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The easiest, most reliable way to connect to the internet, anywhere in the world, even when you don’t have electricity
The easiest, most reliable way to connect to the internet, anywhere in the world, even when you don’t have electricity
The easiest, most reliable way to connect to the internet, anywhere in the world, even when you don’t have electricity
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    1. JP de Vooght on July 21

      Hello Team!
      It's been a while for me (v2 backer) and I was wondering if you have all the details for that v2 shipping...
      Excited to hear more about this!

    2. Jason de Nys
      on March 7, 2017

      We'll that was unexpected

    3. Missing avatar

      Holger S. on January 16, 2017

      I guess that is everything they have published at the moment: They've totally forgotten the remainig backers...

    4. Missing avatar

      Holger S. on January 16, 2017

      Any updates regarding v2 for 2017?

    5. Missing avatar

      DennisNorth on January 1, 2017

      2017 and still no update on or sight of V.2. Very poor. Very disappointing.

    6. Francis Kwang on December 27, 2016

      It's almost 2017. Any update?

    7. Missing avatar

      UrPalAl on November 23, 2016

      Hi, is there any news on V2?

    8. Christopher Hwang
      on October 30, 2016

      Almost a year since the last 'update' - no news anywhere on the v2? At what point do we start requesting refunds for non-delivery?

    9. Matthijs
      on July 29, 2016

      As it is summer now, any update from BRCK?

    10. Matthijs
      on April 29, 2016

      From my Twitter conversation:

      BRCK: "so v2 is out this summer. testing now. I can’t give out full specs here, but think more enterprise."

      Me: "@brcknet Will it be worth the wait for for your consumer Kickstarter clients who pledged for v2?"

      BRCK: "Yes!! you’ll be very happy"

    11. Patrick on April 22, 2016

      Hello? Houston? v2 update?

    12. Andyt on April 6, 2016

      Are there any news to v2? We have already April, so are v2 in production? Also an answer about Support for 4G (with v2) would be nice.

    13. Aaron Aguirre on March 17, 2016

      Hey guys, looks like the products are working, but I'm sure we all would appreciate more updates. Last one was November, what's going on now?

    14. Missing avatar

      DennisNorth on March 14, 2016

      I've seen nothing on V 2.0 since November, which said production was targeted for now. Which rather suggests things have been held up. It would be nice to know, though.

    15. Phil Lew on February 16, 2016

      Has anyone heard anything on V2 - I see that the thread that I posted on the forums is now private or has been deleted.

    16. Phil Lew on November 8, 2015

      I started a thread on the BRCK forum to see if I can get an update on V2 / version 2 -…

    17. Phil Lew on November 8, 2015

      Update on version 2 please

    18. Matthijs
      on October 5, 2015

      There is no information on version 2 or V2 on your website/forums. Can you share an update here on KS with us, or send out an old fashioned but functional email to all backers of V2?

    19. Ushahidi Creator on August 17, 2015

      Hey backers, we're still hard at work, most of the updates go on the BRCK blog ( now, but we'll make sure to send out some of those using the KS platform too.

    20. Missing avatar

      teramitsu on August 17, 2015

      update on BRCK v2 ? it's been 8 months since the last update.

    21. Missing avatar

      Phillip Burger on June 28, 2015

      Information on the Kickstarter site for this project is out of date. The last email update was Dec 2014. It would be helpful to have an update so that contributors know that this is still an ongoing concern.

      Some who gave in the Kickstarter campaign decided to wait for a v2 when we were informed about delays and asked what we would like to do. Please post updates on the Kickstarter site for this project and include current, best estimate for shipment date of v2.

    22. Andyt on June 2, 2015

      Hello, I also want to know if there are any news about BRCK V2. Also it would be nice to get a clarification about T-Shirts.

    23. Florian Ackermann on May 28, 2015

      Hi, are there any updates about BRICK v2?

    24. KAREN S VESS on March 20, 2015

      I have not received a shirt or reply from anyone about my pledge. Shame on you!

    25. Jason de Nys
      on March 19, 2015

      Hello Brick V2?

    26. Phil Lew on December 7, 2014

      Just checking in on the BRCK v2 - Hope you can publish an update soon!

    27. Missing avatar

      Young Kim on December 2, 2014

      Is there any updates on the development of the BRCK v2? Many of us are eager to hear what progress is being made. Thanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mine Nakagawa on October 31, 2014

      What I have is not yet received, still?

    29. Jamie Lundine on October 23, 2014

      Still haven't received my BRCK - when/where can I get it?

    30. Daniel Suliman on October 15, 2014

      What's the update for BRCK v2?

    31. Missing avatar

      Paul Stern on October 1, 2014

      Any update when I can expect to receive my BRCK?

    32. Ushahidi Creator on September 29, 2014

      Hey Cyrus, we've got an update on those coming out today.

    33. Cyrus Lau on September 26, 2014

      I hope I'm not the only early bird still waiting for his BRCK.................

    34. Missing avatar

      Andres Acevedo on September 24, 2014

      Can you provide an updated ETA for v2 Brcks?


    35. Ushahidi Creator on September 16, 2014

      Hi Stephanie, you can power the BRCK using the cable to any USB power. It's quite versatile, so whether it's your computer or the wall, or a car battery or a solar panel, it'll work. Ping us at if you need a charger still.

    36. Missing avatar

      stephanie tobor
      on September 16, 2014

      Hi guys, BRCK arrived but there was no charger in the box. Please advise. Thanks!

    37. Ushahidi Creator on September 10, 2014

      Hey Mitar, as Juliana answered this same post on the forums, I'll just add that a year ago we didn't know if BRCK would end up being held within Ushahidi or spun out like it is today. In fact, this took the Board 5 months to decide on, and it wasn't until Oct 2013 that it was made. The primary reason behind this is due to sustainability and growth, it's hard to do some of what we do within the constraints of a non-profit and risks us losing our non-profit status if we didn't change. Hope that clears things up, we weren't intending to mislead anyone.

    38. Missing avatar

      Mitar on September 10, 2014

      Am I the only one who feels tricked by the Kickstart campaign thinking that BRCK will be non-profit?

      Now that I received a BRCK, I discovered that it is made by Brck inc., a for-profit company. Am I the only one who feels tricked by Kickstart campaign thinking that BRCK will be non-profit? If I cite from from the campaign:

      Who are we?
      Ushahidi, is a non-profit technology company that builds open source software, tools that democratize information for ordinary people.

      I found this blog post explaining that:

      BRCK’s founding team has a long history of making an impact – from Ushahidi to the iHub. BRCK is of the same ethos as these other ventures, but a different business model. BRCK is a for-profit company.

      But this was nowhere explained in the Kickstarter campaign. It seems Kickstarter campaign was misleading?

    39. Missing avatar

      Robert Carlsen on August 8, 2014

      Hey there; glad to hear that the team is making progress.

      Do you have any updates for the Early Bird pledges? I'm backer #17 in the first 50 Early Bird reward but haven't seen any messages about shipping though one of your recent updates makes it seem that the first 50 have gone out already.

    40. Ushahidi Creator on July 30, 2014

      Glad to hear it Cory!

    41. Missing avatar

      Cory Seering on July 30, 2014

      I got my BRCK. Thanks!

    42. Missing avatar

      Aneurin Coffey on July 24, 2014

      How is the shipping going? A week after ship date I haven't seen any comments here from users and only one tweet. What % is shipped and when do you anticipate completing shipping?

    43. Matthijs
      on July 18, 2014

      Hi, can you please answer my question on the estimated delivery date of V2?

    44. Ushahidi Creator on July 7, 2014

      Hi Andrew and Robert, we sent out an address survey a while back, just after the Kickstarter ended last year. However, you can send us your mailing address to confirm that we have the right one, and we'll update it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Robert Guerra on July 7, 2014

      As with others, I am patiently awaiting for my BRCK unit to be shipped. Please advise as to how I can confirm the address where the device is to be delivered. Thank you!



    46. Andrew Alspach on July 7, 2014

      Dear BRCK team,

      I seem to remember that we would be told to send shipping info. I may have missed this communication. When and how should we provide shipping addresses? Looking forward to using my BRCK.

      Best regards,

    47. Matthijs
      on July 3, 2014


      I pledged for the V2, estimated for delivered around May 2014, 9 months after the delivery of V1. With the delay in delivery for V1, what's the estimation for V2? I know you're all swamped with work on V1, but I don't really want to wait another 9 more months.

    48. Ushahidi Creator on July 3, 2014

      Hi David and Rainer, my apologies on the lack of updates this month. There's been non-stop work on the BRCK this whole time, and I was trying to ensure that I just didn't throw out a date that would make everyone happy, but that we missed. I was hoping I'd be able to send you all an update of "it has shipped" as a big update. Where do we stand now? The final cases were approved this last week and are en-route to our production facility. Our goal is to get the first ones put together late next week and shipped out to you.

    49. David Gageot on July 2, 2014

      BRCK is clearly a lesson on how NOT to lead a crowd-sourced project. Seven months late, bad communication. The device we will receive, if we ever receive something, will be what the name says: A brick.

    50. Missing avatar

      Rainer on June 24, 2014

      Hi !
      Another month has passed and still no BRCK.... I have calculated a delay of 6 I really need my BRCK... only 2 weeks before holiday....If the delay will last even longer, the used technology is nearly end of life.... Will BRCK v2 support LTE?

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