very exciting to experience some of the story and action of the game.

    43. laracroft on

      Job done Zsolt Juhász :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Zsolt Juhász on

      I'm sorry - found an advice here in the comments: Steam > Games > Activate Game ... easy.

    45. laracroft on

      @Zsolt Juhász, You need to activate the demo on steam . . .

      1) Start the Steam Client
      2) Go to Games ( at the very top)
      3) Click it, then choose Activate a Product on Steam
      4) Follow the instructions, then enter the key from the e-mail

    46. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Valve has enabled us a way to activate keys without the client as of a few weeks ago.
      Should be easier for all Kickstarter devs to simply link this whenever the question gets asked nowdays :)

      Anyway as for the demo, I've literally only played about 1 minute so far and am typing this alt-tabbed, but please please please tell us that we'll be able to adjust the FoV in the full version.
      I know a lot of devs these days (especially for horror type games) insist that lower FoV makes for more 'immersion' and a claustrophobic experience, but in reality it just makes games unplayable for those of us who suffer motion sickness/nausea.

      I straight up can't play at much less than ~95 FoV for very long before I start to get physically ill.
      I don't know what the exact setting this is currently at, but it's certainly lower than that at a glance and was immediately noticeable. I'll give this demo a bit more of a go, but yeah just hoping this is something that we'll be manually able to change in the full release, otherwise - and I mean this with no malice - I'll likely have to drop my pledge.

    47. Missing avatar

      Zsolt Juhász on

      Maybe it is a dumb question: I got the beta-key but no link I should follow for download. Did I missed something? Would love to experience the game by myself

    48. Karina Rehrbehn on

      @Nikola THANK YOU now I feel stupid cause I did that so many times before.....

    49. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on

      Hey guys, codes are sent through Kickstarter messages. Hope you're enjoying the demo!

      @Danio Caw and @Karina Rehrbehn - When you get the key, you need to log in to your Steam account and redeem the code. Once your steam client is on, click on Games and choose Activate a Product on Steam. Enter your key when Steam prompts you to, then download and install the demo.

      @Robert Stwalley - We wanted to reward people backing us and we'll get exposure through YouTube and streaming.

      @kiveress - Demo isn't optimized, so we expect issues on some systems. These problems should be solved before the release.

    50. Missing avatar

      kiveress on

      Thanks guys, i enjoyed to be one of the first to test the game, but
      it's pretty laggy. Is i5 processor with 8 GB ram and Geforce GTX760
      too few for this game? Game goes well at the hallways but lag in the
      big rooms too much. I see it's an Alpha but it's hard to run on my PC.