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$4,268 pledged of $17,500 goal
By The Wises
$4,268 pledged of $17,500 goal

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    1. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro
      on March 16, 2013

      I want one, and want one for my 13-year old daughter. Any chance of adding a second leather wallet to the $22 pledge?

    2. Missing avatar

      Joe Amos on March 6, 2013

      Hello, I just became a backer for $22.00; you have such a cool concept I wish I could have made it $22,000.00, but alas, I will have to go on KICKSTARTER myself with a project in order to raise that kind of money...hmmm, not a bad idea; a KICKSTARTER campaign designed to raise money specifically to invest in other KICKSTARTER campaigns...maybe we can put togeter an IPO on this and go on the NASDAQ !

      GOOD LUCK ! For future projects if you need an actor or Voice Over with different dialects...lemme know...I be cool...

    3. The Wises Creator on February 23, 2013

      Hey Vivian,

      I believe we are allowed to add rewards - love to hear your idea. And, yes, theft type sites are on our radar, do you have any specific suggestions?

      On another note, we're shooting a dog introduction for a re-edit on our video and shooting a couple of music videos in SF tomorrow - looking for different avenues of traction.

      Thanks ever for your input; I look forward to your ideas.

      This Ron

    4. vivian greene on February 23, 2013

      Are you allowed to add another perk/reward? I have an idea for you.
      also, why don't you post this on sites that are targeted for credit, ID theft, Police

    5. Missing avatar

      Frankie D on February 19, 2013

      I can't believe I just pledged $1,500! What a rush! So, guys, DeNiro....That's where I want my wallet to go to. If I had another $1,500 I send another to Pacino. These are the guys. I'll be working on my note, you better get funded!

      Frankie D

    6. Missing avatar

      JMilton on February 17, 2013

      If I had a thousand bucks I'd do the celebrity thing - that is so cool!

    7. The Wises Creator on February 16, 2013

      TBog - The creator of the wallet is traveling overseas to work with the toolers, he'll approach them with the idea and see what's possible.

      Thanks again for the input - don't forget to pledge!

      This Ron

    8. The Wises Creator on February 15, 2013

      Hey TBog - will talk with the inventor, love the concept. Thanks!............This Ron

    9. TBog on February 15, 2013

      I love the way it looks. Is there any plan to add a chain hook? I'd like to secure the wallet with a chain of some sort.

    10. Missing avatar

      Don Ronaldo on February 15, 2013

      Cool concept. I had a wallet stolen a couple years back, what a pain! Thanks guys.

    11. The Wises Creator on February 15, 2013

      Hey folks out there in VirtualLand! We've just launched this morning and we look forward to growing a community. Come join us, let's have some fun!..................This Ron