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An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
5,636 backers pledged €192,487 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Alejandro Torres on May 14

      I don't know if there is a posibility to keep funding this project for the addition of the two new enemy types, If there is a chance.
      Also I am wondering about updates, at least conceptual art like the last update, and how is advancing the Soundtrack.
      Cheers and waiting such amazing project

    2. Missing avatar

      DuckSocker on May 13

      They're a small team working on a big project, also they don't want to spoil anything (and most of us don't want any spoilers). So less update is understandable and not a bad thing. Their is still lot of work to do before a complete game and I'm sure they're working hard to give us the best they can (and seeing how awesome the demo was, I can't wait to see the final product). So be patient... EBB haven't forgot us.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rune Schaumann on May 11

      Starting to get a little worried about how little we hear from EBB.

    4. Missing avatar

      Spoon on April 25

      @Rocky, no playable VR level, but there is a demo available for backers.

      Hey devs, any plans on an update this month, or into the beginning of next month? Hope development is going well.

    5. Rocky on April 22

      So confused with this launch right now - can someone clear this up for me.... As a backer is there a playable version I can download somewhere, and is there a playable VR level I can access? Thanks.

    6. Mirleis Garcia Diaz on March 17

      Anyone get a bug where your screen shakes violently? I tried to reinstall it but i still get the same issue.

    7. Justin on March 16

      DEv ..Update please

    8. Wyatt Townsend on March 13

      Can not wait for some more updates.

    9. Missing avatar

      DuckSocker on March 3

      they're probably talking about the digital world map given at tier 2... It will be given at the release of the game...

      As for the monthly update, I prefer no update than any kind of spoiler.

    10. Robert Stwalley on March 2

      Haven't checked back here in awhile to find that an update slipped past and I never got a confirmation email. Music sounded awesome can't wait to get the record with all that musical goodness.

      On a different note, what map is Pulowski and Transhumanist talking about?

    11. Missing avatar

      Transhumanist5 on March 2

      Where's the update and more importantly, where's Pulowski's map?

    12. Missing avatar

      Spoon on February 28

      Any plans for a monthly update?

    13. Missing avatar

      Pulowski on February 21

      where’s muh map

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew on February 10

      If I’ve already backed up the project is it possible for me to change the size of the t-shirt? Thank you

    15. Missing avatar

      Robert Zeidler on January 23

      @Claudio Corso:
      Please read the updatesection Nr. 7.
      Yes, there will be a VR-Level

    16. Claudio Corso on January 19

      Hey mates
      are you going to do a VR version of the game?

    17. Missing avatar

      Spoon on January 6

      Looking forward to the next update here, keep up the good work!

    18. Doug Winters on December 27

      @Creators - I finally had chance to try the demo (it has been a rough few months - no time). I backed this prior to even playing the demo and I am not disappointed in what I see. The environments are beautiful and amazing! My only request is as you continue development, that you add the ability to remap all the controls to any mouse or keyboard key (and controllers for those that use them). This is pretty standard in most games today. I personally use my mouse buttons to control movement and map all other actions to the keyboard. I have basically been using the same configuration since the 90s and don't purchase games that don't allow this. I really hope you consider adding this feature if it is not already planned. Thank you!

    19. Missing avatar

      Michele on December 18

      There will be some other alpha update? Steam updates will be automatic?

    20. Missing avatar

      Isaka Fuminori on December 10

      Of course I am interested in the main part of the game.
      I also hope for a painted statue among those returns.
      Furthermore, I want a statue that is unpainted. Please realize an unpainted statue!

    21. Missing avatar

      MOHAMMAD Rehman Hanif on December 1

      Hello when will I receive my Full game key

    22. MH. on November 29

      @Michelle You need to click on "games" (up on the left side of your Steam client) and then click "Activate a Product on Steam".

    23. Missing avatar

      on November 29

      Hello, I received my key for Steam but on the steam site I can't find where to download the demo. What am I missing?

    24. Tyrone MacLean-Wilson on November 25

      Will the physical art book be delivered next year?

    25. Missing avatar

      Adrian Thompson on November 25

      Does anyone know how to get the wallpaper pack? Or if it is available yet?

    26. Missing avatar

      Spoon on November 24

      Hey guys, looking forward to the first upcoming monthly update. I know a lot of devs seem to stay away from disclosing / discussing technical hurdles they needed to overcome, but I'd love to hear about that kind of thing (fun to learn about, and satisfying to see solutions). Keep it up!

    27. Richard Bergman on November 18, 2017

      Hi Nikola.
      Thanks for your response. I got some survey mails last month from kickstarter about whether I would choose the Steam or DRM free option for the game, and I had to answer the final reminder mail I got the 24. october, and i choose DRM free since I hadn't received a response from you yet, and assumed it would be GOG like it had been with the other projects I backed.
      If it turns out that the DRM free distribution won't be GOG I kindly ask you to give your backers the option to choose Steam instead when the game is released, since we had to answer the survey without knowing all of the details of the DRM free distribution. Is this possible, or do you have to know it now?
      Best regards

    28. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Baker on November 16, 2017

      @nickSIAnick I can only account for the last part about interacting with physical objects in the game, because I know shooting and shuffling ragdolls around by moving is possible.

    29. Missing avatar

      gnarliecharlie on November 16, 2017

      Sorry guys, you are right that was my mistake. Its in there and i cant wait to play it.

    30. nickSIAnick on November 16, 2017

      Hello. I would like to know more about the game. It is possible to modify the capabilities of the protagonist. Modification of weapons. How are things going with the restoration of the health of the protagonist. The emergence of a variety of creatures. How long will it take passage. UE4 supports PhysX, is it possible to interact with physical objects in the game ?

    31. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on November 15, 2017

      Hey guys,

      I was on vacation and I'm taking time right now to respond to everything from emails, social media and KS comments and messages. We haven't lost interest in KS, we are a small team and managing everything can be quite time consuming, especially when we're trying to make a game happen :) Anyway, here we go:

      @Om Nomz - We are still working hard to make Scorn happen. And we'll make a first monthly update very soon.

      @Richard Bergman - We will have a platform for DRM free distribution. It will probably be GOG, but it may be some other platform. So, there will be exactly one platform for DRM free distribution and you'll be able to download game from there any time. It will be GOG most likely, but we can't guarantee that.

      @gnarliecharlie - We have sent you your demo key on September 28 through Kickstarter messages. Check your KS messages and you will find the demo key there.

    32. Navagon on November 13, 2017

      You could try contacting them through their website's contact form. They seem to have lost interest in their KS page for the time being at least.

    33. Missing avatar

      gnarliecharlie on November 13, 2017

      Can i have my demo now please? Its been over a month.

    34. Missing avatar

      gnarliecharlie on November 7, 2017

      Hi i pledged but i have not received the demo yet. This was on another account which may be what is causing the issue (i never completed the account, i just used email which is why i made a new account for the purpose of this query). The account used the same email as i have on this account. Any idea when i may be getting my demo key?


    35. Missing avatar

      Nicholas LoPiccolo on November 3, 2017

      Just won an oculus. So glad we made the VR LEVEL

    36. Justin on October 25, 2017

      @Maxime Remeyse, TY , I appreciate response ,and info

    37. Missing avatar

      Maxime Remeyse on October 25, 2017

      @Justin : a DRM is a system that checks for the rightful ownership of the game.

      So, yes, it does mean the DRM-free version will be free of any system or piece or code that could have otherwise slightly delayed - or prevented - launching the app, or impaired performance during gameplay.

    38. Justin on October 24, 2017

      this may sound sill or already asked , but what is DRM free exactly ? does that mean a standalone version of the game not through steam?

    39. Richard Bergman on October 24, 2017

      Hi Nikola.
      Congratulations with your kickstarter campaign. I've been waiting for a game like for ages, and I can't wait to get the final product in my hands.
      Just in case, before I respond to the backer reward survey, do your comment "DRM free version will be available through GOG or similar platform, so you could download the game anytime." means that it the DRM free option will either be GOG or another platform, or will there always be an option to choose GOG? I ask since if I choose the DRM free option I want to support GOG, and otherwise I'll choose Steam.
      Speaking of Steam and GOG will there be achievements?
      Best regards

    40. Om Nomz on October 23, 2017

      I second what freddy says, usually, the angriest people on kickstarter are the vocal minority, I know I wouldn't have backed this project if I wasn't satisfied with what you guys have done thus far, and as long as you keep doing what you said you would I know I have no reason to be upset. my only note would be to follow through with the timetable you have put out. As you said, you will put out an update each month to let people know what is going on, as long as you do that (no matter how small the update is or how little info, trust me, simply saying "we are still hard at work" in an update is still going to be enough) a majority of your backers will be happy, personally, I have only been upset with a project when they promise weekly updates or something and they fail to follow through for months at a time.

      This all said, I can't wait to see the finished project, keep up the hard work!

    41. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on October 23, 2017

      Hey everyone,

      DRM free version will be available through GOG or similar platform, so you could download the game anytime. It won't be a one time thing.

      @Hawanja - Could you send us you system specs on

      @spyro - Kickstarter seems to be having some sort of issues with this. Try later and hopefully it will be sorted out.

    42. Atra on October 22, 2017

      would like a clarification of DRM free version could be downloaded over GOG? hope so.

      good night

    43. Freddy Awad on October 22, 2017

      Received my survey and upon filling it out it redirected me to the Scorn kickstarter page, I think it got filled and completed without issues. I selected the DRM-Free option, but as someone else pointed out below, I prefer if a redownload would be possible, and a platform where patches and updates can be easily acquired and installed.

      I wholeheartedly trust and believe in you guys! stay strong, and don't worry too much about frequent updates, every monthly update will be too good and will satiate our appetites for anything new about the development.

      You're right about the "vocal minority" phenomenon, and I sure hope the original scope and vision of Scorn will remain largely untouched in the final release.

      I'll patiently wait for future updates. Best of luck to the whole team!

    44. Hawanja on October 21, 2017

      Hi Guys,

      I got my steam key for the demo, but when I try to play the game it never gets past the disclaimer screen. I've uninstalled and re-installed, but it still gets stuck at this screen. Any ideas of what I can do to fix it?

    45. Navagon on October 21, 2017

      I too would appreciate clarification on the DRM-free option. I'll select that for now, but would much prefer GOG because of the patching and redownload benefits.

    46. Jacob Densford on October 20, 2017

      Will the DRM free version of the game be released on a platform like GOG, so it can be redownloaded when needed? Or will it be a one-time download situation?

    47. Majatek on October 20, 2017

      The survey I received functioned perfectly, and I was able to provide my details without issue.

      As for the concerns about Scorn being "just another genre game", I want everyone to know that Scorn's designs for its creatures and world resonated so strongly with me that they pretty much dominate every particularly disturbing dream I have as of late. Don't get me wrong - these weird, horrifying dreams of mine are extremely cool. I very much look forward to seeing what else Scorn has to show me... And what other nightmarish, yet incredibly fascinating elements its world has. It's unnerving to me unlike any other piece of horror.

      Thank you for thoroughly giving me that sensation of alien terror and sheer curiosity. I cannot wait to see more - but I will respect the development time and the size of your team. If anyone can pull off such a weird and unique game, it's you. And thank you for giving us the chance to experience the world you've crafted, even if the demo has its (comparatively negligible considering how quickly it had to be distributed) flaws.

    48. Missing avatar

      Rune Schaumann on October 20, 2017

      Got my survey and filled it out with no problems. Can't wait to get my hands on the final game. I'm so impressed how well you're handling things at Ebb Software and I hope the game will be a big success.

      The Scorn universe appeals to me in way I can't really put into words, it's a strange line between disgust and fascination that has to be experienced to really understand. I know you guys will never touch it again once you're done with part 2, and that really makes me sad.

      I know you guys took a big risk with a title that will probably only appeal to a small audience, so I thank you for going that far and give us "select few" the game that is Scorn.

    49. spyro on October 20, 2017

      It semester not possible to submit the survey form, it Justine scrolls back to the "enter your name in the credits" input field (were I entered my name).

    50. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on October 20, 2017

      Hello everyone, we sent out backer surveys today!

      Sorry for not being active in the past 10 days, but we're dealing with the campaign aftermath. We're trying to sort out the production and development issues, so we could put the money from Kickstarter to the best use possible. We'd like to thank everyone for their feedback, as each opinion matters and might points us in the good direction. However, we're well aware of the vocal minority phenomenon, so we will take every opinion (even the common ones) with a grain of salt and try to measure it against our designs in the most objective possible manner. With that being said, I'd like to repeat a few things that seems to be common concerns (while trying not to sound like a walking disclaimer :D):

      - We'll be posting updates once per month. We're a small team with no dedicated support/community staff and we'll do our best to live up to the task. If there are delays with anything, please bear in mind that we're probably working on the game and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

      - The demo was done in sort of a rush. We did our best to finish it and put it online before the end of the campaign, but it is not optimized and it lacks a lot of options like graphic settings and keybindings. Crashes, frame rate drops, and various other bugs are there because we had not time to polish everything and optimize for every system out there. I assure you that the release version of the game will have far less issues and it will work on more rigs.

      - This demo is a part of the level that will be featured in the game. Important bits of content had to be removed to prevent spoiling the game for you. Learning curve is steep because this part of the game is not the beginning of the game. "Puzzles" are simplified because learning curve is steep as it is. Creature AI is not fully polished, there's lot of work to be done there.

      - We will issue a refund for every backer that changes their mind. It's definitely ok to change your mind. That's why we did our best to bring the demo out before the end of the campaign, so you could all have a taste of what we're doing. We already issued some refunds, so feel free to message us if you would like refund yourself - we usually sort it within a one or two workdays.

      - We're not making just another genre game. The best description is that Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game. We want to create a unique experience, not a streamlined one. Our vision of the game is to inspire your imagination and make you think, either by finding your way through the game or making sense of the sights presented to you. It certainly won't be a hand holding experience.

      -We'll try to provide ways for continuous support of the game. One of them is already live and you can check it out on our website. All the funds we get that way will go toward improving and developing different aspects of the game. We may even use those funds towards unlocking the stretch goals, but we're aiming for quality first, and content will come second. Of course, we want to make the best game possible and if you trusted us this far, we ask you to trust us with our decisions in the future.

      - If you can play AAA games on your rig but Scorn demo stutters - that's because it's not optimized. AAA games have entire optimization teams, while we don't and it's A LOT of work. Scorn will be polished and optimized prior to launch, so you can expect much better performance.

      - Our design decisions are not made in the way that weird things are just weird for the sake of being weird. Everything has a purpose and it's designed the way it is for lots of different reasons. Some things will only make sense as part of the bigger picture, while some other things won't as they are byproduct of something else. There's a reason behind guns sounding like guns, enemy behavior being the way it is, mechanisms working the way they work. There's no "lazy programming" involved and you will see everything better once you played the entire game.

      - Entire team is truly grateful for your support and for every euro or dollar you guys contributed to making Scorn happen. Your trust in our team and our game is something that we'll never take likely, and we'll work hard to make every cent counts.

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