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An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
An atmospheric first-person horror adventure game.
5,636 backers pledged €192,487 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator about 10 hours ago

      Hey guys, I've noticed that there are some new comments here on the project, so I'm taking time to cover this as well as comments on the update and messages were in my focus these days. Anyway, the development is going well, if you haven't read the last update I suggest you do so as it will tell you far more info than I could in the comments. I'll also give my best to answer your questions here:

      @Andres - There is no new delivery date at the moment. We don't know how much time it will take to do everything, so we'll announce it when we have the final production timeframe. We won't release part 1 and then part 2 as this is supposed to be one game, as envisioned from the beginning.

      @Moritz - There was a misunderstanding here, about the rewards. Your tier 4 stays tier 4 with all the add-ons that you got, just as someone's tier 1 stays tier 1. What's upgraded are the rewards that depend on the scope of the game. The bigger game has more art, more music and, well, more gameplay. So, Tier 1 backers are getting the full game instead of part one, just as you. But, since you pledged for the higher tier you also get art book and soundtrack that will be expanded when compared to what we previously offered, as now that will be art and sound for the entire game, instead of one half only. That goes for physical editions as well. Hope that this clears it up :)

      @Jason Cassidy - That's a good question with no easy answers. We will definitely have VR level, as that was one of the stretch goals, but we're not sure if we'll expand the scope of that level. That depends on the new production timeframe - whether or not we will have extra time to develop more content for that, and whether or not our players would consider spending extra time on VR level (since not many people have VR gear). Anyway, it remains to be seen, but we'll definitely have at least one VR level.

      @antouène - No. :) Not knowing is a part of the game.

      @Transhumanist5 - As we said before, this is the thing we've been looking for the entire time. A sort of a holy grail of indie games - enough funds for a game we wanted to create all along.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew 1 day ago

      A shame that the game got delayed to a further date, but as long as it was for a good cause i'm perfectly happy waiting a bit longer. Very excited for this game's release. I hope it'll blow everyone's expectations away!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bernardo Gabriel Pliego-Garcia 3 days ago

      I like the game on Alpha, it seems entertaining enough to play.

      I am expecting some puzzles though. Some background on what is happening would be nice too,

      I am rooting for you Scorn!

    4. Missing avatar

      Transhumanist5 3 days ago

      Kind of unfortunate that we were so close to the release date only for it to be pushed back indefinately. Hopefully they have something good on October to show. I would be interested in seeing if there's any other gameplay elements beyond walking, shooting, and interracting with machinery or maybe a better view of the planet's surface.

      In any case, we could at least say they're being fair by offering refunds for the people who aren't interesting in continuing to back the game which is more than a lot of studios would do. It is a question though of who gave them the additional funding and what their track record is. People have said this situation is similar to Agony and while I'm not worried about censorship, it would suck if the devs got blindsided by something in a contract that prevented them from releasing the game as they wanted it.

    5. Alejandro Torres 4 days ago

      A few words from my perspective for my fellow backers as well
      Knowing how previous crowfunding like agony and star citizen had worked so far, at difference of those projects, and looking through the updates that your team has released so far until this date, I am confident that your team is very dedicated to this task, adding the fact that instead of looking for more money of your backers, you just upgraded the prize of each tier to include the part 2 of the game, even if they obtained more funding for this project, that just tell us how trustworthy this team is at the difference of other projects.
      Second, I've been watching the development of this game when it arrive in a E3 guring the alpha release, and as a big fan of Giger, I couldn't wit until this project was complete to play it, and being part of the backers is great, knowing that I helped in the development of this project.
      Third, congratulations for getting extra funding, but also I thank the team to update this project as a complete version instead of dividing it in two parts, and I was confident enough for the updates, that the second part would be worth as the released demo with all its components.
      I will be happy to keep participating with my pledge in the development of this project until completion, and the team can count with my support and patience for the final version of this terrifying game.

    6. Cerulean Shaman 4 days ago

      Eh, this is sounding a bit like Agony all over again, which is funny, because as Agony became a flaming wreck those jumping ship were praying to Scorn to save them. We'll see what happens, I guess, since at least you're offering refunds which the Agony devs didn't do.

      I'm going to watch and see how many more delays and sugary words are thrown out instead of results before taking you up on the offer, but I'll admit I feel more comfortable knowing I don't have to stick around if the ship does get set on fire.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcos Greenwood 4 days ago

      Thank you for the update guys!!! - I am MORE than happy to wait longer, and I REALLY appreciate we will get the FULL game too!! - Best wishes to you all :)

    8. antouène 4 days ago

      It's frustrating that we won't be playing scorn this year of course, but it's great news for the game itself ! I'll be waiting eagerly (And that leaves me more time to save money so that I can afford a better computer.)

      Now that the game is not in two parts, can we know what the second part was supposed to be called ? :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason Cassidy 4 days ago

      Wooohooo! This is excellent news! Yes, it's not great that the game won't be done when originally thought, but getting a better longer game with more depth will be worth it I'm sure. There would be nothing worse than if the released version didn't live up to the expectations on quality.

      That said, what about the VR implications? The original plan was to have some VR, will that still be in the final version or will it be expanded at all?

    10. Moritz 4 days ago

      Hey guys, thanks for keeping us updated and congrats to your new deal! As I'm a little bit disappointed about net being able to get my hands on part 1 in this year um still eagerly waiting for your game and won't refund my pledge. Nonetheless I was wondering about your offer saying you will offer Kickstarters twice as much as before. So does that mean my level 4 tier will become tier 5? I mean I added some bucks to get that extra stuff and now everyone gets it for free no matter how much he has pledged.

      Thanks for your answer and keep developing. Can't wait :)

    11. Andres 4 days ago

      So the new delivery date is...? Not even mentioning a new date is not nice at all. Why not releasing part 1 on this year and part 2 later Next year???

    12. Missing avatar

      Spoon 6 days ago

      Looking forward to hearing more about development -- hope it is going well.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alex Smith on

      I hope development is going well!

    14. Missing avatar

      DuckSocker on

      The last update said we can expect the next to be "by the end of July 2018".
      July isn't over yet, so lets cross our fingers.

    15. Spookydisco on

      @qwcane I'd wait till next month for any possible updates

    16. Cerulean Shaman on

      @Justin Agony wasn't just a flawed game, it's also just a bad game. Most reviewers trashed more than just technical issues, with many complaining about the very level design you praise as well as gameplay mechanics. For everyone on the fence, please do some actual research, that game is an utter piece of junk and not just because of technical issue.

      The only praise it gets is for atmosphere which it does accomplish, but it's just not worth it.

    17. Spookydisco on

      Hi I was just curious what will I be able to play the Vr levels on as I currently own Windows Mixed reality and I'm not sure if it will be compatible

    18. Justin on

      @Nathaniel Baker ..I did back Agony and have great interest in Scorn and Agony both as being alot different and games id like to see succeed,because of the uniqueness and the developers bringing horror elements we have not seen done well in the past. Agony level design is actually very well detailed and good, as most reviewers praise the environment. It is how it was rushed and chaotic when it was deployed on release, full of bugs and backers not (and still not receiving keys) I will say they are at least patching quickly and I am truly enjoying it better now, I realy want Scorn to succeed , and just take there time to cross the "t's and "dot the I's) and developers please do not rush just stay honest and true

    19. qwcane on

      will this still be able to run on my laptop of a 16 gigs of ram and a gtx 1050?

    20. Missing avatar

      Nikola Rakic Collaborator on

      Hey guys, thank you for your support! We're definitely trying our best to keep up with everything while working on our game, thank you for your patience!

      @Transhumanist5 - Yes. We'll add key mapping along with a bunch of other options. We just didn't have the time to deal with this in the demo.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Baker on

      I agree with taking time to get this right and the fact that they only get one chance to make a great first impression. I didn't back Agony, so I can't say that I feel duped in the end product that was presented, but it honestly wasn't as intuitive or original (gameplay-wise) as some similar indie games over a decade ago. I still like Agony, but it didn't take my breath away. Scorn is an episodic title, so there's at least a chance at redemption if/when another chapter comes, but get the first done right and well and it will be remembered as a great achievement to gaming.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nildenosaj on

      Please learn from the mistakes of Inner Chains and Agony. If you do not have any experience in designing gameplay or levels and are unwilling to hire someone with experience, then do try to do them yourself because you will fail and Scorn will be remembered as overly ambitious garbage. If the intent is for players to immerse themselves in the aesthetic and atmosphere of the world, then you really are better off dropping the monsters entirely and designing this as a walking simulator. As amazing as the architecture is, the monsters only detract and distract from the world around the player. Take cues from SOMA's safe mode because you will definitely need to implement the same thing as a safeguard. Also, make absolutely sure to let other people playtest the betas to ensure that bugs and atmosphere problems are addressed before the public release. You have only one chance to get this right and be the next Tormentum or Holy Mountains of Flesh, so take every possible precaution.

    23. Missing avatar

      Fernando Robert on

      Only a VR level , not the entire game ?
      Pity :/
      I hope you will change your mind in the future ^^
      Like a DLC to add entire VR compatibility like others devs had done ; take example from The forest , if they had made this you can too ^^
      Cheers !

    24. Justin on

      Yes I hope developers see how( Agony) was hell of release...and do the complete opposite!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Transhumanist5 on

      Devs, is there going to be key mapping in the game?

    26. Wyatt Townsend on

      And Agony is just awful. I really hope Scorn turns out well.

    27. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Baker on

      I agree, I don't feel abandoned. These things take time, sometimes much longer than first imagined. Patience for glory.

    28. Freddy Awad on

      Having witnessed the prevalent hard work, dedication and creativity that has been poured into the core artwork and conception of Scorn, and then the awesome demo, as well as having worked their website and another third-party funding site, I have faith in EBB that they're still pulling through, no matter how little they update their backers with. I do agree it tends to get worrisome, we're all super excited and anxiously awaiting to know more about Scorn and explore it; most of us love the entire thing as much as the guys at EBB do. Their works speak volumes. They are motivated, talented people; I doubt they're giving up on this. Let's give them the space and time they need to proceed with development. And as few others have also stated, most of us don't want spoilers; outside of soundtrack previews, early concept art, and look-dev / shading shots showing some processes, how much else can they spare with, without spoiling too much? At the same time, I don't think they'd want to just throw a "yeah we're still on it day in day out" without showing something, that'd be less than the professionalism they're already exercising. I don't know what else they could showcase without spoiling, but they must take the time they need to focus purely on development. We as backers shouldn't pose an obstacle and become yet another schedule hassle to deal with. Let's all patiently wait for the next update :)

    29. Justin on

      Not to compare apples with oranges, but you if look at (Agony game), it was pushed back few times but also a small team that shows can be successful kick starter project brought to life. So I have faith this project can do the same. Is possible we can get a small update from development to share us what going on ??

    30. Alejandro Torres on

      I don't know if there is a posibility to keep funding this project for the addition of the two new enemy types, If there is a chance.
      Also I am wondering about updates, at least conceptual art like the last update, and how is advancing the Soundtrack.
      Cheers and waiting such amazing project

    31. Missing avatar

      DuckSocker on

      They're a small team working on a big project, also they don't want to spoil anything (and most of us don't want any spoilers). So less update is understandable and not a bad thing. Their is still lot of work to do before a complete game and I'm sure they're working hard to give us the best they can (and seeing how awesome the demo was, I can't wait to see the final product). So be patient... EBB haven't forgot us.

    32. Missing avatar

      Rune Schaumann on

      Starting to get a little worried about how little we hear from EBB.

    33. Missing avatar

      Spoon on

      @Rocky, no playable VR level, but there is a demo available for backers.

      Hey devs, any plans on an update this month, or into the beginning of next month? Hope development is going well.

    34. Rocky on

      So confused with this launch right now - can someone clear this up for me.... As a backer is there a playable version I can download somewhere, and is there a playable VR level I can access? Thanks.

    35. Mirleis Garcia Diaz on

      Anyone get a bug where your screen shakes violently? I tried to reinstall it but i still get the same issue.

    36. Justin on

      DEv ..Update please

    37. Wyatt Townsend on

      Can not wait for some more updates.

    38. Missing avatar

      DuckSocker on

      they're probably talking about the digital world map given at tier 2... It will be given at the release of the game...

      As for the monthly update, I prefer no update than any kind of spoiler.

    39. Robert Stwalley on

      Haven't checked back here in awhile to find that an update slipped past and I never got a confirmation email. Music sounded awesome can't wait to get the record with all that musical goodness.

      On a different note, what map is Pulowski and Transhumanist talking about?

    40. Missing avatar

      Transhumanist5 on

      Where's the update and more importantly, where's Pulowski's map?

    41. Missing avatar

      Spoon on

      Any plans for a monthly update?

    42. Missing avatar

      Pulowski on

      where’s muh map

    43. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      If I’ve already backed up the project is it possible for me to change the size of the t-shirt? Thank you

    44. Missing avatar

      Robert Zeidler on

      @Claudio Corso:
      Please read the updatesection Nr. 7.
      Yes, there will be a VR-Level

    45. Claudio Corso on

      Hey mates
      are you going to do a VR version of the game?

    46. Missing avatar

      Spoon on

      Looking forward to the next update here, keep up the good work!

    47. Doug Winters on

      @Creators - I finally had chance to try the demo (it has been a rough few months - no time). I backed this prior to even playing the demo and I am not disappointed in what I see. The environments are beautiful and amazing! My only request is as you continue development, that you add the ability to remap all the controls to any mouse or keyboard key (and controllers for those that use them). This is pretty standard in most games today. I personally use my mouse buttons to control movement and map all other actions to the keyboard. I have basically been using the same configuration since the 90s and don't purchase games that don't allow this. I really hope you consider adding this feature if it is not already planned. Thank you!

    48. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      There will be some other alpha update? Steam updates will be automatic?

    49. Missing avatar

      Isaka Fuminori on

      Of course I am interested in the main part of the game.
      I also hope for a painted statue among those returns.
      Furthermore, I want a statue that is unpainted. Please realize an unpainted statue!

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